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  1. Bean playing a bit of Sonic Adventure today. Been a while since I played it. Never been particularly interested in the hub-world gameplay, but I have a lot of fun with Sonic stages.  The level design and gameplay/physics for me still tops any of the modern games. SA isn't perfect and probably hasn't aged particularly well and it is nearly 19 years old!

    How about a new game called "Sonic Adventure Mania Fever" (re-imagined Sonic SA1 & SA2 stages and new levels).

    1. Marcello


      How about we stop wasting time rehashing old levels?

    2. OcelotBot
    3. Pawn


      In a universe where it did happen, I'd like to see:


      Emerald Coast

      Casinopolis/Twinkle Park

      Ice Cap

      Red Mountain

      Lost World

      Sky Deck

      Green Forest/White Jungle

      Pumpkin Hill/Aquatic Mine

      Pyramid Cave/Death Chamber

      Crazy Gadget/Final Rush/Chase

    4. Celestia


      That's be cool, although...I'm fine with returning stages but they shouldn't be the majority. Like, it's not a dealbreaker, and reusing stuff isn't a bad thing in itself (I'm not even bothered by all the Green Hill we've seen lately), but for a triumphant return of something I'd prefer more new content than old.

      Now if we got a straight up remake / remaster of SA1 that'd be cool. Especially if they got a new team on it that knows what they're doing and they can go on to make something like Mania.

  2. Tee confirmed in the comments on youtube this is definitely the final version of Studiopolis which will be in the game:
  3. The track is called "Sonic Stream". It's from the "Sonic the Hedgehog Remix" album by Artist: Masafumi Ogata which featured remixes of Sonic CD JP soundtrack.

    1. VEDJ-F


      WTF Storm, you weren't around for Sonic 1!

  5. Can't believe it's been nearly a year since the first one you guys did. Time flies! Okay, lets do this! 1: Tee Lopes' updated version of Studiopolis! 2) Love me some cheesy shit! Sonic 3 mini-boss: 3) Emerald Coast SADX <3 Remix: Does this count? EDIT: This track is called "Sonic Stream" and is from the album: "Sonic the Hedgehog Remix" by Artist: Masafumi Ogata which featured remixes of Sonic CD JP music.
  6. Just did (and uploaded) a quick playthrough of Emerald Coast from SADX.

    Happy 26th anniversary Sonic :)


  7. This is lovely from @Tracker_TD !


  8. The new (slightly tweaked) version of Studiopolis sounds so fucking rad


    Happy 26th anniversary Sonic!

  9. Very tempting to get this. Tee's also uploaded to youtube the newer version of Studiopolis. Sounds so rad!
  10. #national onion rings day#eat them all#you probably already gave up on that new year's diet anyway#that's right - we know you better than you know yourself#also...#it's our 26th Anniversary tomorrow!#see you then... This guy knows how to draw!
  11. Here you go: Iizuka said in one of Aaron's twitch streams there's more classic than new stages.
  12. Two more sketches: "I see that I'd been looking for the reason why player has to let the hero perform rolling"... "This idea didn't adopt for the game. Because Sonic runs too fast to see this sort of gimmicks".
  13. Thanks for the new badge @Kiah :)


    Image result for sonic mania victory pose gif

    1. Kiah


      You're welcome! ^_^ 

      You're welcome! ^_^