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  1. "Celebrated 1 million views. To meet out expectation. out best team. Still, the Sonic force thank you."
  2. Lol, Nintendo just got owned by Sonic twitter! This is too cute!
  3. Quite like Night Trap's main theme.


  4. Thought it was worth making a topic about Night Trap. It was originally a Mega CD game.

  5. Back in 1992 a game called Night Trap (developed by Digital Pictures and published by SEGA) was released on the (SEGA) Mega CD for North America and then in 1993 for the other regions. Well, in celebration of it's 25th anniversary Screaming Villains is remastering Night Trap, bringing it to PS4 & Xbox1 in Spring 2017. You can download the games theme song for free via their site. So, erm...what exactly is Night Trap about? Well, it involves trying to stop vampires from eating teenage girls. Hmm....sounds like Buffy the Vampire Slayer What's the gameplay like? Night Trap has caused it's fair share of controversy (quoting from SEGA Retro): Resolution and aspect ratio increase: So yeah, sounds interesting! Will probably end up getting this purely out of curiosity! Any of you guys ever played Night Trap?
  6. How to draw dat Sanic guy.
  7. Yeah, this is new. I know I've said this before, but I really like the new background. The cylindrical effect (designed I guess to give it the appearance/shape interior of a battery) looks so cool. Difficult to judge because we don't know what the stage layout is to left (or right) beneath either side of the rotating flamethrower, but this kind of design-placement was common in the S&K version. I'm pretty certain this is new level design in the screenshot (I checked the maps of the original version) and not reused from S&K. Wonder if Sonic will rotate 360 degrees when standing on the middle of the flametrower as it turns (like he does on the stools at the saloon bars in Mirage Saloon)? Do you think there will be any affects to the environment such as the flame from flamethrowers if Sonic has the flame elemential shield? Will coming into contact with another flame/fire/lava have any consequence, like maybe the flame shield could manipulate lava/fire to move/bend in a certain direction to attack an enemy or effect the environment?
  8. Maybe Eggman has gone back in time and messed with the past and started to take over which is why Green Hill has no water. Perhaps Eggman has just removed all the water from GH like how he/the Deadly Six was sucking out the planet's life force in SLW with that device. Classic Sonic finds a way to travel to the bad future and teams up with modern Sonic and Bubsy to take down the Eggman empire and save the day. Or maybe classic and Modern Sonic are existing at the same time in history in the present (modern Sonic's time) which is when Eggman takes over everywhere. Yeah, that makes no sense.....or does it
  9. Gained quite a few more followers on my youtube channel since I've uploaded playthroughs of Sonic Time Twisted. At the same time my most liked video; my Sonic CD Tails playthrough has been getting a lot more likes. Don't know why, youtubers just seem to like watching da foxboy racing dat Metal Sanic.


    1. OcelotBot


      Perhaps I should also do a Tails in Sonic 1, Sonic 2 playthrough etc,

  10. Well said, BB. It's totally baffling as to what Sonic Team considers to be good design. I mean, with all the faults everyone here has pointed out I just can't get my head around how the developers working on this new version of Green Hill could honestly consider this to have good design. Maybe I'm missing something, but it's just plain bad. The fact that they've redesigned an iconic stage with a poor layout and physics which don't look any better than Gens or Sonic 4 (it would be bad enough if they did this to a completely new stage) just makes it seem like such an insult. Especially when there's another new version of GH being developed by StealthTax which looks and plays fantastic. Have they not learned everything? Do they care? What the fuck are they thinking? I'd quite like to see a developer diary series with insight into Forces design choices and stuff. I've been waiting six years to play a new main series modern Sonic game on my PlayStation and based on what we've seen I'm finding it difficult to stay positive, to feel any kind of excitement. Sure, the graphics look really nice and Forces' instrumental main theme sounds rad, but that's about it. I only ever replay Gens once in a blue moon because I got bored of it long ago and don't enjoy playing it anymore. Is Forces gonna be another game to add to the pile of Sonic games where I play briefly and then just leave it to gather dust? Hope not. On a more positive note, there's nothing wrong with the Sonic fanbase!
  11. Blinx: The Time Sweeper was a game directed by Naoto, released on Xbox in 2002. Blinx is the third playable character in Sonic Forces
  12. Well said, RHS


    1. Blacklightning



      Fucking christ almighty, it's one thing to hate people who are only shitting on the franchise for bandwagoning's sake, but to group people with legitimate, objective grievances under the same umbrella is absurd. And it annoys me that so much of the internet doesn't seem to get that.

    2. Metal Sonic NEGA