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  1. Sonic CD intro with Sonic Forces theme:




    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Works so dang well

  2. So, I've done a thing.

    I think playing with a different character in each act makes it more interesting.

  3. Think that's enough of HZD. Time to play something else...

    Image result for pondering gif

  4. Never type angry. #just don't do it#it just makes you look pretty goofy#but its expected if there are topics that get you heated#like how eggman is faster than sonic#this is a confounding statement and the answer is never really clear#one is sleek and streamlined for maximum go-fasts#the other is sonic - who is just fast on his own#how is eggman so aerodynamic#HOW#it HAS to be magnets!#otherwise we're going to get into a discussion about the laws of physics that will inevitably make peeople go green in the eyes#...oh - it seems we just ignored our own advice in the beginning...#have a good weekend!
  5. Just unlocked the Ancient Shield-Weaver Armour (most powerful armour) in Horizon Zero Dawn:



    Image result for now this is what I'm talking about gif


  6. Yeah, JezMM, Blue Blood, Josh and Indigo all have the right idea. The delay will be to iron-out bugs/glitches. Way too late to add a new level with the game being so close to it's now "Summer" release window. The delay is well worth it of course. Having a bit more time to polish it up could mean the different between 9/10 or 10/10's review scores instead of 7 or 8's. Make no mistake, Mania is gonna have a shit-ton of content; based on what they've shown, teased (the Blue-sphere special stages being added as a bonus feature perhaps) and the kind of additional content like time-attack mode & boss-rush we got in the mobile remasters. I'm confident Mania is gonna have at least 14 or 15 zones which feels like more than enough level content. One things for certain, Mania is gonna have a lot more content than the original classic games did.
  7. For some reason my most watched video on my channel is my Tails Sonic CD playthrough (jp soundtrack). No idea why, people just like watching da Foxboy time travelling. Someone who commented on my video has asked if I'll do a Tails playthrough with the NA soundtrack.


  8. Purchased The Last Guardian for £20 today, which is a pretty good deal.

  9. I just posted in the Mania topic on Retro. Two words of my post were automatically changed when I posted. Can you guess which two? This is what I said:

    "It's a fair argument Ep1 has better level design, but the physics are complete shit which ruins any real enjoyment of the stage design. As for the music it mostly sucks in both episodes. Think I prefer dying ducks over orchestral masterpieces :V

    I prefer S4 Ep2's special stages over Sonic 2's. The boost option in Ep2's special stages is pretty fun.



    "orchestral masterpieces" appears when you type "dying cats". lmao! 


  10. Mania's press release listed it as "Sonic 3 & Knuckles" as one whole game, which is what it should be. 3&K should never have been split in two XP Two zones from Sonic 3 and S&K would be awesome, but seems a bit too much. Two reimagined stages from each game makes more sense. As 3&K is such a big game they could perhaps stretch it to three zones (Hydrocity, Ice Cap & Flying Battery would be my choices). Feels like a wonderful opportunity for Ice Cap in Mania to be the next zone straight after Flying Battery; Sonic snowboards at the start of Ice Cap using a make-shift door from the end of FB as per the original intended design of Sonic 3.
  11. Taxman confirmed a while back (think it was on NeoGaf) that there will be a zone from Sonic 3 and S&K.
  12. Jim's new video:


    1. TailsBot


      Out of interest HZD's metacritic score is 89.

    2. KHCast


      Not seeing many "BUT JIM BOTW DOES THAT TOO" comments thank god. Also the jontron jab at the end HA.

  13. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2017/03/20/first-look-at-uncharted-the-lost-legacy/ More expansive areas to explore is always good. Looking forward to it!