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  1. Good level design: Sonic Mania Bad level design: Sonic Forces
  2. Guys we really should THANK GOD FOR SONIC MANIA ...because it's the best thing Iizuka-san is gonna give us anytime soon. As for bringing back Sonic Adventure gameplay; the only thing I would want is Sonic's gameplay from SA (which was flawed and could definitely be improved on) and the level design of all ten stages in Sonic's story, because each stage was brilliantly unique and had some really good design. I always have a good time playing through Sonic's story. Nothing else in Adventure is worth bringing back.
  3. *Waits for someone to make a Shadow Mania mod*

    1. A Hyper KING heavy engine

      A Hyper KING heavy engine

      I first read that as shadow maria. Lol

    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      Well Forces is mostly 2D gameplay anyways... So might as well.

  4. - Shadow it playable in dlc stages and in the modern Sonic levels. Wow, they're really trying hard with the fan service! - Shadow looks way over-powered. - The level design in that stage looks as shit as ever. Nice to have a remix of Supporting Me. Although it doesn't sound as good as the original. - As for Shadow being evil again? Well at least we finally have another playable character in a 3d Sonic game even though it's another hedgehog.
  5. Episode Shadow. Sounds interesting.

    Please pleaae no guns!

  6. Was just listening to the MP3's versions of Mania's Vinyl soundtrack in my car.

    Image result for so good gif


    I love Titanic Monarch's act2 boss music. Easily one of my favorite boss themes.

    Also, hot damn Studiopolis Act1 & 2 both sound amazing.

    When it comes to my favorite classic Sonic game soundtrack Mania is definitely in my top three.


  7. 2004: The Best Year in Gaming?

    Tut tut tut. How could you not mention the best game of 2004 (and slated by many as the best MGS game of all time): It's so hard to pick a best year for gaming, but for me hands-down Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was best game of 2004. Someone once described it as "MGS2 without the boring bits". Goddamn right! The story and characters were brilliant. Volgin, Eva, Major, Sokolov, a young (and cocky) Ocelot aka "Adamska". It also included one of the most iconic characters ever introduced in the series "The Boss". The combat, introduction of CQC was genius. The game was long (about five hour campaign not Including cutscenes). Had some amazing boss fights; the duel with Ocelot, The Pain, The Fear, The Fury and The End (that epic fight against the 100 year-old sniper). The fights with Volgin and The Boss. Russian roulette with Ocelot at the end of the game! The touching ending where Snake salutes the grave which left me in tears. The replay value was out of this world. So many collectibles. Boss survival mode, the Snake vs The Monkey missions (the hilarious tribute to Ape Escape). I played and mastered this game to death. I haven't played it in years. I really should. Enjoy one of the best cutscenes in the history of MGS; when Ocelot first meets Big Boss (known as Naked Snake at the time).
  8. Gotta love dat Mania soundtrack:

    Mania spoliers:




  9. Based on what we've seen from the story; Knuckles is the most interesting supporting cast character in Forces at the moment.

  10. Played the first two chapters of Uncharted The Lost Legacy. Liking it so far.


    1. Strickerx5


      Finished it last week and absolutely loved it.

      Honestly, if there was ever a perfect developer studio... ND would be it.

  11. Gonna take a break from Mania. Been playing it (and pretty much nothing else) for a month. I think that's enough.

    Image result for which game should I play gif

    1. Sean


      I really need to pull myself away from it before I get sick of it for good lol

  12. I've worked out the perfect technique for beating Mania's Zone 10's act2 boss without taking damage, which I have recorded:


    The boss fight against HBH "Jimmy"