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  1. Been on a Marvel binge lately. Rewatched Captain America: The First Avenger, The Avengers & Winter Soldier.

    Just finished rewatching Age of Ultron. Definitely the weakest of the Avenger movies. Ultron is kind of a lame villain.

    Next up CA: Civil War.

  2. Want to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 so hope it gets released on Switch eventually. Would probably be better off trying to play via Dolphin.

  3. Beat Mystery House Marathon.

    Sponginess Gifs

    That's all stages completed in SM3DW.

    Think I'll 100% the game another time.

  4. Now beat Champion's Road with Toad. Super Leaf (Tanooki) is definitely the best power-up to start the stage with (fuck trying to beat it without any power-ups). Also, with another Super Leaf or Super Cat as a secondary power-up.


    1. TheOcelot


      Now beat it with Rosalina :D

    2. TheOcelot


      Now beaten CR with all characters.


  5. Beat Champion's Road 😁

  6. Getting so close to beating Champions Road. Made it to the final area.

  7. 100%d Bowser's Fury. I enjoyed playing with 3D World's mechanic's in a free-camera 3d environment. Works well.


    Felt like a generous amount of additional content.

    1. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Who was bowser burying?

    2. TheOcelot


      that annoying little shit Mario once and for all!

  8. Super Sonic 3D World & Eggman's Fury :thinking:

  9. Time to play some more SM3DW. 328 stars & 76 stamps earned.

  10. Made it to Mushroom World in SM3DW (never played these stages before). Got 281 stars so far.  

    Has a pretty sweet soundtrack.



    1. Adamabba


      The Ost is definitely one thing I prefer in 3DW compared to Odyssey

  11. Okay Bowser, lets dance!


    1. TheOcelot


      ...and beat 

  12. Got 195 stars in SM3DW. So erm...yay. Halfway there.

  13. Just finished World 4 in SM3DW. Still long way to go to unlock Champions Road.

  14. If SEGA were to release a collection of 12 Sonic games for the 30th anniversary, which games would you choose (12 seems like a reasonable number)?

    I think I would choose:

    Sonic 1

    Sonic 2

    Sonic CD

    Sonic R

    Sonic Advance 

    Sonic Advance 2

    Sonic Adventure 1

    Sonic Adventure 2





    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      1. Sonic R

      2. Advance

      3. Advance 2

      4. Advance 3

      5. Adventure 1

      6. Adventure 2

      7. Rush

      8. Rush Adventure

      9. Heroes

      10. Unleashed

      11. Colours

      12. Gens

      Additional slots - Fighters, Battle, Shadow, 06 (fixed version with DLC).

      We don't need 1, 2, and CD again. All three have numerous re-releases and are readily available. I want new games that either have core issues that can be fixed (Unleashed - FPS, Colours - HD, 06 - loading times/bugs/FPS), and rare games that have never gotten a re-release.

  15. Wonder if SEGA will release any Sonic soundtracks for the 30th anniversary like they did for the 20th?

    1. Rabbitearsblog


      I definitely would love for SEGA to release some older soundtracks from the 90s, like the music from Sonic 2 and Knuckles!

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Well on the 20th we got Sonic 1, 2, CD, Adventure, Adventure 2 and Heroes.

      It'd be nice to get 3&K (doubt it), 3D Blast, Unleashed, Colours and Lost World. If Jun releases it there might be bonus tracks which I need.

  16. Yay, finally received my copy of SM3DW & Bowser's Fury.

  17. Sooooo, SM3DW releases on Switch tomorrow. I beat it on Wii U but never tried for 100%.

    What exactly are the requirements to unlock Champions Road?

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Collect all Green Stars and Stamps and get a Golden Flag on each level (you don't have to beat each level as every character).

    2. JezMM


      You have to collect every green star, every stamp, and every golden flag (clearing a course by reaching the top of the flagpole).

      For true 100% completion you have to do the above as every character too, but that isn't required to reach Champion's Road.

      EDIT: Speeded lol.  Though I misremembered anyway, 100% completion is just beating each course as every character, not doing the collectables as well.

  18. What if the Space Colony Ark is in the Sonic 2 movie?

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I'd actually think they'll have the ARK take the role of the Death Egg in the movie canon. It's just that I don't think newer audiences would take the villian's space base seriously if it was a blatant Star Wars reference versus something less so. Maybe like how Sonic snuck in saying "Eggman", he could jokingly call the Ark the "Death Egg".

    2. Winston


      I could see the Space Colony Ark working better in a film than the Death Egg. The Death Egg would be just far too goofy, and I know it's Sonic, but having a giant space station shaped like Jim Carrey's head would just feel like a bad parody. Using the Space Colony ARK would be good backstory for Carrey's Eggman as well and how he likely came to work for the government in the first place, perhaps through his ties with his grandfather. 

      EDIT: You know, I completely forgot that Eggman from the movie is a orphan. Still, perhaps he could learn more about his family through the Space Colony Ark in a sequel. 

    3. JezMM


      Just judging by the choices the first movie made, I really don't see them taking something so deeply-ingrained in game lore when they could just come up with their own new thing.  If they did use the ARK, it'd probably end up just being in name only anyway.

    4. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Just remember, Sonic in this universe has seen Star Wars. He calls Longclaw his Obi Wan Kenobi remember?

  19. Okay SEGA, now how about a teaser for the next Sonic game?

  20. Love the EH remix.

  21. Watched the first two episodes of WandaVision. Totally bonkers. I like it so far.

    1. TheOcelot


      Now watched ep 3&4. Getting interesting.

      It's a shame after watching ep2 I was randomly recommended a video on youtube with a thumbnail spoiler from the fifth episode.... 😡

  22. Been playing Super Lucky's Tale. Decent platformer. Has Super Mario & Rayman vibes.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It can't be as bad as Balan...

  23. Sonic 06 vs Rise of Lyric?

    1. Winston


      Probably Sonic 06. 

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      RoL for the gameplay tbh

      May be slow but I prefer it a lot to the jank

    3. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      RoL had a better excuse as for why it sucked. So I'll give the nod that way.

    4. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      06 has the music, Shadow's story and Mephiles. That's all I need.

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