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  1. Which Sonic games did you get rid of because you hated them?

    1. Gregzilla


      Shadow the Hedgehog. I didn't HATE it, but it's the only game I disliked enough to sell.

    2. Space☆Tomoki
    3. Marcello
    4. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      yeah, I still have them all.

    5. Felix


      I'm gonna do this to Sonic Rush soon.

    6. Vertekins


      Sonic Chronicles.

    7. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Mario and Sonic at the Olympics and Unleashed Wii.

    8. Chibinuva


      None, because I know if I sell them I'm going to regret it later, even though I have a ton of new games I'd like to get. And either way, most of them are so old I couldn't make much of a profit on them anyways.

    9. Wentos


      Secret Rings and Black Knight.

      I'm starting to miss Secret Rings.

    10. Soniman
    11. Felix


      @Hatsune Get it back.

    12. Carbo


      All of them except pre-Heroes and Generations.

      Oh no wait, I did keep 06 as a fallback when I don't have a good comedy movie for nights with friends.

    13. TheOcelot
    14. Ferno


      None, except Chronicles. and Generations 3DS...and Colors DS

    15. Ekaje


      Heroes and Colors DS.

      I really regret getting Colors DS. I got and beat it on the same day.

    16. Pawn


      I don't get rid of my games.

    17. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      All except for colors and generations. I regret most

    18. sonfan1984


      None of them. But from time to time I I still feel regret and ashamed for keeping Shadow in my Sonic/Gaming collection. :\

    19. Steve


      06, Unleashed, Secret rings, and Shadow

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