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  1. When the Sonic CD enhanced re-released was announced this time last year, were you excited, really hyped for it? I certainly was.

    1. TheOcelot
    2. MachSpeed


      Yes, the Sonic 2 Spin Dash made me salivate xD

    3. Soniman


      Didn't really care

    4. buba


      I ignored it.

    5. Komodin


      I didn't really care; Sonic Generations had all of my attention.

    6. Nintendoga


      Generations is old

    7. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Absolutely! Not only was it Sonic CD getting re-released, it was being done by a fan. A fan with the zeal to make the game even better. It deserved hype, and even a bigger price tag.

    8. Da Blu Hedgie

      Da Blu Hedgie

      Generations had me far too excited

    9. Da Blu Hedgie

      Da Blu Hedgie

      Generations had me far too excited.

    10. Chooch


      I didn't care because it was Sonic CD.

    11. Sion-Ta


      Didn't care.

    12. LunarEdge


      Wasn't TOO excited since it was just another Sonic classic game that will probably see it's share of re-releases. I'm getting kind of tired of paying for the same game over and over again and SEGA tends to try to do that a lot

    13. TheOcelot


      @Blue Blood - I agree.

    14. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      Since it was a much enhanced remake then yes

    15. -blank-


      I was too hyped up over Generations

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