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  1. Heroes soundtrack vs Sonic 06's?

    1. SuperLink


      06's definitely.

    2. Stritix


      Easily Heroes.

    3. spinny



      I don't really like any tracks from '06 besides Wave Ocean act 2, Crisis City (for obvious reasons) and White Acropolis act 1, while I love every Heroes stage's theme besides Lost Jungle.

    4. Jack / Joker

      Jack / Joker

      Easily Heroes'.

    5. Ruby Havoc
    6. SuperLink


      whoops I am the odd one out D: (I guess 06's music, while nice, isn't really Sonicy)

    7. Mr Useful

      Mr Useful

      I like 06 better.

    8. Dr. Homem
    9. TheOcelot


      06 easily wins.

    10. SuperLink


      highest of fives!

    11. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      This is actually a tough one. Heores definitely has more tracks I like, but the ones I like in 06 I find to be REALLY, REALLY awesome. I guess I'll go with Heroes due to it having more gems, but some of the ones in 06 might shine brighter.

    12. TCB


      Let's see...

      (not counting vocal tracks)

      Tracks from 06 I like: Wave Ocean ~ The Inlet, Crisis City (all four parts), White Acropolis ~ The Peak, Kingdom Valley (all parts), Egg Dragoon, Iblis Phase 2, Solaris Phase 2, and End of the World.

      Tracks from Heroes I like: Ocean Palace, System Screen: Menu, Grand Metropolis, Power Plant, Bingo Highway, Rail Canyon, Hang Castle, Mystic Mansion, Egg Fleet, Final Fortress, Metal Madness, Egg Hawk, Egg Albatross...


    13. TCB


      ...Heroes I guess.

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