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  1. Reaction: You lose a bet and must not play any Sonic game for a whole year.

    1. Senator NinjaShark
    2. Soniman


      How is that a loss?

    3. Diz


      Plays them anyway. XD

    4. Ferno


      >literally hasn't played a console sonic game in over a year since my 360 is in storage in another state and all i've had has been my 3DS...with no gaems pretty much

    5. XD375
    6. Nepenthe
    7. buba


      Like I have been doing for years now?

    8. Jack / Joker

      Jack / Joker

      ... I last played a Sonic game 11 months ago.

    9. Nix
    10. Doc



      I'll play Mario instead :P

      But I would struggle

    11. Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      Legosi (Tani Coyote)

      I HAVE LOST MY WILL TO LI- *plays Ratchet and Clank instead*

    12. Place


      love sonic? who cares

    13. Soniman


      I don't know wether these comments are funny or really depressing

    14. WarioBone


      I haven't played Sonic (besides the few days I played SLW) since Generations release.

      I'll be okay.

    15. Wraith
    16. -Ace-


      this is kinda sad lol

    17. Doc


      It's weird for a person to be on a sonic forum and not play sonic in a few months, nevermind a whole year, or even more!

    18. Doc


      I mean if people said that they wouldn't mind and play other games, then I wouldn't be so shocked.

    19. Ferno


      this has pretty much been the suckiest move ever for me yeah. longest "two weeks" ever

    20. KHCast


      I already haven't played sonic all that much recently. And I'm gonna be leaving for 2 years next year.....so yeah I'll be fine.:P

    21. super saiyan weegee

      super saiyan weegee

      That would be quite a let down.

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