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  1. Unleashed. Sigh...the music, graphics and story is so good.

    1. Victoes


      Don't let soniman see this.

    2. neezTHEhuman


      and the werehog platforming is great too

    3. JAiRO


      I know man, gameplay is a bit lacking in some areas though.

    4. Enderwoman
    5. MamboCat
    6. Soniman



      have I reached a status as the Unleashed ball-buster already?

    7. VGamer


      Best Sonic OST to-date imo, and graphics... and story.

    8. Chooch


      Since Unleashed the only Sonic game that has had a comparable amount of ambition behind it is.. Boom, hahaha.

    9. SuperLink


      I don't understand why people like the story, it's as generic as generic can be besides the Eggman bits.

    10. MamboCat


      If Boom has the same scope and aesthetics as Unleashed, I will be a happy chappy... who can't play it. >:(

    11. KHCast


      @link I could say the same for LW and Colors. Different tastes.

    12. JAiRO



      A anthropomorphic blue hedgehog turns into a werewolf and uses single handedly puts the world back together, while discovering there are threats greater than the mere fat, genius doctor who continues to harass him.

      Geez this concept is soooo tired. ;)

    13. Soniman



      But those stories were actually about Sonic...

    14. Milo


      @SuperLink It's probably on the sole merit that it's miles better than what came before it for the past seven years. And for some it's better than what has come afterwards (Storybook games notwithstanding).

    15. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      "while discovering there are threats greater than the mere fat, genius doctor"

      That part certainly is.

    16. JAiRO




    17. KHCast


      So because there about Sonic, that makes the quality 10 times better? Cause I still think they were lacking in many areas I like(although I do like LW sonics personality.)

    18. SuperLink


      @KHCast: I never said LW or Colours had good stories either.

      Sonic becoming a wolf is neat but you could tell that story in a party game just as easily.

    19. Soniman


      Nothing happens in Unleashed's middle, things happen in SLW. Colors had the same issues as Unleashed but at least it had some writing with energy to carry it.

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