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  1. What do you think of the dialogue, graphics and music so far in Boom Wii U?

    1. Sami


      They're all terrible.

    2. Diogenes


      dialogue: okay during cutscenes, insufferable during levels

      graphics: bland

      music: even more bland

    3. RosaRosaRosalina


      dialogue is actually pretty funny to me at times

      graphics are okay, nothing too spectacular, but are nice for me to look at

      music is a bit too generic, needs a bit more liveliness personally

    4. JezMM


      Decent but in-game stuff is too repetitive, inoffensive but far from impressive, unSonicy but at least atmospheric at best uninspired generic dross at worst.

    5. Ruby Havoc

      Ruby Havoc

      Dialogue: Eh

      Graphics: Eh

      Music: why is it so generic

    6. spinny


      dialogue: ehhh

      graphics: alright... could be better, could be worse

      music: richard jacques i sincerely hope this is not your work

    7. Dizcrybe


      Dialogue is hit-and-miss, graphics are acceptable, music is bland.

    8. Chaos Incarnate

      Chaos Incarnate

      Dialogue: Good, but nothing over overwhelmingly better than Lost World's.

      Graphics: Sub Par, and extremely under whelming for a Wii U title.

      Music: Eh, might be good as a veteran Sonic composer is doing it.

    9. Strickerx5


      I like the dialogue (though some lines sound incredibly stupid, Aka "because I'm awesome!" :/). Haven't heard much of the music and the graphics honestly look like something that could of been done on the 360 6 years back. I'm still excited to see how it ties into the show because that is looking great.

    10. Cola



      very much lame

    11. Nepenthe


      Cutscene dialogue is great, in-game is tedious. Graphics are good but not particularly show-stopping. I can't remember any music.

    12. Gabz Girl

      Gabz Girl

      ^ What Nepenthe said.

    13. Dizcrybe


      My problem with the dialogue is how "totally radical" it is. By which I mean it seems to be aping that of Adventure Time and Regular Show. Poorly.

      Eggman's dialogue is especially bad. Not even Mike Pollock can save it. It's just so out-of-character for him.

    14. Kiah


      I'm going with what Nep said on all accounts ;-)

    15. C4k3


      Only bit of dialogue I liked was "Unbelievable..." "Yes, I was. Thank you"

      Everything else is bleh.

    16. sonfan1984


      dualogue: I haven't heard that much of it but from what little I did hear I don't see it to be an huge improvement from what we had in the main series (I don't have a problem with the writing in recent games btw).

      Graphics: Alpha graphics looks kinda bad. The more update version with the better graphics looks so much better.

      Music: Eh.

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