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  1. Are you planning on getting both Mania and Forces when they are released respectively? Or are you just gonna buy one of them?

    1. JosepHenry


      I wish to be one of the first to play both. So I can internally scream about the spoliers and good stuff that we don't know while others are trying to avoid them until they play.

    2. Ayliffe


      Mania at launch (will probably pre-order within the next couple of weeks) and Forces in the new year when it's like half off in Sainsburys

    3. JezMM


      Definitely both, definitely at launch.  Also planning to double-dip on the PC and Switch versions for both if I can afford them.

    4. Bobnik


      Mania I already pre-ordered, I might get Forces, but definitely not day-one, as I'm not a huge fan of spending full price on a game, especially a Sonic game.

      Unless the game is really bad, then nah, I don't want trash in my Steam library.

    5. PC the Hedgehog
    6. ebongrey23


      Getting both. Already preordered Mania and getting Forces later.

    7. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Mania. I won't have the console for forces.

    8. JosepHenry


      @A wreaking havoc engineHuh? But Forces is for PC too!

    9. Strickerx5


      Both at launch, like I do with most Sonic games. I like to get my own impressions of them before I hear other's.

    10. Dejimon11


      As cynical I've been towards Forces I'm letting you know I'm getting both.

    11. Radiant Hero Ike
    12. Zaysho


      Somewhat interested in Forces lately, still don't care about Mania. Neither are day one purchases for me, though.

    13. BlueTidalGamer


      Both on launch. Always have for every Sonic game.

    14. Milo


      Already pre-purchased Mania.

      Have no interest in buying Forces.

    15. Alex2Beta


      Both whenever I can, I'll get'em.

    16. Kiah


      Got Mania coming via the Collectors Edition :) 

      As for Forces as disinterested as I am with it at this point the Sonic fan in me will have me buying it anyway. Don't plan on getting it anytime soon bar coming across a really good deal for it.   

      Oh and I'm sure my niece and nephews will like especially with being able to create the character thing it so if nothing else I'll get Forces for them. 

    17. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      @Joseph Henry Oh... I might get forces too. Depends on how it runs on my laptop.

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