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  1. One gotta go:

    I'd get rid of Gens.

    1. PaddyFancy
    2. Jack at Home

      Jack at Home

      Sorry to say but SA2.

    3. Thigolf
    4. Wraith


      generations FREE

    5. Diogenes


      cut gens, then unleashed, then sa2

    6. Plasme


      I'd definitely get rid of Unleashed over the others.

    7. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Clockwise from top left: the last 3D Sonic game where physics matter, the best boost game (now made with 70% God of War Lite!), finally a fucking good Sonic game, a mediocre Sonic game that you'll think it's better than it is because you've not played a good Sonic game in so long.

      The mediocre Sonic game is the only right answer.

    8. Plasme


      I think Sonic Generations is actually very good though, it's definitely better than Unleashed.

    9. KHCast


      Gens. It owes its existence to SA2 and Unleashed, and Mania is just too good to want gone 

    10. Marcello
    11. Adamabba


      Mania. sorry

    12. Sean


      I wouldn't wipe any of them from existence but if this was in terms of like, selling my own copies and never being able to play them again... I'd say SA2, since there's very little of it I enjoy these days and I've played it enough times to last me a lifetime now. Honestly if SA1 were on that list I'd get rid of that too even though I respect it as a game more. I don't hate either game but I've overplayed them and don't care if I revisit them anytime soon.

    13. blueblur98


      SA2 b e g o n e

    14. Strickerx5


      None of them...


      ... but yeah, definitely Mania

    15. Ferno


      Generations. Traded in so many games for it at the time ( I was broke but wanted it) thinking I was in for another 8 - 12 hour experience, like back in 2008, but nope. Barely 4 hours. Gimped stage flow and shorter stage length. No camera control to look around the lush scenery if you wanted to, etc.

    16. Little T

      Little T

      Seems an unpopular choice based on the comments so far, but Sonic Unleashed for sure

    17. tailsBOOM!


      Unleashed.  Without a question.

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