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  1. Another fangame which recreates Sonic '06


    1. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      One of these days people are going to recreate good Sonic games

    2. Blacklightning


      It's not even just that. You'd think choosing 06 of all games to remake would prompt you at least to do a better job of its core concepts, but no - people keep insisting on recreating it verbatim, flaws and all.

      It's just gobsmacking to me that people can be equal measures talented but dumb like this.

    3. The Deleter

      The Deleter


      do they

      keep emulating

      THE JANK




    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      If people are so insistant on remaking junk Sonic games, can't you be more creative and start making Rise of Lyric remakes?


      At least that has the potential for any sort of improvement with all the hastily scrapped content just begging to be revisited.

    5. KHCast


      It’s reasons like this 3D Sonic fan games will take ages to be considered on the same level as 2D ones

    6. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Oh I'd hop on a RoL remake project so fast it's not even funny

      Granted I'd probably keep the movement speed roughly the same, and of course the Knuckles glitch obv needs to be left in, and-





      I am joking when it comes to the jank but considering I did think the game's speed was to it's benefit as an adventure game, I really have to wonder if I'm as far gone as some of the 06 people thinking the game's jank is possibly inherent to it's appeal, lmao

    7. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      No, RoL is easier to fix than 06, without a doubt. It may be held together with duct tape and dried cumrags, but most of that game works relatively the way it's intended to, it just lacks a lot of variety, content and any polish whatsoever. 06 is so far out of the realm of good design before being broken on an execution level that fixing it is a project akin to creating an entire new game from scratch. And if you're doing that...why make it resemble Sonic 06?


      Actually, in retrospect, that might be why all these projects accurately recreate 06's physics. It probably takes less work than building something more akin to the Adventure games, but the levels literally aren't designed with good controls in mind, they're all scrunched-up and flat.

    8. Bobnik


      Nice to see people still being upset over the fact that people want to port/recreate 06 for PC. No wonder people consider this place as the close-minded echo chamber.

      Yes, the controls are jank, especially midair (which actually got fixed up in Mefiresu's Crisis City demo), the camera is a bit of a mess sometimes, the performance also isn't great, but I won't go screaming "this is why 3d fan games are gonna be shit" or "they're equally talented and dumb" or w/e, cuz it's not the only 3d fangame project that exists, far from it. I wanna see where the projects go, mostly because I want to see how they improve on the game. This "stomping on a passion project because it's an 06 recreation" approach is stupid imo.

      Be more rational, post your suggestions to the devs, they even have the google doc, where you can post bugs, feedback, issues you have, etc.

    9. KHCast


      If you’re gonna remake 06 go ahead, but if you’re gonna also recreate the issues that make people dislike it, don’t be surprised when people ask what the fucking point is and say things like “this is why 3D fan games are so meh.” (Among other things)

      this, “cant criticize fan work” angle is equally dumb as well if we’re gonna play this 

    10. Bobnik


      I'm not against criticizing fan work, but it doesn't help anyone when the feedback mostly amounts to dismissive "ew 06" or "why not just make a new game from scratch", or the full-on fanboyism like "let these fans work for SEGA!".

      That'd be kinda like me looking at Super Smash Flash 2 and saying "ew smash" or "why are you making this instead of just a new game" and not actually giving proper feedback. Probably not in the same caliber, but it's almost equally as dismissive.

    11. DanJ86


      I am in agreement with @Bobnik

      Some gamers aren't as observant as others. I never noticed any major glitches in my RoL playthrough and I didn't know you could walk around loops and on walls in 06. It's right to critique work to help it's improvement, but their is a big difference between giving constructive criticism and writing them off due to recreating a "bad" game. Some people are just being mean, right off the bat. That's how communities get a bad reputation.

      That being said....I don't know what a "jank" is. lol ^^;

    12. Wraith


      I hope they continue to create what they're passionate about and ignore the community turning their nose up at them

    13. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      The point here isn't to pick on this game because it's a Sonic 06 remake. The issue I have comes from how this is another 06 remake. Not that I want anyone involve to stop, but it just leaves me puzzled.

      What could this paticular version do that the other one can't? Is their motivation meant to be the exact same as the other? Are they aware that this isn't the first 06 PC remaster? Did the just happen to start making this project the same time as the other one? Is there anything wrong with just combining the two remasters and their staff into one?

    14. KHCast


      And I hope they can make a not carbon copy of 06, and attempt to make a better 06 if what they really want to do is make a fan game based off its ideas. No one said criticism can’t happen with this. But from the looks of it now, it doesn’t look like anything special and lacks any identify 

    15. Bobnik


      @SupahBerry They're fully aware that there's already a 06 PC remaster in the works, mostly because the creator of this project was part of the previous team.
      As for their goals, ChaosX clarified that themselves in the comments:



    16. DanJ86


      I should also think it doesn't matter what a person chooses to recreate for fun. As an artist and novice Cosplayer, I wont be dictated into choosing who or what I want to portray with my own hands.

      Then it comes across as a freedom issue, if that makes sense.

    17. KHCast


      Then don’t post it online. The moment you do that, it’s free game if people want to criticize it or not. If people are allowed to praise a fan project, the same should be allowed for those that have their critical thoughts on the work.

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