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  1. Be honest. For the 30th anniversary do you think we're getting either a:

    Sonic Adventure remake

    SA2 remake

    Heroes remake

    Sonic Generations 2

    Completely new game with boost gameplay

    or a completely new game without boost gameplay?

    1. KHCast


      Something underwhelming and more than likely bad

    2. Bobnik


      What I would hope for: SA1 remake with a treatment akin to RE2 and not Crash N.Sane Trilogy

      What I expect it to be: a completely new game that's gonna be bad

      What it probably will be: a new 2D game that banks on 90's nostalgia yet again because creative bankrupcy is a thing. 

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @KHCast I normally count on you to be the optimistic one...

    4. KHCast
    5. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      I want to say an Adventure remake would be nice but knowing Sonic Team their idea of a remake is probably the video game equivalent to a live-action shot-for-shot Disney remake with no changes or improvements whatsoever.

    6. ThatOddLiam


      I absolutely think if a remake is on the cards at all then the 30th is when it's going to show up, while the remake craze is still topical. Likewise if Mania 2 has been greenlit I imagine they're aiming for it to be released around the 30th, although I don't see it being THE big game of that year.

      I think there will be a bit of a shakeup with the next 3D game compared to Forces. Usually the 3D Sonics get criticism standalone but Forces was released and compared directly against Mania and everybody noted the difference in quality and passion, even if they are different types of game. I've said it before but Forces was likely too far set in stone when the "win back fans trust" speeches came out from SEGA's new CEO and just at the right time when Mania would've been getting started. 

      The next 3D game will be the telling point of how ambitious SEGA wants 3D Sonic to be going forward, Forces is about as bare minimum as it gets gameplay wise. At the very least I hope the start to realise how inefficient the boost gameplay is for providing a suitably fulfilling game length and find some sort of solution rather than once again having a crutch gameplay style alongside it.

      Oh, and...

      *cough #RemasterSonicHeroes 

    7. DiamondX


      I honestly would like a new game more but a remake would be interedting (SA mostly).

      I hope it's a good game, but considering I'm easy to please when it comes to Sonic Team, I will most likely enjoy the game unless it's 06 or Rise of Lyric levels of bad.

    8. KHCast


      “The next 3D game will be the telling point of how ambitious SEGA wants 3D Sonic to be going forward,” We say that about every game tho 

    9. ThatOddLiam


      I personally haven't ever said that or been one to pull the "this is their LAST chance" card,  but Forces for me is the first time it's really felt like "yeah we're burnt out/ can't be arsed anymore". Generations while being very short did actually make efforts to progress the level design that could be done in a boost game (I have my own disagreements with that compared to Unleashed but that's for another time). Even Lost World, despite the problems it has, felt like a genuine attempt to progress Sonic and open up his possibilities as a 3D platformer.

      Forces, and I'm saying nothing new here, saw them fall back on things that previously worked, stripped them down the the absolute minimum because they couldn't or wouldn't push further and then had to rely on things like the 2000's era style story to try and give the thing SOME life.

    10. Thigolf


      I could totally see them attempt a Sonic Adventure Remake/Adventure style game because Odyssey and Crash returned to their 3D beginnings with great success and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they wanted to chase that success too

      But who knows with them

    11. Blacklightning


      I'd just like it if they didn't rush a game for an anniversary yet a fucking gain. In the entire history of the franchise that has worked maybe once. You'd think they would've gotten the hint by now.

    12. Thigolf


      "Working 4 years on a game" isn't rushing, though.

    13. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      It is when 2 of those years are spent dicking around twiddling your thumbs.

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