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  1. Just watched Joker. Excellent movie. Really well-done origin story. 


    I like to think the ending (Joker being in a mental institution) happens after Joker sparked the massive riots (and the Wayne's were killed). Either that or it's a prequel scene because he was in a mental institution before being released prior to the start of the movie.


    1. Jango


      Great movie, but hard to watch. Has no message, but it's a well made, well acted and well told story. I like the way it tied to Batman's origin story and FINALLY gives an answer as to WHY the Waynes took that Dark alley instead of just getting to the car.

    2. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano


      Does he fall into a vat of chemicals?


    3. DanJ86


      I thought it had a clear message of the importance of mental health and actually being nicer to each other.

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