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  1. I've never watched a single episode of Sonic X...until now. I've just watched the first episode "Chaos Control Freaks" (via Amazon Prime).

    Gotta go faaaaaaaaaaaaast

    Watch out for the S Team!

    Oh and Sonic can't swim and nearly drowned. Okay....

    1. Tornado


      You can stop now. It's not too late.

    2. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I've got the whole thing on blu ray. Feels weird considering missing an episode when I was a kid was like the end of the world.

      I really wish this thing had the Subbed version though. It had a better soundtrack, better jokes, better lines, and honestly, better atmosphere because it knew when to not play music. 

    3. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Still have the subbed version saved to my external drive and super glad for it, cause I can't stand X's horrendous dub at all.

    4. JezMM


      Yeah, the music is the absolute biggest factor to me. I seriously wonder about the musical taste of the person at 4kids who decided "every character has their own lemotif, and it plays every time they say ANYTHING or do ANYTHING and sometimes even when they are doing nothing but are present too actually".

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