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  1. If you could create a new move for Sonic for a new 2d game (much like how the drop-dash was created for Mania), what would it do 🤔

    1. Diogenes


      not an entirely new move, but i've thought about the drop dash activating on walls rather than just the ground. it'd give sonic a little more vertical movement without being as powerful as flight or climbing, and depending on how the variables shake out it might even be possible to use it like a wall jump, alternating drop dashes up the sides of a vertical shaft.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I've never given it much thought, and don't think you can do easily just come up with something brand new in the spot like that. You've got to find something that's missing, and something that that fills that spot naturally. If not, you end up with crap like SA2's Magic Hand...

    3. Sean


      Not a new move but I think the jump dash in the Advance games (particularly in 2, since it was rather useless in 1 and didn't have much forward momentum) is a good move and could use more appearances in 2D Sonic

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