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  1. Wonder if SEGA will ever rerelease any of the other 3D Sonic games (not that they're rated highly enough or sold well enough to warrant a new release). SA1, SA2 were rereleased on most platforms last-gen, SLW was ported to Steam (the Eu PSN release of Heroes & Jp PSN release of ShTH doesn't count).  

    1. Wraith


      most other franchises get rereleases in spite of reception

    2. JezMM


      I really am surprised that Colours still hasn't got one considering it's reputation, not that I'm PARTICULARLY bothered about getting one.

      I'd really like an HD port of Heroes and ShTH but their iffyness probably means they never will. I liked Shadow and would play it semi-often back in the day where it didn't require me to change which consoles I had plugged in.

    3. Solister


      I think a Heroes Steam port is the more likeable now. Rather than that, Maybe (But very Maybe) Unleashed and Colors for PC. I mean, Heroes I guess is the most "urgent", as Sonic '06 is being fan remade, Unleashed have Project Unleashed and Colors runs pretty well on any mediocre PC using Dolphin.

      I also say that I think we should get a new compilation of the likes of Mega/Gems Collection. Recently, I've seen many people interested on replaying Sonic R and Sonic the Fighters or even classic ones like S3&K but haven't many alternatives.

      Can't argue much about consoles as I own none.

    4. Menace2Society


      From what I heard, they lost the source code for the original boost gameplay engine they used for Unleashed, Colors, and Gens, which would totally explain why the former two still haven’t gotten PC releases and why Forces used Lost World’s engine. I would be shocked if they actually did get rereleased. 

      Shadow and 06 are obvious. Doesn’t matter how the big the demand for them is. They’re not gonna just rerelease two of their biggest blemishes on the franchise like that.

      Idk why they haven’t rereleased Heroes yet, though. I guess they just had no interest in rereleasing it.

    5. Tracker_TD


      The 'lost source code' thing is completely unsourced and stems from weird speculation because SEGA apparently lost the source code to... House of the Dead. 


      The real reason Forces was made on the LW engine was probably because it was more up-to-date in terms of development pipelines and the team were probably more familiar with it (particularly, Morio Kishimoto - who worked on LW but not Generations). 

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