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  1. really annoying when a game breaks street date.

  2. Wonder what game we'll get for the 30th anniversary (assuming a game will be released in 2021/2022) 🤔

  3. The Mega Drive is getting smaller and the controllers are getting...bigger


    1. Perkilator


      I saw that when went to E3 last Thursday. That's actually kinda neat.

  4. Today is the 15th anniversary of Sonic Advance 3's release in Europe.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The last fully 2D original Sonic game until Mania came along (or it still holds that's title if you discount Mania due to its special stages).

  5. I've finished 100%ing CTR. To get the 101% I think I have to beat all N'Trophy time-trial records?

  6. Finished CTR. Watching the end credits.


  7. Here's some off-camera footage of the mini: Looks like they've added save-states for all games which of course the original mega-drive never had. I couldn't help but cringe when the guy asked about Sonic 3. This guy gives a close up of the mini before showing-off some footage: Also:
  8. I'd forgotten how tough the purple CTR token is in the second hub world; The Lost Ruins. Took me several attempts to get a good sequence down.

  9. Another Making of the Music video: Haunted Castle's music ❤️
  10. Got out my PS3 (which I hardly ever use now) because I'm gonna replay CTR.

    This has been my PS3 theme since 2011 (not changed it since):

    Image result for sonic cd ps themeImage result for sonic cd ps theme

  11. The more open-stage design of the original Spyro trilogy compared to the linear-stage layout of the Crash trilogy are a lot of fun to play through and graphically the stages look fantastic in the Reignited triogy. So I hope you'll like it. In terms of difficulty, Spyro 1 (as Tornado said) is more designed like Banjo-Kazooie. The PS1 version had some very tricky platforming sections which can be frustrating. Thankfully the Reignited version improves over the orginal-makes it easier to navigate some of the tricky sections (accept for the double jump-gliding to long-distance platforms which is slightly harder to pull-off). Spyro 2's level design is quite different from Spyro 1. More closely-knit layouts with a bit more backtracking (unlock abilities later in the game to be able to access areas you couldn't reach in earlier stages etc). Spyro 2 has the least amount stages compared to the 1&3 but take longer to beat due to more complex challenges. Spyro 2 has best story. Spyro 3 is basically Spyro 2 but with a weaker story, a lot more padding and more playable characters which adds a bit more variety, their different play styles being hit and miss. Once you get good you can 100% Spyro 1 in under 5 hours, and bit longer for 2&3 respectively.
  12. Wonder what these guys are up to?


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