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    Reading, drawing, Sonic & other video game franchise such as; Ratchet & Clank, Horizon Zero Dawn, Life is Strange, Telltale Games, Batman Arkham, Crash Bandicoot & The Last of Us.
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About Me

Hi, I'm TheOcelot.

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I play 3D Sonic games, although I'm more of a fan of the classics.

Checkout my playthroughs of classic Sonic games (which I'm really good at) & other retro games on my youtube channel "Retro Master".

My latest playthroughs:






My most popular playthroughs:

Do you prefer listening to the NA soundtrack? Then click here






I'm also a member over on Sonic Retro

I attended Summer of Sonic in August 2016 and was lucky enough to play both the Green Hill & Studiopolis acts from the Sonic Mania demo!




I've played Mania to death since it's release. Incredibly fun game.



Currently playing Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled (PS4 & Switch) and Virtua Racing (Switch). 



Legendary Status Update - 11 Aug 2013:

Looking forward to Knuckles cameo in Lost World.

It should be like the Wolverine cameo in First Class.
Sonic: "Excuse me, we need a favour."
Tails: "It's really urgent!"
Knuckles: "Go fuck yourselves."
*Sonic & Tails give up and leave*


Batman is awesome

Sonic 3 Remastered needs to happen! 


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