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  1. SSMB MADE A GOOD FUTURE IN Zone 3! On the September 23rd 1993; Sonic The Hedgehog CD (SCD for short) was released for the SEGA Mega CD console. Directed by Naoto Ohshima (the original designer of the character Sonic). Upon release the game received critical acclaim and sold approximately 1.5 million copies, which was most the successful game on that console. SCD then released in Europe in October 1993 and NA in November 1993. The game has had several re-releases: Microsoft Windows in 1996 Part of the "Gems Collection" in 2005 android, iOS, PS3, X360 and Steam in 2011 (made by Christian Whithead, which added playable Tails, proper widescreen, alternative Sonic 2 spindash & physics etc). Released under the SEGA Forever branch in 2018 Whilst Sonic 2 was being developed around the same time over in the US, Ohshima-san was given the reigns to create a different type of Sonic game featuring time-travel. A concept which was unique for it's time (also fascinating that we recently learned they also considered time-travel for Sonic 2). With the more powerful hardware of the Mega CD this allowed Sonic Team to create a game with better visuals, a CD-high quality soundtrack and an animated intro and ending custcene complete with music and vocals. It's believed SCD actually finished development before Sonic 2, but SEGA decided to make the numerical sequel the priority which was released in time for Christmas 1992. This gave Sonic Team Jp time to polish up SCD before release. Whilst highly regarded, SCD became an obscure title compared to the mega-drive games because the Mega CD never came close to matching the success of the Mega-Drive in terms of sales. It wasn't until 2005 - when it was released as part of the Gems Collection on PS2 and Gamecumbe - that it became more accessible. Then thanks to the brilliant remastered version of SCD made by Christian Whithead - which was released on consoles and mobile platforms in 2011 - just about every gamer finally had a chance to play it. The story, as detailed in the Jp manual: You should never mess with time-travel! In SCD time travel can be achieved by first touching either a "future" or "past" sign-post, then by maintaining very fast speed for about 4 seconds (the required time varies based on different releases of the game). The player can then travel to the past version which features completely different level design, different colors, different music (in the PAST version they used the PCM format from the Mega CD to create very unique sounding music which suited the past version of each zone). The player can also travel to the bad-future where Eggman has won and the zone is in decay. "A dark and desolate world". A comment on one of my youtube videos perfectly decribes the affects of the bad-future: Just running through the zones and beating the game assures you get the bad-ending along with a bad-ending cutscene which shows Eggman still holding the time-stones and Little Planet still tethered (although Sonic gets revenge by hitting Eggman with a rock). Whilst not as sad as the bad-ending in Sonic 2 Master System when Tails dies, it's still pretty dispressing. So how do we change this terrible fate? Well, unlike in Sonic 1 & 2 where the only way to gurantee the good-ending is by collecting the chaos emeralds; in SCD there are two methods: By destroying all 14 robot generators - one is hidden in the past version of act1 & act2 in each of the seven zones. OR By collecting all seven time-stones in the Pseudo 3D UFO special stages (which you enter via a giant gold ring at the end of each act if you have collected atr least 50 rings. By completing either method, Sonic guarantees a good future and you are treated to the good-ending where Little Planet is set-free and Eggman gets his ass kicked! There are also Metal Sonic holograms (where he's standing on an animal) which Sonic can destroy. This allows the animals to move freely around the zones. You will then occasionally encounter the animals moving in any time-period. Note that destroying the MS holograms has no baring on getting a good-future. Unlike in Sonic 1 & 2, in Sonic CD when you destroy a badnik a flower appears instead of an animal. Sonic CD introduced two new characters; Amy Rose and Metal Sonic. Undoubtly two of the most popular characters in the Sonic universe. Also inludes the spin-dash which operates slightly differently from Sonic 2; in that it takes longer to charge-up before release, but when it does release Sonic will launch at top-speed. The game also introduced another very popular move called the "Super Peel-Out", where Sonic can charged-up and release also at full speed, but Sonic this time is up-right (instead of in ball-form) and you get this unique animation where Sonic has his arms behind him and his feet form a figure of eight. A very popular move which has been brought back in more recent games (in SLW). SCD's unique move-sets and level design has had influence in other games, most recently in Sonic Mania. Two soundtracks: The Jp sountrack was composed by Naofumi Hataya and Masafumi Ogata. When SCD was released in NA, SEGA was worried that the Jp music would not be well received by gamers in NA, so an alternative sountrack (composed by Spencer Nilsen and David Young) was created for the NA release. This featured completely new music for the present, good and bad-future of each zone. Although they kept the past music from the Jp version because SEGA in NA didn't know how to create music using the PCM format. Pffft... The zones; each zone has three acts with a boss fight at the end of the third act (like in Sonic 1). The game was originally going to just be a enhanced port of Sonic 1, which then evolved in something very different, However, five of the zones in Sonic CD are clearly inspired by zones from Sonic 1: Palmtree Panic (R1 - when the game was in development Sonic Team labelled the zones R1 to R8) = Green Hill Collison Chaos (R3) = Spring Yard Tidal Tempest (R4) = Labyrinth Stardust Speedway (R7) = Star Light Metallic Madness (R8) = Scrap Brain Quartz Quadrant (R5) & Wacky Workbench (R6) zones being unique in that they were not based off of Sonic 1 stages. The cancelled R2 stage (which is widely believed-there's evidence to suggest it would have been a marble-ruin theme stage based off of Marble zone from Sonic 1) was cancelled whilst in development because it didn't meet "quailty standards". How this didn't meet quality standards and Wacky Workbench zone (act 1) did....god only knows. The bosses; Unlike in Sonic 1 where you had a full third act before the boss-fight, in SCD the length of the third act is only about a quarter of the size of a normal act. Each act 3 also has exactly 100 rings which you can collect (apart from CC which has 73 and WW which has 109). Also, unlike in Sonic 1, the challenge of the boss fights in CD is more about the effort of trying hit Eggman at-all instead of just smashing him eight times. Each boss only requires a few hits and has a unique gimmick which tries to hamper Sonic from defeating Eggman. Some of these boss fights are also inconic; Palmtree Panic's boss because it's ridiculously easy (easier than Green Hill's), Metallic Madness boss because it's a bit too easy to defeat for the kind of harder difficulty you'd expect for a final fight. The tread-mill (gotta keep running) boss fight in Quartz Quadrant and the very popular-unique fight where Sonic races against Metal Sonic in order to save Amy Rose. Weird concept art: SCD was the first Sonic game to feature in-game dialogue, where Sonic would say "yes" when collecting an extra life. and " i'm outta here " followed by him jumping off the screen if left idol for three minutes resulting in an instant game-over. ... My thoughts: Okay, if it wasn't obvious already, I fucking love this game. My first experience was via the (PS2) Gems Collection, which was just an emulation of the orignal game and featured the NA soundtrack. After my first few playthroughs I immediately thought "second favorite Sonic game". There's so much I endore: The fantastic soundtracks. I didn't get to experience the Jp soundtrack until the 2011 release, so naturally I'm nostalgic towards the NA music. I do prefer the Jp soundtrack for it's upbeat feel-good music, but the NA also has some great tracks and does a better a job of creating tracks which suit the atmosphere of each time period. Especially Tidal Tempest & Startdust Speedway bad future music. The Sonic Boom (NA) intro vocal tracks sound great. I think I slightly prefer the Jp "You Can Do Anything" music and the vocals are so cheesy. Speaking of cheesy, I love the Jp boss music "WORK THAT SUCKA TO DEATH, COME ON NOW" I love how good the Super Peel-Out move looks visually when it motion. Was so happy to see it brough back in Mania. Destroying the robot generators and then travelling to the good future is is such a feel-good factor, a satisfying sense of acomplishment. I like that once you have destroyed the robot-generator in each act all badniks in the past, good future (and half of them in the present version) disappear. So you can go through zones a bit more care-free and explore the beautiful paradise you've now created in the good-future. I like the unique style of the boss fights. The in-game cutscene at the beginning of Collisons Chaos where Metal Sonic kidnaps Amy, leading to the dramatic conclusion when Sonic races Metal in Stardust Speedway is a really cool story element, and helps motivate me to push through each zone. The time-travelling creates unique immersion. I like how the level-design often makes time-travel easy (with conveniently placed springs) and also allows for a large amount of creativity when time-travelling. I have such a good time eploring the zones, playing with the level-design. I never feel the need to rush through them. Both intro & ending cutscenes are lovely to watch, very impressive for a 1993 game. The vocal track "Cosmic Eternity" is pretty cool..believe in yourself, yourself, YOURSELF. The level design is mostly excellent. Sonic has the tools to race through each zone very quickly. The level design can come across a bit complex-maybe a bit chaotix, but I have such a good time exploring, which is helped by the gorgeous visuals & amazing music. There are lots of fan-games which take influence from SCD's design. Metal Sonic, Amy Rose have been brough back many times since SCD (although not often as playable characters) and the Jp & NA versions of the Metal Sonic boss muisc have had many remixes. Sonic Mania's level design (especially the new zones) feels heavily influenced by SCD. I've always felt Mania is more of a spritual successor to SCD when compared to the other classics. I fucking love Christian Whitehead's remastered vesrion which I've played to death and thensome. The alternative Sonic 2 styled physics, having both soundtracks included and playable Tails make this the definitive version which everyone should play! I adore SCD's special stages, athough the frame-rate was pretty bad in the original version (thankfully this was fixed the 2011 remaster). I like how you can experiement/improvise in taking different routes to collect the UFO's. I love how popular SCD is even today. 25 years and it still holds up IMO. Just look at my most popular youtube video; my Tails playthrough of Sonic CD which has nearly half a million views: Of course SCD is not perfect... The physics aren't as fluid like in Sonic 2 & 3. For example, if you spindash and launch in the air in Sonic 2 & 3 and then press the directional button in the same direction this helps Sonic maintain his speed and momentum, whereas in Sonic CD pressing the directional button causes Sonic to slow right-down an loose momentum, a bit like in Sonic 4 Ep1. If Sonic is travelling in mid-air trying to time-travel (with the sparks coming out behind him), and then lands on the ground; the speed-cap immediately kicks in and Sonic looses mometum and the ability to time-travel at that moment is lost. So yeah, the physics are perfect. Whilst the charge-up spindash does release at full speed (which suits the nature of SCD's level design and the time-travel requirement) it definitely feels a bit more cumbersome compared to Sonic 2&3's spindash. Also, the collision detection - which needs to be good as you arre often trying to be creative and time-travel - is pretty rubbish in this game, especially when moving through tubes. The Collison Chaos pinball boss-fight is a good concept, but it's execution is bad. So easy just full through the flippers. If can easily take between 18 second and 2 minutes to beat that boss, can become very very frustrating. The level-design also gets a lot of critisim. It's not as good as in game like Sonic 3, but then the zones are designed incorporate the time-travel gimmick and when in comes to exploration and allowing creative moment, I think SCD does such a good job. I could be wrong, but I think most of the critism of the level design is aimed at Collison Chaos & Wacky Workbench. CC beause some of the design has more vertical routes which leads to slower progression. This isn't always the case, but I can certainly understand some playes findng this frustrating. I think making pink the main colour for the present version of Collison Chaos was a brave choice... As for Wacky Workbench, the whole zone gets a lot of hate, whereas it's only really the first act which is the big offender. The bouncy floor is fascinating and very brave gimmick to include, but the entire act is hampered and becomes a chore not because of the bouncy floor, but becuase of the 12 pillars hanging from the ceiling which all but completely destroys any horizonal momentum. Whereas in act2 you only encounter the pillars right near the end of that stage. Act 2 allows for much more freedom of movement and is more fun as a result. At least act 1 has the angel statue (in the past version) which generously gives Sonic about 80 rings. The bouncy floor gimmick was executed perfectly for Chemical Plant act2 in Sonic Mania, because it was never a hindrance due to how the level was designed around it. I remember when Brad Flick asked on this forum what gimmick we'd like to see in Mania, and I suggested the bouncy gimmick from Wacky Workbench as long as the level is designed to accommodate it (yeah I'm totally taking credit for that ). So...enough about what I like about the game. What are your experiences of Sonic CD? What system did you first play it on? What do you like about it? What don't you like? Does it still hold up for you after 25 years? HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY SONIC CD!
  2. Happy 25th anniversary Sonic CD.

  3. Has anyone else here played the Sonic 1 Switch release? What do you think of it?

    1. Tracker_TD


      I really like it! Only major issue is that the Spin Dash charge hurtbox is still broken from the 3DS version. I appreciate having the Mega Play version on hand for quick bursts and I love all the display modes and stuff - and of course, having the drop dash is great. 

    2. E-122-Psi


      It's cool. The emulation seems solid (which is annoyingly rare with professional releases). The Drop Dash adds a surprisingly new twist to playing the game without breaking the difficulty as well.

      Got rank 156 in Time Attack by the way. :P

      The downside is that a lot of the extras feel half baked. Mega Play seems to work fine, but the two Dash moves are a bit glitchy as stated, and Time/Score Attack are for very limited stipulations.

      Fix the Dash moves, make Time Attack for all levels and Score Attack for all versions of the game, and it would have been a pretty solid package.

    3. tailsBOOM!


      Question: Is Tails playable (Because he is in the version that was released by SEGA and Christian Whitehead)

    4. E-122-Psi


      @tailsBOOM!Doesn't look like it (there's three blanks in the gameplay Settings menu, but they don't appear to be unlockables from what is known).

  4. I now hold the #1 rank in the Mega Play version & the Ring-Chain #1 rank in Sonic 1 SEGA Ages!!!




    It automatically records the top-10 ranked players playthroughs of the Mega Play version, which anyone can watch.

    So anyone playing the game can watch my playthrough and learn how I got such a high score... So I probably won't remain no1 for long :D

  5. Related image

  6. TheOcelot

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    Virtua Racing is coming to SEGA Ages:
  7. I did it! I managed to get the #1 ranking in the Sonic 1 SEGA Ages "Ring Chain Rankings". I did a complete no-hit playthrough and my total rings collected without taking damage is 2929. This will take some beating!





    Image result for like a boss gif

    1. tailsBOOM!



    2. TheOcelot


      It's a tough challenge. Maintaining the required concentration is difficult. So easy to make a mistake.

      I don't care about the rankings, but I love collecting rings in the classic games and I'm kind of a no-hit playthrough specialist at these games.

  8. The ring-chain rankings in Sonic 1 SEGA Ages tallies the most rings collected in your playthrough without getting hit (think it includes rings collected in the special stage).

    I'm fifth in the rankings:


    Don't think I can reach the highest total of 2694, but 2000+ is definitely doable. Requires a lot of concentration.

  9. Could mean anything. Some of the guys from Team Mania visited Japan quite recently whilst on vacation (I think). However, this seems more likely a visit to SoJ headquarters to congratulate Team Mania on the games success (or they have gone to the Tokyo Game Show). As for what this could lead to...
  10. Beat the final boss in Spider-Man. Decent boss fight.

    You know, if it wasn't for the pointless-endless number of time-wasting (mostly boring) side missions and the occasional piece of rushed main story, I'd actually really like this game.

    It's grand in scope like Batman Arkham Knight, but overall less enjoyable.

  11. Looks like I've reached the final boss in Spider-Man...

  12. Mega Play version of Sonic 1 is pretty easy. Time-limits are generous and no Marble zone, Labyrinth zone or Scrap Brain act3. Even though I died in Final zone (you only have one life in Mega-Play) thanks to a spin-dash glitch, I still got the fifth highest score.

  13. God I hate the third special stage in Sonic 1. Managed to get the chaos emerald though.

  14. I'm playing the Sonic 1 SEGA Ages version. Is pretty cool using the drop-dash.


    Sucks that you can only record 30 seconds of footage on the Switch.

    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Maybe in 3-4 gens nintendo will fully allow streaming and recording

    2. E-122-Psi


      A few questions:

      1. Is M2's spin dash still super bad glitchy?

      2. Does Time Attack genuinely only include Green Hill Act 1?

      3. Do those blank settings stand for unlockables?

      The recording limit is kinda strange given unlike their previous consoles, the Switch doesn't seem that limited in memory space. Adding a cap I can understand (it does help for me since I have accidentally recorded a long ass video on my PS4 once) but 30 seconds? Sonic 1's about the one thing you can get much out of that right now.

    3. TheOcelot



      1) How exactly was the spin-dash glitchy in the original M2 3DS version?

      2) Yes, which is lame. Although you do you have trhe time challanges in the Mega Play version.

      3) Nope. No unlockables that I'm aware of and I've beaten the game.






    4. E-122-Psi


      1. Well the spin dash didn't work if you charged right next to a box (something that was shown to still be there in a recent preview at least) and if you charged on something that forcibly moved you like a ledge or seesaw, you were stuck in that form until you landed. Basically all the glitches that have to be manually fixed when the spin dash is hacked into a ROM.


      2.Very weird option to have. One stinking act.

      3. Strange I'm guessing all these games will be using the same menu and they just blank out the ones the game has no use for.

    5. TheOcelot



      Yeah, I get the spindash glitch all the time when I stand right next to an item box:


  15. TheOcelot

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    The first batch of games is also coming to the West tomorrow, yay! Thanks to @Hero of Legend for getting the confirmation!
  16. I still have my favorite PS1 games in disc form (the Crash trilogy, Spyro trilogy etc) and I have a PS2 I can play them on. I also have a PS3 where I own lots of PS1 games digitally. So I can't think of any reason why I'd want a PlayStation Mini. I'd be tempted if you could live-stream the PlayStation Mini games to youtube and twitch etc, but that's not gonna happen. So yeah, I'll pass. Why the fuck hasn't Sony made PS1 games backwards compatible for PS4?
  17. Sonic 1 (SEGA Ages) launch trailer:

    Includes drop-dash, spindash and Mega Play version.


  18. TheOcelot

    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    Sonic 1 launch trailer: Shows off the drop-dash, spindash, Mega Play version and time attack. Also, SEGA Ages intro:
  19. *Spider-Man game stops working all of a sudden, just shuts down. *

    *Loads up game again. Says save file is corrupted....*

    *Game restores previous save file.*

    *Loads up mission and continues exactly where I left off, halfway through the mission*



    1. MegasonicZX


      The power of modern checkpoints and autosaves.

  20. This guy knows how to Sonic


    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Mr Yuji Naka is alright.

    2. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      The creator of Sonic.

      Is on a blue train named Sonic.

      Playing Sonic.

      Is that phone a Panasonic?

  21. Woah, Spider-Man just glitched. Had to restart.

    1. Adamabba


      My screen went black when I pressed the pad thingy on the controller right as a cutscene started. Went back to normal after I pressed it again tho

  22. Just when Spider-Man's main story progression was feeling kind of sluggish...and then THAT happens.

    Completed 35% so far. 

  23. My first playthrough of Spider-Man is in full swing. Completed 23% so far.

  24. Image result for sonic the hedgehog spiderman

    1. Polkadi~♪


      i mean

      there are many things from spider-man ps4 that i wish sonic team took note of



  25. TheOcelot

    Shenmue 1 & 2 HD (PS4) 2018

    Yeah, agreed. I've now completed Shenmue 2 and unlocked the platinum PSN trophy. Shenmue 2 improves over the original in lots of areas. Whilst I enjoyed the Japanese setting in the first game, this time you visit some really beautiful and colorful locations in Hong Kong, Kowloon (also in Hong Kong) and Guilin (China). There's more people to talk to. The structure of the streets is more complex, more maze-like. Thankfully they introduced a useful map system (you can buy maps) which helps a lot. Although it's still easy to get lost. There's a really cool feature; where some of the random people you talk to (instead of just describing where you need to go) will actually take you-lead you to where you need to go (so you just have to follow them). So nice of the people of Hong-Kong to take time out of their day to show Ryo around the towns XD Since you loose all your money near the start of the game, you have to work hard to earn money (gambling is definitely my favorite method). Again you have the playable SEGA arcade games, although the arcade shop is harder to find this time and it's less convenient to play the games beause you never have to visit the arcade shop to advance the story. Whilst there is the usual (often boring) going back and forth between places repetition like in the first game, the story and characters are more interesting. You get to meet people such as Joy, the beautiful and wise Xiuying, and the thief Ren who you play a large chunk of the second chapter alongside. There's some entertaining dialogue between Ryo and Ren. The climax to chapter 2 (in Kowloon) is tense as you climb each floor of the "Yellow Head Building" overcoming the various different challenges. Also, there's some nice music. The combat is much better. This time you have a health bar, learning moves is definitely easier than the first game (the only one that pissed me off was the "leaf catching" challenge. You keep your moves from the first games and there are plenty of new ones to learn and master. Whilst some fights are quite challenging, I never found them frustrating like in the first game. The QTE's however, can go fuck themselves. Quick time events are of course very much trial and error, however, there's an insane number of them in Shenmue 2 and it's always hard to predict when they're coming. The worst ones are when the "controller d-pad" appears on screen and you have repeat a sequence of buttons which the game shows you on screen, but you have literally a split second to do it or you have to try again. This may not sound terrible, but when you get these QTE's at the end of a fight; fuck it up and then you're forced to do the whole fight again and then attempt to beat the QTE again.....THEN RAGE ENSUES. Oh and don't get me started on those stupid fucking walk-the-plank QTE's. Not fun! Unlike Chapter 1&2, Chapter 3 in Guilin (when you meet Shenhua - who Ryu kept dreaming about in Shenmue 1) is literately a walk in the countryside with some QTE's and an insane amount of dialogue and optional dialogue. No fighting what-so-ever. Chapter 3 pretty much is "an interactive movie" and it goes on for at least 2 hours. It has nice visuals though and it tells a good story visually as Ryo and Shenhua make their way past mountains to Shenhua's home. There's some really nice music in chapter 3. Once you've beaten the game and know what you're doing it's much more straightforward and more enjoyable when you play again. I did a second playthrough of Shenmue 2 to get the remaining PSN trophies and blew through Chapter 1&2 resumably quickly. I also like that once you beat the game you can start a new game from your completed save file (unlike in Shenmue 1). Although, there's no new game-plus. It's much better that sometimes the clock will automatically skip a few hours to help advance the story more quickly so that you don't have to waste so much time. So yeah, I totally appreciate the cult following these games have, despite their many flaws. Bring on Shenmue 3!

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