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  1. What if we got Sonic 2 on thanksgiving. Now there's a thought....................................................nah

  2. So Endgame is getting a new release with new footage.


    Perhaps the scene near the end of the movie featuring Tony's (now grown-up) daughter Morgan will be included?


  3. Dash and S&SASR on Android? SEGA are the new kings of mobile games! Now where's my Sonic 2?!

  4. Haven't done a full playthrough of Mania recently. Just been replaying a zone or two.

    Just did a quick playthrough of my favorite new stage. 

    Well, wasn't exactly quick...



  5. Just had a mental-block playing SA's final boss. Took me four attempts to beat it. Dear oh dear. *Hangs head in shame*

  6. I "won the day" on 11th & 12 Jan :D

  7. That's the Dark story in SA2 complete. Now for the Hero story.

  8. "Ding dong the Bat is dead. Which old Bat? The dumb old bat. Ding dong the dumb old Bat is dead"

  9. Good afternoon meatbags. What's going down?

  10. If only you knew what you're in for...



  11. Microsoft must have been worried they were in big troublle to backpedal like that.

  12. How annoying when you beat all the human players in an epic battle...but finish second to an AI....

  13. Just completed TLOU on Normal difficulty.

  14. Mario needs rebranding.

  15. Just saw a Doctor Who advert. The new series starts on 23 August. Hmm....

  16. That feel when someone watches your playthrough of Sonic CD and says (in the comments) you are really good at the special stages.

    Image result for proud chest pump gif

  17. Eight years ago today Sonic CD (Taxman remaster) was released on android, PS3 & X360 etc.

    Still the best version thanks to the 16:9 widescreen, Sonic 2/3 optional spindash, improved physics & playable Tails.

    About time we got a new remaster, this time with playable Knuckles!

  18. "Swear to me. Swear to me that everything that you said about the Fireflies is true!"

  19. I've done a playthrough of Mania's special stages where I beat them by running in the opposite direction (apart from ss6 which can't be completed by running in the opposite direction):

    Image result for steve fainit gif

  20. "Ultra Batclaw" upgrade. Now Batman means business!

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