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  1. What time in the day will Ep2 be made available on Eu PSN on 16th??

  2. Current mood of the fanbase on Sonic Forces:

    Image result for the simpsons mountain of madness gif


  3. The name of SSMB's newest member...


  4. I have now A ranked 70 stages in SA2. I am taking a break.

  5. Yay, I completed DuckTales on hard mode at last!!!! That was brutal.

  6. New Jimquisition:


  7. If only we had gotten a third series of SatAM. Season 2's cliff hanger ending was awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijj9q71G0xA

  8. 1-0 Uruguay. Well worked goal.

  9. I've obtained seven achievements in Sonic 3 AIR which has unlocked:




  10. *Loses 230 rings in Hidden Palace* God damn it!

  11. I'm not overly bothered by the lack of a new main Sonic game this year because there are plenty of other games coming out. I just hope we get some good Sonic games next year.

  12. Just spent like two hours playing Zone 2 (CC) to 5 (WW) of Sonic CD. Good god that is a long time.

  13. Just played the legendary Sonic 2 Beta. Can't believe I've never played it before. It's damn good.

  14. Just finish ep2 of TWD Season 3. I met this badass new character along the way!










  15. Just A ranked Wild Canyon with Knuckles.

  16. *A ranks Jamais Vu mission* Yes SSMB I can do better.

  17. Well I'm done with Crash 3. Now I could Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and then Croc 2. Been a while since I played either. Fun games, but often frustrating.

  18. Just download Ep2, now playing. Hangs up 'DO NOT DISTURB SIGN' lol.

  19. Just played online co-op (for the first time). I was Tails-played through all of SCZ. It was fun. I like how Tails controls the flight. The bosses are a challenge, but I like that.

  20. Hope guys are enjoying Mania Plus. I've received my PS4 (physical) copy today, to go with my Switch copy:




  21. Just beat Uncharted 3 for the first time. Ending felt kind of anticlimatic. For me, Uncharted 2 is far and above the best of the trilogy.

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