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  1. From what I have read of the posts in Grumpy Guy's new topic, it is Knuckles Chaotix that we demand.

  2. This is why Tails is best!

  3. Spent all of Christmas Day not getting drunk due to being the designated driver.

    Now if you'll excuse me:


  4. Going to my local Carvery (restaurant) today to have Christmas dinner. Makes a nice change eating out at Christmas.

  5. Always nice to see an old topic brought back from the dead (my Sonic 3 20th anniversary topic). Perhaps I should re-post my Sonic & Knuckles 20th anniversary topic which was lost in the wipe.

  6. Purchased The Last Guardian for £20 today, which is a pretty good deal.

  7. I luuvvvv Metal Harbor's soundtrack.

  8. Sonic Mania: Heroes Edition ft. Night Hill Zone


  9. Sonic 3 Complete budget cuts edition.

    Still looks awesome :)

  10. "You're too cool." It's as simple as that.

  11. Kiefer Sutherland is BIg Boss....

  12. Sonic The Hedgehog 3 is among 104 backwards compatible X360 games for Xbox1. So jealous.

  13. Was just listening to Endless Possibilities as I drove home from work. Bliss

  14. I'm playing Sonic 4 Ep2 (on PS3) whilst listening to the SA2 soundtrack. If only Sonic 4's actual soundtracks were this good.

  15. Playing Sonic 1 Master System. Been ages since I played this version. Time to hunt for dem emeralds.

  16. Dem Dragon Coins.

  17. Aaron was playing a Chao race from SA1...

  18. Apparently Wreck-it-Ralph has gone straight to No1 of the US film charts.

  19. Stephen Frost: "OK, E3, here I come. I hope you're ready for me. (@ Oakland International Airport (OAK))" https://twitter.com/frostman007

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