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  1. Sonic The Hedgehog 3 is among 104 backwards compatible X360 games for Xbox1. So jealous.

  2. Was just listening to Endless Possibilities as I drove home from work. Bliss

  3. I'm playing Sonic 4 Ep2 (on PS3) whilst listening to the SA2 soundtrack. If only Sonic 4's actual soundtracks were this good.

  4. Playing Sonic 1 Master System. Been ages since I played this version. Time to hunt for dem emeralds.

  5. Dem Dragon Coins.

  6. Aaron was playing a Chao race from SA1...

  7. Apparently Wreck-it-Ralph has gone straight to No1 of the US film charts.

  8. Stephen Frost: "OK, E3, here I come. I hope you're ready for me. (@ Oakland International Airport (OAK))" https://twitter.com/frostman007

  9. Every time I watch the SA2 announcement trailer I end up smiling. That is one of the coolest/funniest game reveals I ever seen.

  10. So SEGA tease a new - PS3 & Vita - exclusive game (28 March) right after Ken Balough announces he is on his way to Sony. Just a coincidence of course, or is it...

  11. Final unlockable achieved:




  12. KING BOOM BOO! Run!!!

  13. Eggcellent


  14. Jeff Goldblum Steamed Hams:



  15. Got my power lead and ac adaptor today back from the manufacturer, so I can finally use my laptop (and recharge the battery). About fucking time.

  16. Time to check out the SEGA Mega Drive hub...

  17. Sonic Mania Plus - Dev Diary 2:


  18. Decided to download the Sonic Adventure Steam Dreamcast mods 

    Image result for impressed gif

  19. Bart hits Homer with a chair Sonic 2 style


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