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  1. The Wolverine & Knuckles

  2. That was fun streaming Ground Zeroes on twitch. I played it for nearly 2 hours so I am rather tired! I played all seven missions. I S ranked the first six missions........and fucked up the last one, haha. Good fun.

  3. Wow this is...meh


  4. Sonic and Batman crossover game. Yes please!

  5. The skateboarding sequences are definitely one of the coolest features in Spyro 3.


  6. Spent a bit of time last week playing Sonic 4 Ep2 on my phone. I was trying to collect as many rings as possible in special stage 7. In the console version you need 500 rings, on the mobile version it's only 400. I got: http://i.imgur.com/RANLsGS.png

  7. Hope you enjoy your birthday.

  8. Found some more Mania GH footage. Nothing new of interest, but it's a bit weird how Sonic falls through the ground when the item-box lands on top of him.


  9. Got today and tomorrow off work, and just had my hair cut. Now if only I could S rank the mission which will give me 100% completion in Ground Zeroes :(

  10. "You last one the day on 25th August"

    Image result for so good gif

  11. I have decided to raise a Chao in SA1. Never bothered before. Need to get into practice with SA2 approaching.

  12. Metal Gear Shadow: Revengeance!!!!!

  13. Decided to try the Nintendo Online 7-day free trial. I'm playing Super Mario Bros 3 which is the first retro Mario game I've ever played. I like it. 

  14. My CE has been delivered! 

  15. Just done a full Mania playthrough with Cap'n Knuckles. I reached the start of the final zone with 89 lives and decided to try and reach the max 99 lives by the end of the playthrough. The question is, did I reach 99 lives?

    Mania Spoilers:



    There's a shit ton of extra lives in act1 & 2 (there's another one in act1 which I haven't worked out how to get yet).


  16. Just replayed Ground Zeroes. Still a great game, but I've moved on. The Phantom Pain is what I want to play now.

  17. I'm gonna record a playthough of Sonic 3 Complete with Tails using Tails' Sonic 2 sprites, if that makes sense?

  18. Looks like PS2 game "Primal" could be on it's way to PS4. It's my favourite PS2 game (was never released on Eu PS store for PS3)..........................................................SO I REALLY HOPE THIS TURNS OUT TO BE TRUE :D


  19. You have one missed call: "Only youuuuu can make this world seem right. Only youuuuu can make the darkness bright. Only you, and you alone can thrill me like you do, and feel my heart with love for only you".

  20. Just got the "stayed in the same league" notification in Runners. I still got awarded 71,000 rings :D

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