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  1. Been playing SA2 on Steam today (I haven't played it in  ages). Just beat King Boom Boo. Love that boss.

    Wish I had all character upgrades. It's more fun that way, and it's impossible to A rank some stages without them. 

  2. So many fans wanted a new 2d game and it's thanks to Sonic CD 2011, Sonic 1 2013 and Sonic 2 2013 which has led to Sonic Mania Spring 2017. It's been a long road but worth the wait!

  3. If anyone is confused as to why SSMB has gone back in time, this video explains everything:

    Thanks Doc Brown!
  4. Up to Death Egg zone. Love the music-especially Act 1.



  5. Happy Birthday Gabz!

  6. Uncharted: Knuckles Fortune.

  7. Youtube video review of Sonic Curry...


  8. I've earned 102 of the 120 Emblems in the Campagin challenges of Arkham City. Been playing these all day and they are very hard.

  9. The first two special stages in Heroes are easy, and the rest are a world of frustration.

  10. Love Knuckles? Love the Knuckles Stadium!

  11. Just completed chapter 2 in MGR. It's a good game.

  12. Watching England play football is painful XD

  13. "lets talk about Riddler"

  14. Thanks for the advice, Roger!


  15. This Steamed Hams Piano Dub is impressive:


  16. In 2018 we're getting Mania Plus, SEGA Mega Drive Classics collection and a Racing game (assuming it'll release this year). 

    A decent line-up.

  17. Why did Sonic Team make the 2d levels so frustrating in SLW. Not the level design (alhough it could be better), it's the stupid controls. Sigh.....

  18. It's simple really, we kill the Batman.

  19. *Walks into Sonical SSMB 3D World*

  20. I'm streaming Mania Plus Encore mode:


  21. Clements part 4 review of Sonic 06 is hilarious.

  22. Bender needs booze!

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