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  1. I'm streaming Mania Plus Encore mode:


  2. Clements part 4 review of Sonic 06 is hilarious.

  3. Bender needs booze!

  4. There still isn't a product page on SEGA's website for SA2 HD. Surely there wil be one, as there was/still is for the Sonic CD release last year.

  5. Iizuka is on the stream!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. #AndThat'sHowIt'sDone #perseverance


    That's all N.Trophy ghost beat on the CTR tracks. Still need to beat his ghost on the CNK tracks...

  7. Good Evening meatbags.

  8. Today I have received my copy of the SA1 OST 20th Anniversary Edition, from cd japan. Pretty sweet,

  9. Made it to Egg Rocket zone with Amy. Got 8 lives so doing okay. Her Piko Piko hammer made light work of Knuckles/Mecha Knuckles.

  10. Latest Jimquisition (no spoilers):


  11. *Takes a break from 3d World* That game is just too addictive.

  12. Wut du fak is Sanic Run Adventura...

  13. I found you fox boy!

  14. Anyone thinking of buying AC4 on current or next-gen consoles?

  15. Sonic Forces is Sonic 4 Ep3 as you truly imagined it.

  16. Life would suck ass if the internet didn't exist.

  17. Evening SSMBers. My (PS3) copy of Rayman Legends has arrived. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  18. Unknown from M.E -Knuckles theme (SA1

    This track is incredibly badass.
  19. About a week ago I went to my local GAME store and on the Wii U section there was an empty box with a list of about six upcoming games written in very small writing. At the bottom of that list was 'Sonic Boom'.

  20. After Forces the question is...



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