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  1. hey kiah I hope you feel better soon

    1. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      my prayers are with you

    2. Kiah


      I was wondering how you knew I was sick but I guess I said it the statuses enough and is even indicative via my profile lol. 

      Anyway, I’m much better now bar me coughing still but thank you very much for your care and concern 🙂

    3. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      yeah the statuses gave that info away

      I feel bad for acting the fool while you're sick

      so I was going to post a prayer for you

  2. Sorry to hear that you're sick while on vacation. I'm hoping for your optimum recovery!

    1. Kiah


      I see what you did there. Thanks Jova!

      Perfect timing as I just rode a Transformers ride! ?

  3. Knock it off with the fanboyism and the condescending tone as we have tolerance for neither here at the SSMB. Obnoxiousness aside, not at the rate you're going in all honesty will this ever happen. Staff is real sick and tired of talking to you about the way you talk down to your fellow members at times and it's bound to get you banned from here unless you seriously shape up and learn to talk to people with an actual sense of respect even when you disagree with them. No one should be considered to be "delusional" for having an opinion that you disagree with or even find to be seemingly impossible to have. Especially since we all have opinions that can and actually do vary. Not only should this be acknowledged, but contesting said opinions should be done so respectfully and not in dismissive and insulting manner. Not only is it counterproductive to constructive discussion but it puts you in line for disciplinary action if this happens again. Do not do this.
  4. Kiah

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    You were told to drop this as this has nothing to do with the topic at hand and is derailing it and we don’t take either obnoxiousness nor insubordination towards Staff lightly. For this you can have a strike. We are going to tell you once again to drop it and get back on topic in a calm and constructive manner as opposed to throwing temper tantrums if you choose to post here. Otherwise you will get another strike and a lengthy suspension to go with it. That’s enough.
  5. Today marks my 15 year anniversary at my job. Usually on Saturday nights I work both Customer Service and bookkeeping. I go in the bookkeepers’ office and find this on the counter: 


    I was so surprised and happy to see this gift-especially the socks as I’ve been looking for Sonic socks for a while. The orange cupcake is of significance because orange is my favorite color. I knew right away this was my friend that left this for me as she was the opening bookkeeper this morning and she has bought me Sonic-related gifts several times. 

    So yeah-15 years! It’s been quite a journey with me being a shy 19 year old that had second thoughts about taking this job to a 34 year old that talks too much and enjoys her job. And my coworkers are a huge reason why as they are like family to me. 

    1. MightyRay


      Congrats on your 15th anniversary! That's really wonderful that your co-workers care about you so much!

    2. TheBlueGuardian


      Congrats for working at your job for 15 years, I'm glad you finally got what you were looking for (the Sonic socks), shows how much your co-workers cares about you.^_^

    3. Failinhearts


      That is so nice! It's awesome how much your coworkers understand you for this, and you deserve it! Happy 15th anniversary!

    4. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Fifteen years is a loong time! Congratulations for sticking to your job for that long, I'm proud of ya! I can't imagine working at the same place for so long is easy, you definetaly deserved the gifts you recieved :D. I'm happy for you buddy!

    5. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      Well done for working for 15 years in the same job, not many people these days are lucky to stay in a job and its great that one of them gave you gifts. You should be happy and so am I.

    6. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      congrats on 15 years

    7. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Congrats on the way past cool achievement! :)

    8. Honey_Flash



    9. Kiah


      Sorry for the delay as I had to work overtime tonight and I’m just now getting a break so I can get back to you all but thank you very much! ?

      First and foremost I am extremely thankful to even have a job that allows me to support myself let alone one that I enjoy so much. Especially with the awesome coworkers I work with as we are always looking out for and doing nice things for each other. The Sonic gifts just happen to be the best part of all of that ?.

    10. Eurisko


      That’s awesome!!! There are very few places from what I gather that would do this for a work anniversary.

      you clearly have some lovely Co-workers. You’re very lucky. And well done :)

    11. BlueSky


      Congratulations for the anniversary. :D

      And the socks.

      And the cupcake.

    12. tailsBOOM!


      That reminds me of my birthday.  My family got me a shaving kit, my foster family a shirt they said they knew I wouldn't like... But my friend surprised me on the bus with a Sonic plush, which made it all better (And he's a Mario fan, so I took it upon myself for Christmas to get him a stupid Luigi plush (Can't say Luigi without putting stupid))!

  6. hey Kiah I have a question

    1. Kiah


      Sure. What’s up?

    2. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      okay i'm sorry if this reply came late I was thinking on my question

      is it okay to post stuff like lists for decks for status updates?

    3. Kiah


      Sure that’s fine. Just keep in mind if it’s a long list it’s better to put it in spoiler tags so as not to stretch the status page and not irritate your fellow members. 

    4. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      my list are never that long

      if I have multiples of one card then I put 4 (insert card name here)

      to save time and space

  7. Aah Kiah you're always so nice

    1. Kiah


      Why thank you! I’m not always nice but I try to be most of the time ?

    2. -Justin-


      You're welcome! XD

  8. hi kiah hows life treating you dear friend?

    im doing great!

    1. Kiah


      Hey there! I can’t complain. Glad to hear you are doing great! Hope things continue that way for you! ?

    2. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      sorry if I didn't answer I was meditating

      yeah I hope so too


  9. Kiah

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    You were already TOLD TWICE by moderators to stop posting fake rumors and content on the boards as it is spam and here you are doing it again. Spamming as well as deliberate disregard of Staff warnings is nothing we have tolerance for and for that you have to go.
  10. yo Kiah my order came today

    1. Kiah


      That’s good. Glad you got it. 

    2. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      yeah it was a really happy day for me yesterday

    3. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      well I have another game coming

      Image result for saint seiya soldiers soul

      I so want to play this game

  11. Hi i am trying to get a status report thing so yay. XD

    1. Kiah


      Status report thing? I’m assuming this is about making status updates. Sorry for the delay in responding as I was at work but your status updates have been enabled. 

      If there’s anything else I can help you with please don’t hesitate to ask me. 

  12. hey kiah

    whats new?

    i'm doing great

    heres a fun question whats 1 movie you regret watching?

    1. Kiah


      Hey there! Glad you are doing good. 

      As for your question the last movie that comes to mind that I regretted watching was Cars 2. 

    2. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      ahh 1 movie I regret watching is sinister 2

  13. Instead of acknowledging that others have opinions and preferences that can and do vary or aren’t to your liking and doing so respectfully you make it a point to be dismissive and insulting. Not only is that counterproductive for discussion and is disruptive but it puts you in line to receive disciplinary action here if it continues. Seriously do not do this. Looking at some of your posts in addition to this one I strongly suggest that you take a step back and calm down as you are getting too angry at times. Be sure to express your thoughts be it disagreement or criticism or anything for that matter in a constructive and respectful manner without the insults and the temper tantrums.
  14. Kiah, I love your profile pic! :D

    1. Kiah


      Thank you! ^_^

    2. -Justin-


      You’re welcome! :)

  15. Avatar change can only mean one thing - Happy Anniversary!

    Gettin Knuckles in there now

    1. Kiah


      Thanks Ryan! And you know it! ?

      And yes it was about time I gave Knux some love...


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