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  1. What's YOUR Version of Sonic Mania?

    Posts that were not contributing to the actual topic-which in some instances including mocking of the OP-were removed. It should be a given that within a topic the replies should be in line with the topic at hand and contribute to actual discussion. Even if something is said in error it can be and should be acknowledged and contested if one so chooses so in a respectful manner and not some of the mean-spiritedness that was displayed as that is not the environment we wish to establish here. Especially towards a new member to our community here at the SSMB. As for the topic at hand I have no problem with any of the levels both old and new and wouldn’t change a thing. If anything I would love to have seen Angel Island and Carnival Night Zone in Mania. And I’ve always wanted Chrome Gadget to be a playable level aside from the competition mode for as long as I can remember. All the reused levels all had fresh takes to them and almost felt like entirely new levels and I could see that happening here with these as well. I could only imagine the sweet remixes that would come about on what was already in my opinion an amazing soundtrack.
  2. Sonic Forces 2: A possible Sequel (Game Idea)

    The only thing that is wrong here is this post. Just because you disagree with or dislike the ideas presented that doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to be dismissive, unconstructive with your criticism and mean-spirited. Express your thoughts and criticism in a respectful and constructive manner even if it’s something that you disagree with. Please never discourage anyone from expressing themselves here at the SSMB. Regardless of overall consensus and provided the rules are followed one should be able to express their thoughts and opinions whether it is widely accepted around here or not.
  3. I don’t know how or why you thought this was okay to say to someone but it’s not by any means. Express your thoughts and disagreements in a respectful manner and definitely without insults. Do not accuse anyone of trolling either. If you see an actual problem with a member’s post that is actually against the rules and not simply something that you don’t like or agree with just report it and let a Staff Member take care of it. We are getting a bit off track so I’m going to ask everyone to get back on topic please.
  4. Welp, November 7th is over. Did you have to use the banhammer on anyone? Was it not as bad as you thought?

    1. Kiah


      I was actually sick all day with food poisoning so no ban-hammer action from me. I literally slept all day so I honestly don’t know how things went around here. Hope it wasn’t too bad. 

    2. Space☆Yeow


      @Kiah Sorry to hear you had food poisoning, Kiah. I hope you're feeling better. =(

    3. Kiah


      @Yeow I'm feeling much better, thank you! :) 

  5. Hey. Hope you're alright. Bet you're looking forward to November 7, right? Oh wait...

    1. Kiah


      Hey there! I’m doing okay thanks. Hope all is well with you. 

      Am I looking forward to November 7th? Lol. Maybe my ban-hammer is but not me necessarily 😉

  6. whats new kiah?

    heres the mask im looking for


    1. Kiah


      Hey there. Nothing’s new really. 

      Hope you can find that mask!

    2. SupremeKing Judai

      SupremeKing Judai

      well I haven't asked granny to help yet (forgot)

  7. So instead of acknowledging that people have opinions and preferences that can and do vary or aren’t to your liking and doing so respectfully you make it a point to be obnoxious, dismissive and insulting. This toxic and mean-spirited behavior is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated. You’re getting a strike as a result. I strongly suggest that you shape up your behavior and express your thoughts be it disagreement or criticism or anything for that matter in a constructive and actual respectful manner.
  8. Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?

    This is the exact obnoxiousness Staff has warned against and will warrant strikes at the very least if it continues. Please don't do this again. Can you please be more tactful with your thoughts? This tone is against the OP's request to be civil, which should be a given when it comes to expressing oneself here at the SSMB as well as conveying your criticism in a constructive and respectful manner. As for the topic at hand-yes, I plan on buying Sonic Forces but I am in absolutely no rush to get it. Being the big Sonic fan that I am I make it a point to buy all Sonic games I have the means to play and Forces is no exception to that despite me not being impressed with this game at all so far bar the story having me interested. And I'm sure my niece and nephews will get a kick out of the Avatar character and have a blast with that at the very least so if my stance on the game doesn't change then the prospect of them enjoying it will make it not feel like I wasted my money.
  9. Sonic Forces sponsored by Hooters...

    It was hoped that the SSMB would of been able to engage in such a topic in a decent and constructive manner but bar some exceptions, the number of crude, obnoxious and tasteless posts in this topic have proved otherwise which is very disappointing. Even among the posts that actually contribute to the topic at hand this topic is beyond salvaging at this point so it's being shut down.
  10. Kiah, I am so glad to see you're alright.

    1. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Same here, I was genuinely scared something bad happened.

    2. Kiah


      I am so sorry! I didn't mean to worry you or anyone. I just had a lot going on among other things that I don't wish to get into detail here outside of me being really sick. I'll chat with you on Discord in a few if you're online. Gotta take care of something rather on here real quick.

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      It's alright Kiah, seriously. Again, I'm just super happy to see you're fine. I was really worried.

  11. You're still here and still staff. After our previous conversation, I'm a little surprised. But that was a while ago...February 21st?!? Holy crap!! 0_0

    1. DanJ86


      Then again...maybe I was wrong and I happened to return the day after you returned for a visit. XD

    2. Kiah


      First of all I am so sorry for the late reply. I needed some time away and it ended up being longer than planned.

      And yes, I'm still here. Long story short things aren't going according to plan as well as this being a lot harder to do than I thought. 

    3. DanJ86


      I'm glad you're okay. I'd been dealing with my own issues as well. I wanted to you again as I finally got around to joining Discord. It looks a little complicated so it might take some getting used to. I tried to stick around if you came back...it's been a little difficult, but I wont get into that here.

    4. Kiah


      Okay we can take it elsewhere. Not only am I back on the SSMB I am back on Discord so I'll PM you my Discord and we can go from there. Sorry to hear things haven't been going well for you and I am definitely here for you. I'm sorry things in that regard have been delayed.

  12. I know that Sonic Mania has been officially released but for the consideration of those members who have yet to play the game mainly in part to the PC version being delayed we ask that spoilers continue to be put into spoiler tags within the statuses or posted in the Mania Spoiler thread for the time being. That goes for (but not limited to) the names of levels not officially announced.

    Statuses and comments untagged in regards to spoilers made will be deleted as we will be cracking down on this.

    1. Zaysho


      I know it's easy to see "no spoilers" requests and laugh them off, but some people do want to experience this game fresh with no prior knowledge. Be a little mindful of those users and use the forum functions and appropriate topics for the next month.

  13. SSMB events involving badges don't technically end until the badges are awarded so it's about time I do that. But not before I give my thoughts, of course . I was very impressed with how the first Sonic Musical Spectacular event went last year so I was definitely on board to sponsor this event the second time around. Normally when I sponsor an SSMB event as a moderator I only work with either 1 or 2 members but this was the first time I worked with an entire crew and I came into that not knowing what to expect. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as everyone worked so well together so I have to give props to my fellow Motobug Crew members @gala @Failinhearts @Spin Attaxx @Princess Jellicent @The Deleter @kirby1up @Forte-Metallix @风之Klonoa and @Ryannumber1gamer. The "power of teamwork" is an amazing thing and this event is definitely proof of this and this event is another example of something amazing happening when the SSMB comes together . I want to give additional recognition to Ryan for his continued dedication, passion, very hard work and thoughtfulness towards the community here at the SSMB which is very much appreciated by me. I would also like to thank @Zaysho as well for helping out with making edits to the OP and other parts of the topic as I was having technical difficulties accessing it myself on numerous occasions. And near the event's end I was nearly out of commission due to being sick and going on vacation so Zaysho stepping in helped keep things running smoothly and on schedule so that's much appreciated by me as well. We can't have an SSMB event that I sponsor without me throwing out some statistics! Even if it's just a few . A huge thanks for the 35 members that submitted songs for this event! Also a big thank you for the 36 members that attended the airing on July 22nd! Regarding the airing of the Sonic Musical Spectacular I was on vacation but I was able to join in via mobile and hang out with everyone on Motobug while listening to Sonic musical goodness for a little bit. Loved how energetic the chat was although it was hard to keep up with it seeing how fast it was moving! All in all great stuff all round. Happy to have been part of it as a member of the Motobug Crew, the moderator sponsoring this event and definitely being a participant . The badges have been awarded at this point. Enjoy! And on that note: If it's any consolation to you, Ryan and I talked it over and agreed that you should get the Badnik Beats badge anyway as we know that you would of been there had you not had the power outage . Speaking of the Badnik Beats badge, it was decided that everyone that simply attended the Sonic Musical Spectacular 2 event on Motobug would be awarded the badge as opposed to all that contributed requests AND attended the airing of the event. Finally, to everyone that contributed to and supported this Sonic Musical Spectacular 2 Event: Take a bow as this event was a success due to each any every one of you! Great job! This event may be officially over but stay tuned for the SSMB Celebration Video as there is more awesomeness to come!
  14. hey may i ask a question?

    1. Kiah


      Yes. What is your question?

    2. Sonikku.


      I'll pm it 

  15. Thanks for the badges!

    1. Kiah


      You're welcome Spin! :)