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  1. Happy 7th anniversary on the SSMB, Kiah!

    Showing some love to Sonic Unleashed with the new avatar change, I see! How I adore that ending~

    I hope the next year finds you well!

    1. Kiah


      Thank you Polk! The love for Sonic Unleashed was way past overdue. Yeah that ending is awesome and is my favorite of all time!

      I hope the next year and beyond goes well for you too! 

    2. Kiah


      It just dawned on me that it was your SSMB anniversary too! I’m so sorry l forgot that we are SSMB anniversary buddies and happy belated anniversary to you!

    3. Polkadi~☆


      Hm, it is? Oh wow, I had forgotten too. Thank you very much!

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