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  1. Instead of expressing your dislike and disagreement in a respectful manner you’re resorting to insults...again. You can get your point across without having to demean someone on their intelligence level no matter how obnoxious or unreasonable you think someone is being. That’s totally uncalled for. Again (as you have been told this on more than one occasion) be sure to express your thoughts and criticism in a respectful and constructive manner even if it’s something that you disagree with or think is ridiculous.
  2. Today marks my 7th year anniversary on SSMB and like several members have noticed and mentioned I continued my tradition of changing my avatar here as it is the only time I do so. Since joining here on this day back in 2012 I have always had a Sonic-related avatar and from 2013 to 2018 I had one with at least Sonic and Tails in it. This year I took it back to the beginning of my tenure here with Sonic only: This image is from the ending cutscene of Sonic Unleashed and looking back I’m surprised that I’ve gone this long without an avatar from my favorite video game of all time! I’m definitely way overdue for showing Unleashed some love. Going back to the image, after Chip’s departure, hearing his parting words and taking his necklace as a keepsake of their adventure Sonic takes a brief moment to reflect. Then he’s off to his next adventure doing one of the things he does best by running. I feel like this moment is indicative of moments in life in general and it’s definitely indicative of my own life in the near future. My signature remains untouched for another year. It is still the infamous brofist between Sonic and Tails from one of the ending cutscenes from Sonic Colors, which is my second favorite video games of all-time next to Unleashed. Sonic and Tails being best friends and the brotherly love between them across all forms of media is my favorite thing in the entire Sonic series and I absolutely love it! Especially by means of this gesture between them 🙂 The quotes from Richard Bach, John Madden and the middle quote that I saw on a bumper sticker that I felt was some really good advice still remain in there my signature. I have had members continue to tell me they appreciated those quotes so keeping them there made sense to me seeing that it has helped others as that is something I really enjoy doing and strive to continue to do here at the SSMB as long as I’m here. Now via my avatar and signature I have the best of both worlds with my video game favorites in both Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors 😉
  3. Another birthday for me has come and gone and between messages on SSMB and Discord I received I would like to thank everyone for their wishes, visits, kind words and goodies of both the Sonic and cute variety. It was much appreciated by me and definitely brought a smile to my face. 

    Also in doing so it cheered me up as well as I was both not in the best of spirits dealing with disappointment among other things and being sick with a really bad migraine as I’ve been dealing with those all week.

    I know things are bound to be okay when things get rough in general (as I’ve sure said it enough times!) but the love from my SSMB family definitely helped with that for me so thanks again 🙂

    1. TCB


      A rare status appeared 

      And you're welcome, glad to make your birthday a little bit better.

    2. Wrapped in Black

      Wrapped in Black

      Happy birthday

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Hope it was a wonderful day for you.

    4. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Happy Birthday Kiah! You deserve some fun and merriment for all the work you put in and put up with. 

    5. Blueknight V2.0

      Blueknight V2.0

      Happy Birthday again @Kiah , get well soon and Your welcome. I hope you had a great birthday though.

    6. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Happy birthday. I think I might have slept past it by accident. Just extremely tired today Dx...

    7. SaturnWolf


      Happy belated birthday! I hope things get better soon 😃

    8. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      @TCB beat me to the rare status comment, but glad to know we put a smile on your face. Hopefully your migraine subsides sooner than later and that those disappointments can perhaps become stepping stones to better things later on. Once again Happy Birthday @Kiah 🎂 and if these emoji cakes are chocolate I'll eat them for as I'm a chocoholic and don't care about being diabetic when it comes to chocolate (just have to take enough insulin and I'll be fine 😅)


    9. Kiah


      Thanks everyone! 🙂

      And @TCB @Sonic Fan J lol calling me out for the rare status update. Yeah I just don’t like making the things. It’s weird. Obviously have no problem replying to those of others 😉

      Also J it’s pretty known that I don’t like chocolate on SSMB so now you know. I’ve been called out enough over the years on the matter lol. 

    10. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Hey if you need someone to eat your share of the chocolate just pass it on to me 😆 I've always loved chocolate and am always glad to get it diabetes regardless. And honestly, you shouldn't get flak for not liking chocolate as everyone has different tastes, though I do get flak myself when people find out I don't like pickles (just traditional slice pickled cucumber as there are plenty of pickled foods that I enjoy) so I guess I understand.

      And yeah, it just seems so unusual to see you make a status that I had to comment on it. I just always figured it wasn't your style to do them so seeing one was a surprise. that it was mostly positive just made it better though 😊

    11. Diz


      Sorry I'm late - Happy belated birthday, Kiah!

    12. Kiah


      @do a barrel roll @Diz thank you! And no worries! Better late than never I say! 😉

  4. Kiah

    Happy modiversary! It’s been 5 years since we’ve gotten this prison senten-I mean, privilege here on SSMB! 

    It’s been a wild ride but I’m glad we went through it together 🙂

    1. Tara


      Thank you so much! ❤️ - Same here.  It's been swell working with you as a team.  Hope that we may continue to work as partners in the coming years!

  5. Per the rules in Showcase, we require that all criticism is to be of a constructive nature. Comparaing artwork of a member to someone else does not only constitute as such but it comes across as rude and tactless. We want to encourage our fellow members to share their works and do so freely without any concerns of insults or criticism that isn’t constructive in the slightest even in effort to help them improve. Be more thoughtful when giving your opinions and feedback.
  6. Time to wrap things up here! That includes the giving out of badges and some final words from me. My apologies for the delay on both accounts. The quality from the artwork to the banners and the videos was outstanding and was a real delight to look at. There are some very talented members of the Motobug crew and SSMB for that matter! The dedication and hard work put in by everyone involved ought to be commended as you all put on a great show. Thank you for that, and thank you very much for your thoughtfulness, dedication and hard work in once again doing something fun and entertaining for the community. It was great with the first event and you all made it a point to go above and beyond last year and definitely this year with the Sonic Musical Spectacular 3. Per usual with any event that I sponsor I like to come up with some statistics: 41 members participated! This was the highest amount of participants ever for this event! All the participants came up with 163 awesome Sonic songs! The Sonic game with the most requests was Sonic Mania with 9 songs Sonic Unleashed was second with 6 songs Sonic Forces rounded out the top 3 with 5 (there were other categories with 5 requests but they were in groups. Forces was the only game to have 5 all by itself.) We weren't able to get a official count of those that attended the stream. Guess we were too busy enjoy that awesome music 😉. As for the stream like last year, I was out of town for a quick weekend trip but I was able to join in via mobile just in time for that Sonic Mania goodness 😎. It was short and sweet and I had fun hanging out with everyone on the stream. The badges have been awarded at this point. I hope you all enjoy them 🙂 A big THANK YOU to all involved from the hard working creators to the enthusiastic participants and everyone in between, your contributions and collaboration in this community event was a success. May this success continue between changes-both already established changes and changes yet to come no matter how significant-between now and the next event. So until then...that's a wrap!
  7. This event isn't even a full 2 days old but several issues have made themselves apparent to where something needs to be said. First off, it is the responsibility of each participant in this event to check the OP to see which Sonic games have slots available for song requests as Ryan is trying to be up to date as much as possible updating the requests as will I when he is unavailable to do so. This isn't guaranteed to always be up to date due to the fact we are both very busy people and we can't have an eye on this topic 24-7 as that's impossible to do. That said, we ask that you take a look at a few recent posts to ensure that remaining spots haven't been filled by these recent posts in the instance that the OP isn't up to date. Also, when submitting songs do not post extensions of the song. We know Sonic music is way past cool* but because there will be so many songs played on the stream which will amass to a huge amount of time overall it's not appropriate nor accomodating to post 15 and 30 minute extensions of the song. When participants do this it brings about more work for Ryan to track down the non-extended versions and relink them in the OP and that's both time-consuming and really not fair to him. This project created some amazing results the past 2 years as well as a lot of fun for the community and in order for that to happen again everyone's cooperation is needed. That includes following the directions and requirements as indicated in the opening post of this event to guarantee its success and fun for all involved. Now that that's out of the way... Another year, another Sonic Musical Spectacular! The first two were a blast so naturally I'm looking forward to this one. Here are my requests: Sonic Colors-Planet Wisp Act 2 Gotta show some love for my favorite Sonic Soundtrack in Sonic Colors! I requested Act 1 in the first event and requested an amazing Planet Wisp remix for the second event so why not continue requesting the awesomeness that is Planet Wisp? 😉😉 Sonic Mania-Press Garden Act 2 We should just play the entire Sonic Mania soundtrack. It's absolutely glorious! Semi-joking aside, this track is my love and threatening to overtake Sonic 3D Blast/Flickies' Island (Saturn)-Rusty Ruins Zone Act 1as my favorite overall Sonic track. It's fantastic! Sonic Lost World-Club Needlemouse-Windy Groove (Windy Hill Remix) Came across this groovy gem while trying to find a remix for a slot that wasn't already filled...I had already liked the original but this remix in my opinion has it beat! SatAM-Robotnik's Theme Unfortunately there isn't much music from the cartoon to choose from overall with my favorite cartoon of all time but here we are! *SSMB should know by now how much of a SatAM fan I am! And no, I'm NOT sorry for using that SatAM reference earlier! 😋
  8. Knock it off with the fanboyism and the condescending tone as we have tolerance for neither here at the SSMB. Obnoxiousness aside, not at the rate you're going in all honesty will this ever happen. Staff is real sick and tired of talking to you about the way you talk down to your fellow members at times and it's bound to get you banned from here unless you seriously shape up and learn to talk to people with an actual sense of respect even when you disagree with them. No one should be considered to be "delusional" for having an opinion that you disagree with or even find to be seemingly impossible to have. Especially since we all have opinions that can and actually do vary. Not only should this be acknowledged, but contesting said opinions should be done so respectfully and not in dismissive and insulting manner. Not only is it counterproductive to constructive discussion but it puts you in line for disciplinary action if this happens again. Do not do this.
  9. You were told to drop this as this has nothing to do with the topic at hand and is derailing it and we don’t take either obnoxiousness nor insubordination towards Staff lightly. For this you can have a strike. We are going to tell you once again to drop it and get back on topic in a calm and constructive manner as opposed to throwing temper tantrums if you choose to post here. Otherwise you will get another strike and a lengthy suspension to go with it. That’s enough.
  10. Today marks my 15 year anniversary at my job. Usually on Saturday nights I work both Customer Service and bookkeeping. I go in the bookkeepers’ office and find this on the counter: 


    I was so surprised and happy to see this gift-especially the socks as I’ve been looking for Sonic socks for a while. The orange cupcake is of significance because orange is my favorite color. I knew right away this was my friend that left this for me as she was the opening bookkeeper this morning and she has bought me Sonic-related gifts several times. 

    So yeah-15 years! It’s been quite a journey with me being a shy 19 year old that had second thoughts about taking this job to a 34 year old that talks too much and enjoys her job. And my coworkers are a huge reason why as they are like family to me. 

    1. MightyRay


      Congrats on your 15th anniversary! That's really wonderful that your co-workers care about you so much!

    2. TheBlueGuardian


      Congrats for working at your job for 15 years, I'm glad you finally got what you were looking for (the Sonic socks), shows how much your co-workers cares about you.^_^

    3. Failinhearts


      That is so nice! It's awesome how much your coworkers understand you for this, and you deserve it! Happy 15th anniversary!

    4. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      Fifteen years is a loong time! Congratulations for sticking to your job for that long, I'm proud of ya! I can't imagine working at the same place for so long is easy, you definetaly deserved the gifts you recieved :D. I'm happy for you buddy!

    5. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Well done for working for 15 years in the same job, not many people these days are lucky to stay in a job and its great that one of them gave you gifts. You should be happy and so am I.

    6. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      congrats on 15 years

    7. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Congrats on the way past cool achievement! :)

    8. Honey_Flash
    9. Kiah


      Sorry for the delay as I had to work overtime tonight and I’m just now getting a break so I can get back to you all but thank you very much! ?

      First and foremost I am extremely thankful to even have a job that allows me to support myself let alone one that I enjoy so much. Especially with the awesome coworkers I work with as we are always looking out for and doing nice things for each other. The Sonic gifts just happen to be the best part of all of that ?.

    10. Eurisko


      That’s awesome!!! There are very few places from what I gather that would do this for a work anniversary.

      you clearly have some lovely Co-workers. You’re very lucky. And well done :)

    11. BlueSky


      Congratulations for the anniversary. :D

      And the socks.

      And the cupcake.

    12. tailsBOOM!


      That reminds me of my birthday.  My family got me a shaving kit, my foster family a shirt they said they knew I wouldn't like... But my friend surprised me on the bus with a Sonic plush, which made it all better (And he's a Mario fan, so I took it upon myself for Christmas to get him a stupid Luigi plush (Can't say Luigi without putting stupid))!

  11. You were already TOLD TWICE by moderators to stop posting fake rumors and content on the boards as it is spam and here you are doing it again. Spamming as well as deliberate disregard of Staff warnings is nothing we have tolerance for and for that you have to go.
  12. Instead of acknowledging that others have opinions and preferences that can and do vary or aren’t to your liking and doing so respectfully you make it a point to be dismissive and insulting. Not only is that counterproductive for discussion and is disruptive but it puts you in line to receive disciplinary action here if it continues. Seriously do not do this. Looking at some of your posts in addition to this one I strongly suggest that you take a step back and calm down as you are getting too angry at times. Be sure to express your thoughts be it disagreement or criticism or anything for that matter in a constructive and respectful manner without the insults and the temper tantrums.
  13. Time sure does fly as it’s that time again: February 11th (or 12th depending on where you are in the world!) and that means it's my SSMB anniversary! 2018 marks my 6th year being here. In line with what I usually do to "celebrate" is another avatar change! I've had a Sonic-related avatar since Day 1 here at the SSMB and since 2013 I've used an avatar with at least Sonic and Tails in it and this year will be no different as far as those two goes. Only this year will be the first time I will have an avatar with Knuckles in it as well: If I recall correctly when I first saw and saved this image it was an unused one from the story mode of Sonic Runners Adventure. Here we have Knuckles, Sonic and Tails engaging in a brofist Team Sonic style and I absolutely love it! Character interaction is something I’m very big on with the Sonic series so seeing a moment like this between these 3 is a thing I find absolutely awesome. Amid my avatar change, my signature remains untouched since last year. It is still the infamous brofist between Sonic and Tails from one of the ending cutscenes from Sonic Colors, which is one of my favorite video games of all-time. The quotes from Richard Bach, John Madden and the middle quote that I saw on a bumper sticker that I felt was some really good advice still remain in there my signature. I have had members continue to tell me they appreciated those quotes so keeping them there made sense to me seeing that it has helped others as that is something I really enjoy doing and strive to continue to do here at the SSMB. When it comes to changing avatars here at the SSMB, it will likely still continue to be an anniversary thing for me due to me really liking this one and having no desire to change things often. I definitely plan on keeping them Sonic-related during my time here. As for my signature, who knows if I will ever change it as I am rather content with the way it is. Besides, Sonic and Tails being best friends and the brotherly love between them across all forms of media is my favorite thing in the entire Sonic series and I absolutely love it! Especially by means of this gesture between them .
  14. Seeing that my birthday (I have 34 of these under my belt now!) has officially come and gone on my end I would like to thank everyone very much for your wishes, visits, kind words, treats and even shenanigans! It's very much appreciated by me and really brought a smile to my face. Thankfully this birthday I wasn't either sick or moody like I've been in recent years so that just made what everyone said and did for me that much more enjoyable so thanks again! :) 

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIAH don't ban me I didn't know

    2. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Happy Birthday as well!

    3. Penny


      hap birth kiah!

    4. MightyRay


      Glad to hear you had a great time! May many more of your birthdays be wonderful!

    5. Guest


      I'm glad you had a good birthday. :) 

    6. Strickerx5


      Oh damn, happy birthday Kiah! Glad to see it was a good one!

    7. Kiah


      @Blue Wisp no worries as me and my ban-hammer pretty much took the day off. We’ll be back to work in the morning ?

      And thank you everyone! ?

    8. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      (I know I said this earlier already but) Happy Birthday!

    9. Prince Weiss

      Prince Weiss

      hope you had a happy birthday

    10. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      Happy birthday, Kiah! ^^

    11. BlueSky


      Oh, why this stuff always happens when I'm having a day off from the forum? :blink:

      Happy late birthday nonetheless! ^_^

    12. Mick


      Happy belated birthday.

    13. Faseeh


      Happy birthday! :) It's been a while since we talked so I hope you're doing awesome Kiah.

    14. Kiah


      @Faseeh hey there! And thank you! Good to hear from you again. I hope you’re doing well ?

    15. tailsBOOM!


      Happy belated Birthday!


  15. Posts that were not contributing to the actual topic-which in some instances including mocking of the OP-were removed. It should be a given that within a topic the replies should be in line with the topic at hand and contribute to actual discussion. Even if something is said in error it can be and should be acknowledged and contested if one so chooses so in a respectful manner and not some of the mean-spiritedness that was displayed as that is not the environment we wish to establish here. Especially towards a new member to our community here at the SSMB. As for the topic at hand I have no problem with any of the levels both old and new and wouldn’t change a thing. If anything I would love to have seen Angel Island and Carnival Night Zone in Mania. And I’ve always wanted Chrome Gadget to be a playable level aside from the competition mode for as long as I can remember. All the reused levels all had fresh takes to them and almost felt like entirely new levels and I could see that happening here with these as well. I could only imagine the sweet remixes that would come about on what was already in my opinion an amazing soundtrack.
  16. This is the exact obnoxiousness Staff has warned against and will warrant strikes at the very least if it continues. Please don't do this again. Can you please be more tactful with your thoughts? This tone is against the OP's request to be civil, which should be a given when it comes to expressing oneself here at the SSMB as well as conveying your criticism in a constructive and respectful manner. As for the topic at hand-yes, I plan on buying Sonic Forces but I am in absolutely no rush to get it. Being the big Sonic fan that I am I make it a point to buy all Sonic games I have the means to play and Forces is no exception to that despite me not being impressed with this game at all so far bar the story having me interested. And I'm sure my niece and nephews will get a kick out of the Avatar character and have a blast with that at the very least so if my stance on the game doesn't change then the prospect of them enjoying it will make it not feel like I wasted my money.
  17. I know that Sonic Mania has been officially released but for the consideration of those members who have yet to play the game mainly in part to the PC version being delayed we ask that spoilers continue to be put into spoiler tags within the statuses or posted in the Mania Spoiler thread for the time being. That goes for (but not limited to) the names of levels not officially announced.

    Statuses and comments untagged in regards to spoilers made will be deleted as we will be cracking down on this.

    1. Zaysho


      I know it's easy to see "no spoilers" requests and laugh them off, but some people do want to experience this game fresh with no prior knowledge. Be a little mindful of those users and use the forum functions and appropriate topics for the next month.

  18. SSMB events involving badges don't technically end until the badges are awarded so it's about time I do that. But not before I give my thoughts, of course . I was very impressed with how the first Sonic Musical Spectacular event went last year so I was definitely on board to sponsor this event the second time around. Normally when I sponsor an SSMB event as a moderator I only work with either 1 or 2 members but this was the first time I worked with an entire crew and I came into that not knowing what to expect. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as everyone worked so well together so I have to give props to my fellow Motobug Crew members @gala @Failinhearts @Spin Attaxx @Princess Jellicent @The Deleter @kirby1up @Forte-Metallix @风之Klonoa and @Ryannumber1gamer. The "power of teamwork" is an amazing thing and this event is definitely proof of this and this event is another example of something amazing happening when the SSMB comes together . I want to give additional recognition to Ryan for his continued dedication, passion, very hard work and thoughtfulness towards the community here at the SSMB which is very much appreciated by me. I would also like to thank @Zaysho as well for helping out with making edits to the OP and other parts of the topic as I was having technical difficulties accessing it myself on numerous occasions. And near the event's end I was nearly out of commission due to being sick and going on vacation so Zaysho stepping in helped keep things running smoothly and on schedule so that's much appreciated by me as well. We can't have an SSMB event that I sponsor without me throwing out some statistics! Even if it's just a few . A huge thanks for the 35 members that submitted songs for this event! Also a big thank you for the 36 members that attended the airing on July 22nd! Regarding the airing of the Sonic Musical Spectacular I was on vacation but I was able to join in via mobile and hang out with everyone on Motobug while listening to Sonic musical goodness for a little bit. Loved how energetic the chat was although it was hard to keep up with it seeing how fast it was moving! All in all great stuff all round. Happy to have been part of it as a member of the Motobug Crew, the moderator sponsoring this event and definitely being a participant . The badges have been awarded at this point. Enjoy! And on that note: If it's any consolation to you, Ryan and I talked it over and agreed that you should get the Badnik Beats badge anyway as we know that you would of been there had you not had the power outage . Speaking of the Badnik Beats badge, it was decided that everyone that simply attended the Sonic Musical Spectacular 2 event on Motobug would be awarded the badge as opposed to all that contributed requests AND attended the airing of the event. Finally, to everyone that contributed to and supported this Sonic Musical Spectacular 2 Event: Take a bow as this event was a success due to each any every one of you! Great job! This event may be officially over but stay tuned for the SSMB Celebration Video as there is more awesomeness to come!
  19. Alright I'm going to step in as Ryan has had to say something of a repetitive nature a few times too many. It is the responsibility of each participant to check the OP to see which Sonic games have slots available for song requests as Ryan is trying to be up to date as much as possible updating the requests as will I when he is unavailable to do so. However, this isn't guaranteed to always be up to date due to the fact we are both very busy people and we can't have an eye on this topic 24-7 as that isn't reasonable let alone feasible. That said, we ask that you take a look at a few recent posts to ensure that remaining spots haven't been filled by these recent posts. Also, please be sure to follow the instructions to submit only 3 Sonic songs and 1 remix for a total of 4 requests. Nothing more so there can be a fair chance for everyone to submit their requests per what's available. This project created some fantastic results last year and in order for the same to happen this time around everyone's cooperation is needed and that includes following the directions and requirements as indicated in the opening post of this event to guarantee its success and fun for all involved.
  20. So this awesome event made a comeback, huh? Great as first event was absolutely awesome! I'm sure this will be the same Now, aside from being the mod sponsor and giving out badges I should definitely do that contribution thing so let's get to it! Sonic 3D Blast/Flickies' Island (Saturn)-Green Grove Zone Act 1 My love for the Sonic 3D Saturn Soundtrack Continues! This time I am going with Green Grove Act 1 as I am absolutely loving this track Sonic Mania-Stage Select First of all, thank you so much Ryan for accepting this request from me . Sonic Mania's soundtrack so far has been nothing short of stellar but this track is my absolute favorite and I feel that it is a sleeper among such other excellent tracks from Sonic Mania and is absolutely gorgeous. Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)-Season 1 Medley It should be no surprise to the SSMB that I am a sucker for SatAM. That, and the fact that the Shows category has returned for this event I had to jump on this again after requesting the Intro song/"Fastest Thing Alive" last year As for my pick for a remix: Sonic Colors-Plant Wisp Act 1 feat. Dave Harris (Piano/Sequence Cover) Planet Wisp Act 1 is up there among my favorite Sonic tracks of all time and this remix is absolutely outstanding. It also includes a nice surprise/Easter egg at some point that is very recognizable. Overall it is Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! AMAZING!
  21. After being tied up with for weeks and for pulling a near all-nighter (I only got ONE hour of sleep!) to wrap up the Sonic 25th Anniversary Questionnaire Event and just coming home from my nephew's graduation party I'm really cutting it close! Better late than ever I suppose so let's do this! Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive) Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Mega Drive) Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) I feel like this soundtrack is definitely a sleeper in the series as it definitely has some hidden gems in it! Sonic Unleashed I feel like this soundtrack is the absolute hardest to rank as there are so many precious gems in it! Sonic Colors My favorite Sonic soundtrack! All 82 tracks are an absolute joy to listen to And that's about all I have time for. Wish I could of done more as the music in the Sonic series is definitely one of the franchise's most valuable treasures. And per looking at and listening to some of the tracks listed here in this event clearly tells me that there are much more treasure to seek and discover as I've missed a lot due to my 15 year hiatus from Sonic! I will definitely be going back through this topic and make it a point to listen to every track listed here as well the others among the 1300+ songs listed as I had no idea the Sonic franchise has so many tracks altogether! @Nepenthe you really outdid yourself with everything from your diligent planning to the awesome badges and everything in between. I wish I could of engaged more in this event but I definitely forgot how tedious and time consuming participating in 2 events simultaneously can be. Thank you so much for putting this event together and while my participation was short it was definitely sweet . While I'm definitely hoping for Sonic to keep running, I'm definitely hoping that the excellent music continues to be produced as well (and Sonic Mania is a very strong indication of that!). Keep on rocking (and rolling and running for that matter), Sonic!
  22. Staff has already asked that links to episodes not be posted here in this topic. That includes channels of said episodes. Anyone failing to adhere to this will have their posts deleted on the spot along with the possibility of additional disciplinary action so please don't do this. Brief clips of episodes are fine to post here but not full episodes of Sonic Boom. Unrelated but per observing this topic I saw quite a bit of double posting here if not beyond that which is against the rules we have established here. Either you edit your previous post, wait for someone else to post, or you have to wait 3 days in between your posts if no one posts between now and then.
  23. At this time this Sonic 25th Anniversary Questionnaire Event is over as far as the questionnaire is concerned. A huge THANK YOU to everyone that participated! And there will be more where that comes from when I make my final and closing post. In addition to making the announcement of the event's end, I also want to bring your attention to the badge for fully participating in this event. Or should I say badgeS? Remember question number 5 of this questionnaire: Are you more of a Classic or Modern Sonic fan? Curiosity aside, I actually asked this question for an additional reason. Depending on your answer, I wanted to give you a badge to coincide with your answer as I made both a Classic Sonic and a Modern Sonic Badge: The Classic Sonic badge includes the title ring with a Sonic 1 sprite. The "25" is made with the gold bordering the blue like some of the titles of the early Classic Sonic games The Modern Sonic badge includes the title ring with a Sonic 4 sprite. The "25" is made with the blue bordering the gold like the titles of the Modern Sonic games (and yes, I'm aware some of the Classic Sonic games had this too ). I changed the badge design SIX times before I settled with these. I hope you like them! Let's say that my first experience with Photoshop was definitely an interesting one... Now because I'm silly and actually didn't tally who preferred whom as far as Sonic is concerned that means I need to go back and read all the answers again to find out who gets which badge. That also means that will not be awarding badges shortly after this post like I had intended to and for that I apologize. As for those that didn't give a distinct answer between the two Sonics, I am going to have to flip a coin as I have to give you something badge-wise! . Expect me to get this done in the next day or two. So until then if you like feel free to give final thoughts, opinions, observations, feedback or whatever you like as we are about to wrap this thing up for good. I'll be back soon with the final post with my final thoughts, observations and stats and the like so stay tuned!
  24. I was supposed to post Sonic Boom Sonic to wrap up the countdown as he was at #1 as well my final round of questions and having some words of importance before wrapping things up but that won't be happening. At least not tonight anyway. As much as I wanted to stick to the whole "25" thing as much as possible-even with the length of the event-I received a significant amount of messages in line with the remaining time among other concerns and I made a decision to give all that need it some more time. Instead of this questionnaire event ending at midnight on Friday, June 9th it will end at midnight on Wednesday June 14th. That's a 5 day extension (including a weekend!) which hopefully will give everyone time to complete their questionnaires that were started or even for more new participants to join in! So as of now instead of 1 day left we now have 6! I'll be back between now and then with my original intent as I wanted the focus of this post to be in regards to the announcement of the event being extended. Let's get to it if you haven't gotten everything done already! Boom Sonic ended up showing up in this post anyway
  25. Where did the time go?! We are officially 20 days done with this questionnaire and from here on out Team Sonic-Boom! Style is going to help us count down to the end of the event starting off with Sticks here telling us we have 5 days left . That said, I'd better get started as aside from the OP and working on the badge (don't worry, you'll see it soon!), I haven't even started answering the questions myself! I'm going to take the 5 question approach like so many members have done here. That will go along perfectly with the countdown 1. How long have you been a Sonic fan? I've been a Sonic fan since the very beginning back in June of 1991. Although I was inactive with the series for 15 years, discontent, disappointment or anything along those lines had nothing to do with my hiatus but an unfortunate incident that caused it as you may or may not know my story by now back in 1995. Seeing that I jumped right back in Sonic at full force and have been nothing short of passionate in the 7 years since my return in 2010 I can safely say that deep down inside I was still a fan of Sonic the entire time. 2. What was your first Sonic game? Sonic 1 for the SEGA Genesis as I got it and the console as a reward for making the Honor Roll all year as I was the only one out of my siblings to do so. I saw an ad for Sonic in a Toys R Us AD and I wanted it . 3. What initially attracted you to the Sonic the Hedgehog series? I was immediately intrigued seeing the box art for Sonic 1, as I had no idea what a hedgehog was at the time, not to mention I never recalled any video game characters being such as well as being blue, so I found that really cool. As soon as plugged in the Sonic 1 cartridge and turned my brand new SEGA Genesis on and saw this: I knew right then and there just from the title screen and expression on his face during the idle animation amid the bright colors, gorgeous graphics and catchy music that Sonic was definitely a character with some personality and that definitely captivated the attention of 7 year old me. Within a span of 5 minutes, I knew that Sonic was a cool dude that was fast and energetic with an attitude to boot-which I liked a lot. But it was Sonic's characterization in SatAM that got me hooked and got me deeply attached to the character. An attachment that hasn't waned in nearly 26 years. 4. How many Sonic games do you currently have? Feel free to count duplicates! Amid everything including physical copies, digital copies and mobile games I counted 48 and I have a very strong feeling I missed something. Can't wait to make it 50 this year after getting my hands on Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania! 5. Are you more of a Classic or Modern Sonic fan? Modern Sonic fan for sure. Gameplay aside as 4 of my top 5 favorite Sonic games are Modern Sonic games, I love seeing the characterization of Sonic from the stories and cutscenes as well as the other characters as well as any character interaction. And I'm serious when I say I love Modern Sonic's GREEN eyes. I think they complement him very well. Also Modern Sonic is a chatty somebody and I absolutely love that about him as I love to hear him talk-corny jokes and all And that's all for now. At this time I don't think I have anything to say per my brief observations of the topic (I'm going to go over this topic thoroughly in the next day or two as I've admittedly fallen behind in doing that along with the tallying so my apologies. That said, me saying nothing may be subject to change) other than nearly everyone has done a great job so far so keep up the good work if you are still at it! Remember, you have to have answered all 25 questions by Midnight EST on Friday, June 9th if you wish to be awarded a badge!
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