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  1. 2 hours ago, tailsBOOM! said:

    I love it when you put your artwork up here @Failinhearts... Even if you're not the greatest artist (That's taken by my High School Class mate Logan Stevens), you put your heart into it, which I love.  Plus, we all can't be Logan:

    Yeah...  I literally sat right next to her, so my art looked worse than it really was (I came second place in a few competitions even). 


    But, anyways, what I'm trying to say is I look forwards to more work from you!  Keep at it man!

    Per the rules in Showcase, we require that all criticism is to be of a constructive nature. Comparaing artwork of a member to someone else does not only constitute as such but it comes across as rude and tactless. 

    We want to encourage our fellow members to share their works and do so freely without any concerns of insults or criticism that isn’t constructive in the slightest even in effort to help them improve. Be more thoughtful when giving your opinions and feedback.

  2. Time to wrap things up here! That includes the giving out of badges and some final words from me. My apologies for the delay on both accounts.

    The quality from the artwork to the banners and the videos was outstanding and was a real delight to look at. There are some very talented members of the Motobug crew and SSMB for that matter! The dedication and hard work put in by everyone involved ought to be commended as you all put on a great show. Thank you for that, and thank you very much for your thoughtfulness, dedication and hard work in once again doing something fun and entertaining for the community. It was great with the first event and you all made it a point to go above and beyond last year and definitely this year with the Sonic Musical Spectacular 3.

    Per usual with any event that I sponsor I like to come up with some statistics:   

    • 41 members participated! This was the highest amount of participants ever for this event!
    • All the participants came up with 163 awesome Sonic songs! 
    • The Sonic game with the most requests was Sonic Mania with 9 songs
    • Sonic Unleashed was second with 6 songs 
    • Sonic Forces rounded out the top 3 with 5 (there were other categories with 5 requests but they were in groups. Forces was the only game to have 5 all by itself.)

    We weren't able to get a official count of those that attended the stream. Guess we were too busy enjoy that awesome music 😉. As for the stream like last year, I was out of town for a quick weekend trip but I was able to join in via mobile just in time for that Sonic Mania goodness 😎. It was short and sweet and I had fun hanging out with everyone on the stream. 

    The badges have been awarded at this point. I hope you all enjoy them 🙂

    A big THANK YOU to all involved from the hard working creators to the enthusiastic participants and everyone in between, your contributions and collaboration in this community event was a success. May this success continue between changes-both already established changes and changes yet to come no matter how significant-between now and the next event. 

    So until then...that's a wrap!


  3. This event isn't even a full 2 days old but several issues have made themselves apparent to where something needs to be said.

    First off, it is the responsibility of each participant in this event to check the OP to see which Sonic games have slots available for song requests as Ryan is trying to be up to date as much as possible updating the requests as will I when he is unavailable to do so. This isn't guaranteed to always be up to date due to the fact we are both very busy people and we can't have an eye on this topic 24-7 as that's impossible to do. That said, we ask that you take a look at a few recent posts to ensure that remaining spots haven't been filled by these recent posts in the instance that the OP isn't up to date.

    Also, when submitting songs do not post extensions of the song. We know Sonic music is way past cool* but because there will be so many songs played on the stream which will amass to a huge amount of time overall it's not appropriate nor accomodating to post 15 and 30 minute extensions of the song. When participants do this it brings about more work for Ryan to track down the non-extended versions and relink them in the OP and that's both time-consuming and really not fair to him.

    This project created some amazing results the past 2 years as well as a lot of fun for the community and in order for that to happen again everyone's cooperation is needed. That includes following the directions and requirements as indicated in the opening post of this event to guarantee its success and fun for all involved.


    Now that that's out of the way...

    Another year, another Sonic Musical Spectacular! 


    The first two were a blast so naturally I'm looking forward to this one. Here are my requests:

    Sonic Colors-Planet Wisp Act 2

    Gotta show some love for my favorite Sonic Soundtrack in Sonic Colors! I requested Act 1 in the first event and requested an amazing Planet Wisp remix for the second event so why not continue requesting the awesomeness that is Planet Wisp? 😉😉

    Sonic Mania-Press Garden Act 2

    We should just play the entire Sonic Mania soundtrack. It's absolutely glorious! Semi-joking aside, this track is my love and threatening to overtake Sonic 3D Blast/Flickies' Island (Saturn)-Rusty Ruins Zone Act 1as my favorite overall Sonic track. It's fantastic!

    Sonic Lost World-Club Needlemouse-Windy Groove (Windy Hill Remix)

    Came across this groovy gem while trying to find a remix for a slot that wasn't already filled...I had already liked the original but this remix in my opinion has it beat!

    SatAM-Robotnik's Theme

    Unfortunately there isn't much music from the cartoon to choose from overall with my favorite cartoon of all time but here we are!

    *SSMB should know by now how much of a SatAM fan I am! And no, I'm NOT sorry for using that SatAM reference earlier! 😋

  4. 11 minutes ago, SaberX said:

    And then we're back in the main point. Whats the point of answering if you don't really want to even answer?

    I think the worst offender in the whole story is you. Instead of seeing the wide picture, you just go straight to "uh you're rude" and "you don't have stomach". Someone could ask something like "hey, do anybody here know when they gonna launch the next issue?" and then a guy with no interest to answer goes by saying "when it releases". He is not being rude in this case either . Does that means he needs to be like that? Do I have to answer something I got no interest? Just move on and let someone else answer then.

    You were told to drop this as this has nothing to do with the topic at hand and is derailing it and we don’t take either obnoxiousness nor insubordination towards Staff lightly. For this you can have a strike.

    We are going to tell you once again to drop it and get back on topic in a calm and constructive manner as opposed to throwing temper tantrums if you choose to post here. Otherwise you will get another strike and a lengthy suspension to go with it. That’s enough.

  5. Posts that were not contributing to the actual topic-which in some instances including mocking of the OP-were removed. It should be a given that within a topic the replies should be in line with the topic at hand and contribute to actual discussion.

    Even if something is said in error it can be and should be acknowledged and contested if one so chooses so in a respectful manner and not some of the mean-spiritedness that was displayed as that is not the environment we wish to establish here. Especially towards a new member to our community here at the SSMB.

    As for the topic at hand I have no problem with any of the levels both old and new and wouldn’t change a thing. If anything I would love to have seen Angel Island and Carnival Night Zone in Mania. And I’ve always wanted Chrome Gadget to be a playable level aside from the competition mode for as long as I can remember. All the reused levels all had fresh takes to them and almost felt like entirely new levels and I could see that happening here with these as well. I could only imagine the sweet remixes that would come about on what was already in my opinion an amazing soundtrack. 

  6. Alright I'm going to step in as Ryan has had to say something of a repetitive nature a few times too many. 

    It is the responsibility of each participant to check the OP to see which Sonic games have slots available for song requests as Ryan is trying to be up to date as much as possible updating the requests as will I when he is unavailable to do so. However, this isn't guaranteed to always be up to date due to the fact we are both very busy people and we can't have an eye on this topic 24-7 as that isn't reasonable let alone feasible. That said, we ask that you take a look at a few recent posts to ensure that remaining spots haven't been filled by these recent posts.

    Also, please be sure to follow the instructions to submit only 3 Sonic songs and 1 remix for a total of 4 requests. Nothing more so there can be a fair chance for everyone to submit their requests per what's available. 

    This project created some fantastic results last year and in order for the same to happen this time around everyone's cooperation is needed and that includes following the directions and requirements as indicated in the opening post of this event to guarantee its success and fun for all involved.

  7. So this awesome event made a comeback, huh?


    Great as first event was absolutely awesome! I'm sure this will be the same :) 

    Now, aside from being the mod sponsor and giving out badges I should definitely do that contribution thing so let's get to it! ;)

    Sonic 3D Blast/Flickies' Island (Saturn)-Green Grove Zone Act 1

    My love for the Sonic 3D Saturn Soundtrack Continues! This time I am going with Green Grove Act 1 as I am absolutely loving this track :)

    Sonic Mania-Stage Select

    First of all, thank you so much Ryan for accepting this request from me :). Sonic Mania's soundtrack so far has been nothing short of stellar but this track is my absolute favorite and I feel that it is a sleeper among such other excellent tracks from Sonic Mania and is absolutely gorgeous.

    Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)-Season 1 Medley 

    It should be no surprise to the SSMB that I am a sucker for SatAM. That, and the fact that the Shows category has returned for this event I had to jump on this again after requesting the Intro song/"Fastest Thing Alive" last year :P 

    As for my pick for a remix:

    Sonic Colors-Plant Wisp Act 1 feat. Dave Harris (Piano/Sequence Cover)

    Planet Wisp Act 1 is up there among my favorite Sonic tracks of all time and this remix is absolutely outstanding. It also includes a nice surprise/Easter egg at some point that is very recognizable. Overall it is Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! AMAZING! ;) 

  8. After being tied up with for weeks and for pulling a near all-nighter (I only got ONE hour of sleep!) to wrap up the Sonic 25th Anniversary Questionnaire Event and just coming home from my nephew's graduation party I'm really cutting it close! Better late than ever I suppose so let's do this!

    Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive)


    1. Scrap Brain Zone

    2. Spring Yard Zone

    3. Special Stage

    4. Marble Zone

    5. Green Hill Zone

    Its excessive use in the series aside, I have to give love to the iconic track that started it all of my favorite character of all time :)

    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Mega Drive)


    1. Chrome Gadget Zone

    This was my jam back in the day and still is. It wasn't until I came across Planet Wisp Act 1 from Sonic Colors that this was my favorite Sonic song of all time.

    2. Special Stage

    This track gets blasted CONSTANTLY in my car speeding down the highway. It's the perfect combination ;)

    3. Act 1 Boss

    4. Icecap Zone Act 1

    5. Marble Garden Zone Act 1

    Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)

    I feel like this soundtrack is definitely a sleeper in the series as it definitely has some hidden gems in it!


    1. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1

    My favorite Sonic track in the ENTIRE series! This track makes me all kinds of emotional as I find it very moving. I can and have listened to it for HOURS NONSTOP. Out of all the songs in the my ENTIRE library-Sonic and non-Sonic-this track has been played more than ANY of them and by a significant margin :)

    2. Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2

    3. Green Grove Zone Act 1

    This track has stolen my heart for the moment. This captivating and adventurous track is constantly played on repeat for me currently.

    4. Gene Gadget Zone

    5. Special Stage

    Sonic Unleashed

    I feel like this soundtrack is the absolute hardest to rank as there are so many precious gems in it!


    1. Savannah Citadel (Day)

    2. Apotos-Day

    3. Gaia Gate

    This track is absolutely gorgeous. When I need to relax, this soothing track NEVER fails to calm me down.

    4. Super Sonic vs. Perfect Dark Gaia

    5. Dear My Friend

    My favorite vocal track in the whole Sonic series. Me being a sentimental sap aside, this song really resonates with me as I highly esteem my friends :)

    Sonic Colors

    My favorite Sonic soundtrack! All 82 tracks are an absolute joy to listen to ^_^ 


    1. Planet Wisp Act 1

    Talk about a beautiful track! I was almost brought to tears when I first heard it as I was that touched by it. It is currently my second favorite track after recently being overthrown by Rusty Ruin Act 1 Saturn

    2. Planet Wisp Act 2

    3. Tropical Resort Act 1

    4. Terminal Velocity Act 1

    5. Aquarium Park Act 1

    And that's about all I have time for. Wish I could of done more as the music in the Sonic series is definitely one of the franchise's most valuable treasures. And per looking at and listening to some of the tracks listed here in this event clearly tells me that there are much more treasure to seek and discover as I've missed a lot due to my 15 year hiatus from Sonic! I will definitely be going back through this topic and make it a point to listen to every track listed here as well the others among the 1300+ songs listed as I had no idea the Sonic franchise has so many tracks altogether!

    @Nepenthe you really outdid yourself with everything from your diligent planning to the awesome badges and everything in between. I wish I could of engaged more in this event but I definitely forgot how tedious and time consuming participating in 2 events simultaneously can be. Thank you so much for putting this event together and while my participation was short it was definitely sweet :).

    While I'm definitely hoping for Sonic to keep running, I'm definitely hoping that the excellent music continues to be produced as well (and Sonic Mania is a very strong indication of that!). Keep on rocking (and rolling and running for that matter), Sonic! ;) 


  9. Staff has already asked that links to episodes not be posted here in this topic. That includes channels of said episodes. Anyone failing to adhere to this will have their posts deleted on the spot along with the possibility of additional disciplinary action so please don't do this. Brief clips of episodes are fine to post here but not full episodes of Sonic Boom.

    Unrelated but per observing this topic I saw quite a bit of double posting here if not beyond that which is against the rules we have established here. Either you edit your previous post, wait for someone else to post, or you have to wait 3 days in between your posts if no one posts between now and then. 

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