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  1. So the rumors were true. I'm going to miss looking forward to seeing new episodes of the show, but it was a fun ride and I will have fond memories of watching it and discussing it with other people. I've met some amazing people thanks to MLP.
  2. Kevin

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Trump: I’m prepared to shut down the government for months or years until I get my wall. Trump 35 days later: So I’m willing to reopen the government for 3 weeks while negotiations take place without funding for the wall. Rest of the country: -Shocked Pikachu face-
  3. That's my thinking too. This felt like a series finale even though it wasn't marketed as such. Everything seems like it was tied together nicely and outside of a chest reveal, I wonder what else is left cover?
  4. I....I need to sit down and digest everything that happened. What. A. Special! Also, I better prepare for the influx of fanart after all the fusion reveals.
  5. Kevin

    General British Politics Thread.

    May has survived the confidence vote 306 MPs in favor 325 MP against. It’s now back to square one.
  6. Kevin

    General British Politics Thread.

    The Brexit deal is dead, boys! Update: Jeremy Corbyn has put forward a Motion of No Confidence. Looks like May’s days as PM are numbered.
  7. Kevin

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    It took 20 years, but Brock finally got a girlfriend.
  8. Kevin

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Well the shutdown is start to impact airports. My city’s airport got hit really bad yesterday. This was the line just to get into the security line. We’re hosting the Super Bowl and if this extends into that, we’re ducked.
  9. Kevin

    General British Politics Thread.

    Well folks, Theresa May has survived the confidence vote. Time to wait for the next episode of this drama to play out.
  10. All I have to say in regards to my comments on the reveal: Rarely does everyone in the fandom agree on something. This is one of those times.
  11. Kevin

    The Big General Spongebob Squarepants Thread!

    Sadly, the creator of Spongebob has passed away.
  12. Kevin

    Comic-book Legend Stan Lee Dies at 95

    He lived his life to the fullest and was certainly a legend. RIP, Stan Lee. You'll be missed.
  13. Kevin

    Live Action Detective Pikachu Movie (Summer 2019)

    After watching the trailer, me and a friend of mine plan go see it no matter how bad it may be for laughs and fun.
  14. That was one of the best specials if not the best special by far in the entire series! So many great lines, funny moments, facial expressions, surprises, and scenes! It was just so much fun to see each of the Mane 6 go through their own mini adventures. I have to agree with everyone whom said that everything, especially their characterizations were on point which I felt was a big strength of this. On an additional note, it was very nice to see the Maine 6 given the main focus which hasn't been done in awhile. I absolutely loved the songs in this episode and I just want to say how very sweet the ending song was and it's one of my favorites of Season 8. I'd say the biggest surprise was hear Derpy speak and getting a full scene. It sounds like she got a different voice actress because she sounds different than in "Slice of Life". One that last thing I want to say is how awful I felt for Marble when Sugar Belle was kissing Big Mac. Poor thing had her heart broken in half. Finally.....PUDDING!
  15. Kevin

    Doctor Who

    Reddit is giving a lot of praise to “Rosa” as well. Can’t blame them though since it was a very blunt and well done episode. In regard’s to Jodie’s performance as the new Doctor, I’ve very much been enjoying it so far.

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