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  1. I'm loving that opening title and it's great to see a full one being used, something that doesn't come up often in cartoon nowadays. This gives me hope for this reboot! But Disney, playing the first episode for 24 hours straight? Way to overdo it!
  2. October 27th can't come soon enough! Super Mario Odyssey looks amazing! And a core Pokemon RPG game being developed for the Switch? Yes please!
  3. Ok, Nintendo. So far MS and Sony have been underwhelming. Let's see if you can top them.
  4. They should've picked a much better name than the Xbox One X.
  5. I had the opportunity to meet him at Dragon Con a few years back. Real shame to see him go. RIP Adam West.
  6. If there's a "How not to mistake political mistake" class taught, this election would be discussed in great detail. May did not need to call this election, but did so anyway displaying overconfidence and she paid with her majority in parliament for it. Despite this, she is going to try and form a government. Supposedly, DUP may enter a coalition with her party.
  7. Nick Clegg just lost his seat to the Labour Party MP that was running against him.
  8. With the polls now closed in the 2017 General Election, we have an exit poll. CON: 314, LAB: 266, LD: 14, UKIP: 0, SNP: 34, OTH: 22 If this turns out to be true, Theresa May made a huge mistake by calling this election.
  9. I peronsalmy thought it was hilarious when he said "Lordy" when giving his answering regarding the "tapes"
  10. It's going to be very interesting watching Comey's testimony today. I'm actually hoping Trump tweets about it while it's occurring and Comey disputes the tweets on live TV.
  11. It gets better folks. A grand jury just issued subpoenas associates of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Of all the days, Late Night with Stephen Colbert has a Daily Show Reunion, this happens! I can't wait to see how they address this tonight!
  12. Parental Guidance thoughts:
  13. Man, Genndy Tartakovsky is giving no fucks! That last scene was clearly shoehorned in to get a reaction out of the fans, and boy did the ship sail! I do agree with Bea The Bee that the animation in this episode felt off though.
  14. Thoughts on Forever Filly: