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  1. I finished it and I have to agree with the sentiment of "it's ok". It's not great, but it's not the worst thing I've seen.
  2. I finished it and now I'm broken and emotionally drained. I actually lost it after finishing episode 2 due to being in similarly relatable situation very recently so it hit completely home for me.
  3. Kevin

    Adventure Time!

    Right? I know they've been teasing it for quite awhile, but it's officially canon now! I've got to give them credit for giving more representation to the same-sex relationships.
  4. Kevin

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    RIP McCain. I didn't agree with his political views, but he served honorably
  5. Kevin

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Any news about it airing on Disney XD or is it getting its theater run first before airing on TV?
  6. Kevin

    Cartoon Network General Topic

    Those were very creative, though I do have a special place for the "Checkerboard" and "Workhouse" promos they have back in the 90's.
  7. Kevin

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I'm calling it now, Trump will pardon both Manafort and Choen
  8. Kevin

    Ducktales (2017)

    That Shadow War finale was so good! The nod to Darkwing Duck was a nice cherry on top of it all too.
  9. I saw the TTG movie, and all I have to say is why couldn't the show itself be that good? That was one of the funniest movies I've seen so far this year! I hate the show itself, but the movie was great! I just hope the tease they showed mid-credits turns out to be true.
  10. I know it'll be quite a while before it comes out, but all I can say is "Hype!"
  11. Kevin

    TMNT Goes Nickelodeon

    My thoughts exactly. Honestly, its the visuals that's really putting me off. It's not clicking with me at all as much as I really want to give this a chance...
  12. Kevin

    Young Justice

    First Clone Wars and now this! This has been one of the best Comic Cons yet in terms of announcements. The only downside is these being exclusive to their respective owners streaming services and splinting everything increases the chances for piracy since by the way you pay for all these streaming services, you might as well pay for cable again.
  13. Kevin

    Star Wars

    To say that this came out of left field and how excited I am for this is an understatement!
  14. Kevin

    Titans (2018) - "F**k This Show".

    That would explain things, wouldn't it? First they have a great animated series, then they do a 180 and make them too silly, and now too dark. Can't they make up their minds?

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