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  1. Argh! Why do you do this to us, CN? D: In regards to "Room for Ruby" episode, I certainly wasn't expecting that twist towards the latter part of the episode! I've got to give Lapis credit for her instincts.
  2. As the title states, when I paste formatted text into a reply box, I get an option to remove it by clicking on "Remove Formatting" at the bottom. However, when I do so, I get a "Parameter 'out' is required" error.
  3. As much of a shame to see the current series ending since it was very good, I find their choice to use 2D animation in the next series an interesting one.
  4. The animation doesn't look bad, but I'm put off by Huey, Dewey, and Louie's voices. Regardless, I'm hoping the reboot will turn out well.
  5. I finally got around to seeing Yu-Gi-Oh: The Dark Side of Dimensions. As someone who loved the original Duel Monsters anime, it was quite a treat! I especially loved watching the duels play out! I'm glad most of the original VAs reprised their roles as well.
  6. Lots of Season 7 news! First, Jim Miller has tweeted that the premiere date is April 15th. Second, we have a clip: They're basically picking up right where Season 6 left off. Did they sure bring the whole gang together for this one! The first two episodes are called “Celestial Advice” and “All Bottled Up,”. Here's the synopsis: Source
  7. I was just re-watching this show recently and I've forgotten how it tackled some pretty serious topics back and its day. For anyone who didn't grow up watching this show, here's one such example: For those who've never seen Static Shock, I highly recommend it!
  8. When it comes to Fist of the North Star, this to me is one of the best scenes in the whole series if not one of the best death scenes in any anime:
  9. Aku has his own Psychiatrist was hilarious and considering this episode started off light-hearted, it was a pretty big twist to get dark later on Oh! I forgot to mention my thoughts on Aku's voice, and it's honestly not that bad. Sure it's no Mako, but it'll do.
  10. I...have to sit down and digest how intense tonight's episode was! I won't give anything away, but boy if you thought last week's was dark, you haven't seen nothing yet!
  11. Must, See. Now! Boy does that movie look great!
  12. I was never a fan of Ronoldo's character either. Personally, I felt it was an ok episode, but not one of the best. The one good thing I liked was Steven calling him on the bad aspects of his character.
  13. What a great episode this week! Not only did it deliver a huge emotional punch to the guy, that Charlie Brown reference was pure gold despite it being seen coming from a mile away/
  14. Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen, because the wild ride has just begun. It is now being reported that the Trump campaign aides had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence. If that wasn't enough, according to a tweet, CNN supposedly has the names of Trump campaign officials who communicated with Russian operatives. Despite needing further verification, it would be huge if those names are released. This could be one of the greatest if not the greatest political scandals in history if this continues to blow up. The press is practically competing to see who can be the next one to get more information out there.
  15. There has to be more to this than Flynn simply resigning over ties to Russia. The press is smelling blood and lots of questions are being raised over what Trump knew and when. It wouldn't surprise me if there were more resignations down the road. If this keeps up, it could be our generation's Watergate.