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  1. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Now that I've digested the news and breathed a sigh of relief, here's my more detailed thoughts on the results: First, let me start by saying that I didn't expect Jones to win. I really thought even after everything Moore has said and done and the allegations surrounding him, he'd still win since Alabama is one of the most Republican leaning states in the country. Honestly, had it been Strange running against Jones, it'd be a different result. Let's face it, outside his core base, Moore was widely disliked even after putting the sexual allegations aside. I'm betting deep down inside, the Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief that they don't have to deal with him in the Senate. Give credit to the higher Democratic turnout, especially the African-American turnout for helping Jones win. It also wouldn't surprise me if those who'd normally voted Republican either did a write-in or stayed home. One could also say this was a rejection of Trump and Bannon, and that may be true, but the real answer to that question will be next year's election. With the way things are currently going, I think this is a warning shot to the GOP. I understand that anything can still happened between now and next November and that the current party in power tends to lose in mid-terms, but right now, things are not looking good for the GOP.
  2. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I still can't believe Doug Jones won last night! Thank you, Alabama voters for making the right decision!
  3. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Regarding Trump Jerusalem move yesterday, one thing to note is that Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey not only have diplomatic ties to Israel, but are also US allies whom have criticized this move, so it's going to be interesting to see what their reaction is? Will they severe ties with Israel in response? How will they also respond when it comes to advancing US interests in that region?
  4. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Well this is some story. A woman approached The Washington Post with a false tale about Roy Moore. She appears to be part of undercover sting operation hosted by conservative outlet Project Vertias. They’re known for conducting “undercover” videos into what they deem left leaning outlets and selectively edit their videos to make it look bad.
  5. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    So now it’s The Atlantic’s turn to drop a shoe regarding communication between Donald Trump Jr and WikiLeaks.
  6. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    A fifth woman has now come forward with an accusation against Moore. I have a feeling that more accusations and denouncements are coming. This isn’t over. Not by a long shot.
  7. Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Well the 1000th episode of Pokemon aired last aired things are getting quite tense! It looks like I'll have to wait for the TV airing of "I Choose You" since they're showing it at theaters that are pretty far away from me at inconvenient times.
  8. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    With all the news coming out lately, that was a great dose of humor that was needed!
  9. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    I agree! Heck, that whole Steven Bomb in general was a good one! I just hope we don't get another super long hiatus before the next episodes come out.
  10. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    And now it’s Roy Moore’s turn to be accused of sexual misconduct. Whether it’ll affect his chances in the upcoming senate race is anyone’s guess.
  11. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Oh those wins last night were glorious! It definitely sends a signal of how things will go in 2018 if things continue to go that way. People are saying that this was a referendum on Trump, and while that may be true, history shows that the incumbent’s party tends to lose in midterms.
  12. Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    That wouldn’t be surprising since the anime tends to adapt quickly to the game’s plots.
  13. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    No kidding! Everything from a long hiatus to not giving the new episodes much exposure on TV really hurts it.
  14. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    And down goes Manafort! Also, word was Donald Trump Jr possibly being implicated. I have my doubts, but one of his sons being indicted would be pretty big.
  15. I've seen the Season 7 finale a few times now and it goes right up there with The Cuite Remark as one of my favorite season finales of the show. So much continually, things coming to full circle, develop, and detail coming out of this! We've been hearing about Starswirl so much and I'm glad we finally get to see him for real now despite being an asshole. Personally, I really want to see him come back in Season 8. There's so much character development potential within that's begging to be done! Speaking of coming back, I certainly wasn't expecting the Elements of Harmony to make a comeback nor stay around after being used. I'm curious to see where things go in regards to them from Season 8 onwards. All in all, great job, writers! I'm looking forward to seeing what the next season brings and given the little preview we've seen so far, I'm excited!