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  1. It gets better folks. A grand jury just issued subpoenas associates of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Of all the days, Late Night with Stephen Colbert has a Daily Show Reunion, this happens! I can't wait to see how they address this tonight!
  2. Parental Guidance thoughts:
  3. Man, Genndy Tartakovsky is giving no fucks! That last scene was clearly shoehorned in to get a reaction out of the fans, and boy did the ship sail! I do agree with Bea The Bee that the animation in this episode felt off though.
  4. Thoughts on Forever Filly:
  5. It was absolutely sickening to watch this pass! This is a bill that got no score from the CBO and no hearings and even worse is they have the gall exempt themselves from being affected by this terrible bill. I was born 3 months premature with a ton of health problems that be considered pre-existing conditions. Even though I'm covered through an employer plan, if this get signed into law, I may never be able to get insurance because of my pre-existing conditions. Millions of people are going to lose insurance and it's horrifying to see the GOP celebrating this. I want to say that I hope that the Senate will have a brain and consider this DOA, but I'm not so sure. Oh and that press conference....dear god that was painful to watch! The "leadership" and "determination" of the President? Yeah right! This bill, which the public hates was rammed through! I'm really hoping that those who've voted for this bill lose their political careers in '18 and '20.
  6. After the insult Trump gave to Dickerson of "Face The Nation", you've got to hand it to Colbert for delivering this epic monologue.
  7. Thoughts on Fluttershy Leans In:
  8. So....Ashi kicking some serious ass, huh? Now that she and Jack are setting their sights on Aku, shit is about to get real!
  9. Now that was a great episode! If there's only one complaint I can make it's that Pinkie was too overbearing in trying to get Maud to make friends. Hasn't she learned her lesson from "A Friend Indeed"? Maud's humor and personality is why I love her character so much. She's the polar opposite of Pinkie, yet they work wonderfully off one another, and their interaction is one of my favorite duo character interactions in the series because it always makes for some great laughs. One thing I find odd is Starlight's sudden interest in kites. It felt like it was forced in just to get an interest going. Speaking of Starlight, given her interaction with Trixie, would I love to see Maud meet her just to see how they'd interact together! It'd make for a good laugh! On a minor note, it's great to see the entire Pie family make an appearance. Even some of the backgrounds ponies got a bit of a showing with a Lyra name drop which was a nice surprise. One last thing, I found that cave area with the waterfall fascinating and I hope they explore that location more in the future.
  10. I had to do a double take when I first heard it! They sure aren't pulling any punches in regards to what they're getting away with!
  11. "I Am My Mom" sounds interesting! I'm really hoping we get some more answers out of this Steven Bomb.
  12. I have to come out and say it, I wasn't a fan of today's episode. The whole "can't take care of the baby" plotline has been done to death, heck we had it already with Baby Cakes. The only redeeming thing about this episode is Spike. I love how he's going back to his "keeping others in check" personality like how he was at the earlier era of the series and I hope the writers keep it up!
  13. I'm currently playing through it now and overall, it's quite well done. It's not perfect and others have already given critique where needed, but I think the biggest strength is the physics. The level designs and music are pretty good. I personally love the time travel concept making a return and its executed quite well in this game.
  14. We knew them well... On amother note, this week's episode was an odd one. I did like the callback to the previous characters though as mentioned in the image above.
  15. The Scotsman insulting Aku to his face was just pure gold!