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  1. What a great episode this week! Not only did it deliver a huge emotional punch to the guy, that Charlie Brown reference was pure gold despite it being seen coming from a mile away/
  2. Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen, because the wild ride has just begun. It is now being reported that the Trump campaign aides had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence. If that wasn't enough, according to a tweet, CNN supposedly has the names of Trump campaign officials who communicated with Russian operatives. Despite needing further verification, it would be huge if those names are released. This could be one of the greatest if not the greatest political scandals in history if this continues to blow up. The press is practically competing to see who can be the next one to get more information out there.
  3. There has to be more to this than Flynn simply resigning over ties to Russia. The press is smelling blood and lots of questions are being raised over what Trump knew and when. It wouldn't surprise me if there were more resignations down the road. If this keeps up, it could be our generation's Watergate.
  4. Hoo boy! Shit is really going to go down is they go this route given how widely corn is used.
  5. Just finished playing the demo myself and overall, it feels like an overall improvement over the first Freedom Planet. My thoughts on each character: Lilac: Pretty much the same gameplay style some with tweaks. She's still my favorite character to play as. Carol: Yeah...I'm going to have to agree with everyone who said that the removal of Wild Kick was a downside. I miss that move as well. Mila: So. Much. Better! So was so awkward to play as in the first game and now I think I'm actually going to enjoy playing as her in the second one! Neera: Pretty fun to play as. She's a welcome addition to the playable character lineup. I'm also loving the visuals and music too and very much look forward to playing the full game once it's out!
  6. I loved the interaction between Connie, Lapis, and Peridot. It made for some great humor and bonus points for their pose at the end!
  7. Trump has picked Niel Gorusch as the next Supreme Court nominee to replace Scalia. Of the 3 contenders that were on the shortlist, this is probably the least-worst pick. I'm personally still bitter about how Merrick Garland was treated though.
  8. No article out yet since this just came in, but Trump has appointed Dana Boente as acting AG according to CNN.
  9. Shit's been getting real and he;s barely finished his first week in office! I dread to think that Sessions is going to do if he gets confirmed as AG.
  10. What a shame that Capaldi is leaving because he did such a great job playing The Doctor. I hope whomever replaces him does just as good of job,
  11. If there's one thing Trump has done a good job uniting the country in, it's protesting against his policies.
  12. I'm in agreement about Mila looking a lot better to play as in FP2 vs 1. I wasn't really a fan of her gameplay style in the first game. I'm really liking Lilac's new design though. Personally, I'm excited for FP2. The first game was fantastic despite the difficulty, especially with the bosses taking a jarring sudden upturn later on through the game. I'm personally glad that added a health bar to the bosses now.
  13. A federal has just blocked the deportation of those who were detained at various airports across the county. Meanwhile, protests against the ban have erupted outside of the airports. I'm so glad that judge issued that emergency stay! This ban goes against American values and is completely ineffective in stopping terrorism altogether.
  14. So.....this happened
  15. After the next Steven Bomb, it looks like we're getting new episodes weekly starting February 10th.