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  1. My Dad called me moments ago about the news and I'm really bummed about it. I loved him in Willy Wonka as it's one of my favorite movies. I'm going watch it when I get home tonight in tribute. RIP, Gene Wilder.
  2. Man did Discord really steal the show in this episode! His wit and antics never get old! The interaction between the character was big strenth of this episode as well. My main complaint is the pacing. Most of the episode was spent with Discord being very reluctant and it wasn't until the latter half of the episode that we actually get some D&D gameplay. I really wished we've gotten some more gameplay out of it. All in all, a fun little episode.
  3. That episode... That. Episode! Also, fun fact, today's episode was had a guest animator, Takafumi Hori from Studio Trigger.
  4. What. A. Day! i can't even begin to describe he incredible SoS was! You guys truly have outdone yourselves and it was so great see to everyone there again! Getting the opportunity to play Sonic Mania was a real treat and from what I've played of it, I'm really looking forward to it now and can't wait to get the full game when it comes out! Getting to meet both Mr. Naka and Iizuka was the highlight of my day (I'm still laughing at how Mr. Naka wrote the title of "Pope" in his autograph) and I also got the chance to meet both Mike Pollock and Crush 40 as well. Speaking of Crush 40, they gave an amazing concert towards the end of SoS! Thank you so much to all the crew wh out this together! I'm glad to have been able t attend and if there's another SoS in the future, I'll be sure to come back again!
  5. Quick thoughts in regards to the episode that just aired:
  6. Now that was a great episode! We've all met someone like Quibble Pants at one point or another and he's a very love to hate kind of character and they did a great job with the moral of the story here. Another thing I really liked about this episode was the adventure part of it. It was so much fun and I loved the interaction between Rainbow and Quibble. I think Oswalt did a great job playing him and he gets bonus points for the improv of that end credits rant! Overall, a great start of the second half of Season 6!
  7. That battle was one of the best if not the best in the anime by far! They've really upped the quality of the animation too which is a huge plus. I just really hope the writers don't pull a cop out on us for once and let Ash win the final!
  8. I'm not surprised one bit. Everyone was expecting him to be the pick and he was the safe choice for Clinton anyway.
  9. A 2D Sonic game with remixed classic levels along with new ones? I'm satisfied! I'm definitely looking forward to playing it!
  10. Trump has said that the US may not defend some NATO members if Russia were to attack them. This both very scary and one of the dumbest things to ever say. If strongly underestimates how important NATO is. We were given assistance by NATO after the 9/11 attack anc to not assist our fellow NATO members if something were to happen would severely damage our reputation on the world stage. It gets worse though. We're witnessing the rise of an Islamic dictatorship and his excuse of "people are shooting police" is a very poor one. What's happening in Turkey has very serious implications around the world. Also of note, they're playing "You can't always get what you want" right ater Trump's acceptance speech. Oh the irony!
  11. I hope you're doing well Kevin. Have a great night. 

    1. Kevin


      I'm feeling better! Thank you!

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      That's great to hear. Thank goodness. 

  12. I had a feeling Sanders was going to endorse Clintkn eventually anyway. It wouldn't look good for him if he refused to considering Clinton was gong to be the nominee anyway.
  13. I thInk Snowden's reaction sums it up perfectly. Honestly, I'm not surprised the FBI Dieector made it this call. It shows exactly how biased the justice system is towards the rich and famous.
  14. We have a confirmed start date for the second half of Season 6 and it's July 30th. Not a long hiatus thankfully. I just hope things improve from the first half.