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  1. Rick & Morty (Latest Episode: Pickle Rick)

    Picks Rick absolutely made last night's episode! The scene with the cat was especially hilarious!
  2. OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

    Quick thoughts since I watched the first episode and it's not bad. I instantly feel in love with the theme song.
  3. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I had to do a double take when I read the news this morning. I seriously thought he was going to vote yes after doing so to move forward with the debate.
  4. I'm bummed by this. I grew up hearing her voice and consider her one of my childhood voice actresses. Shame she never got to 100 either. Her VA resume was quite impressive too and is comsidered the female Mel Blanc due to the variety of characters she voiced. RIP June.
  5. What a shame! I know the old Super Mario Bros cartoons were corny and all, but his Bowser was actually the better of character voices in the show in my opinion. RIP Harvey Atkin.
  6. Linkin Park had a profound effect on our generation. Growing up, I remember around the time of their rise everything was mostly boy band and sweet pop. In comes this band called Linkin Park with a completely different style and actually connected with us teenagers who were going through lots of shit at the time. I remember In The End being played constantly and how everyone knew the lyrics by heart. While I myself am not a big heavy-style music person or the biggest Linkin Park fan, I very much appreciate how much they have influenced and helped others through their music. Having lost a family friend due to suicide, this news hits me even harder. It was something I never saw coming and it was heart wrenching for her mother to go through. I still think about him to this day.
  7. Ducktales (2017)

    Disney! Don't stop with these amazing announcements! Having Darkwing Duck make a comeback is something that's made me really happy! I'm loving the design too!
  8. Nickelodeon Animation Discussion

    These just need to come out right now! My hype meter is off the charts!
  9. RIP, Chester Bennington. What an awful way to go and so young too. I remember listening to Linkin Park growing up and I believe re-listening to some of their songs tonight is in order.
  10. Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Dogasu from Dogasu's Backpack posted a review of the 20th movie (see his July 15th post). Just a note that it does contain spoilers.
  11. Ducktales (2017)

    I'm sold as well and am really looking forward to the new series now! I'm loving Tennet's Scrooge so far! If they ever bring back Darkwing Duck and hit a home run with that revival, I'll be so happy!
  12. Yeah, the first episode is quite brutal, but that aside, I enjoyed it overall despite it only being 4 episodes. I guess Netflix wanted to test the waters first before moving on to more episodes. That test must've worked out though since it's been renewed for a second season. . Personally, I love the visuals in this series.
  13. Season 4 finally has a date and it's September 8th!
  14. Ducktales (2017)

    I'm loving that opening title and it's great to see a full one being used, something that doesn't come up often in cartoon nowadays. This gives me hope for this reboot! But Disney, playing the first episode for 24 hours straight? Way to overdo it!