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  1. Here’s his profile if anyone wanted to leave some thoughts. I’m really heartbroken by his death. He was a fun person to interact with on here and it’s a shame he wasn’t able to get the help he needed on time.
  2. I’m heartbroken about your death! You were a lot of fun to interact with! RIP!

  3. Jon Stewart continues to do the good man's work by standing up for 9/11 first responders! His testimony today was incredible!
  4. Well shit! 😧 Please, UK, don't make him Prime Minister!
  5. Kevin


    I know what I'll be watching this weekend! I'm excited!
  6. My gosh, does that look great! The original Looney Tunes shorts are my favorite cartoons of all time and to see this kind of style come back makes me happy!
  7. Well, we can say goodbye to any chance to Boris Johnson being the next PM.
  8. Theresa May has resigned as PM. I hope whomever your next PM is does a much better job than she did!
  9. Pokemon has now become Precue with this transformation scene!
  10. That was so much fun to watch! I loved how they portrayed the sibling rivalry with some great callbacks to earlier episodes and seasons. Spike was truly the winning in this episode though! It's great to see him finally be confirmed as the "little brother/son" status to Twilight. I knew it's been portrayed that way for a long time, but it's great to finally hear it for real!
  11. Source No word on injuries or deaths. It’s said to be related to the ongoing construction there. The spire has collapsed.
  12. Even though this episode was predictable for the most part, I was not expecting that conclusion at all and have to give kudos to the writers on that part! No doubt they're both doing a season-long arc now and setting it yp for the Student Six to succeed the Mane 6's roles as the elements of harmony after this Season is done!
  13. Well in the words of Pinkie: "That was **amazing**! No, really, this was one of the best if not the best season premieres yet! I loved the set up for "the League of Villains vs The Elements of Harmony League" I can tell this is going to quite a season-long arc and it's really going to set up for one big showdown come the series finale! "I'm just a kid", "Twilighting", Discord's antics all made for some really funny moments and I love how self-aware things got. It's great to Gorgar return (as rumored) and the dynamic between Chrysalis and Cozy Glow was great and I hope to see be developed further. With a strong start like this, I can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out!
  14. The motion to see a delay on Brexit passed 412-202. It’s all in the EU’s hand now whether to approve the delay.
  15. No deal Brexit is rejected on a very close vote of 312-308.
  16. So May’s Brexit deal got rejected again. Poor thing can barely speak due to having lost her voice. Now it’s a vote for a no-deal Brexit.
  17. Get ready, y'all, because here comes Guzma and Plumeria!
  18. That was the most bittersweet trailer they could produce and I'm already being hit in the feels. It's going to be an emotional rollercoaster ride when the last episode airs.
  19. Season 9 will air in April and a new trailer is out. Fair warning that contains spoilers.
  20. So the rumors were true. I'm going to miss looking forward to seeing new episodes of the show, but it was a fun ride and I will have fond memories of watching it and discussing it with other people. I've met some amazing people thanks to MLP.
  21. Trump: I’m prepared to shut down the government for months or years until I get my wall. Trump 35 days later: So I’m willing to reopen the government for 3 weeks while negotiations take place without funding for the wall. Rest of the country: -Shocked Pikachu face-
  22. That's my thinking too. This felt like a series finale even though it wasn't marketed as such. Everything seems like it was tied together nicely and outside of a chest reveal, I wonder what else is left cover?
  23. I....I need to sit down and digest everything that happened. What. A. Special! Also, I better prepare for the influx of fanart after all the fusion reveals.
  24. May has survived the confidence vote 306 MPs in favor 325 MP against. It’s now back to square one.
  25. The Brexit deal is dead, boys! Update: Jeremy Corbyn has put forward a Motion of No Confidence. Looks like May’s days as PM are numbered.
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