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  1. Figured I'd brush up my tier list:


    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      No Sonic at the Olympic Games? Smfh

    2. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      Mean Bean Machine being top tier is unironically correct though

  2. Just noticed that in the gameplay footage shown off for Colors Ultimate, Act 3's music is the original BGM. Either the OST can be toggled or they have it set so each individual act has a unique BGM, as having a slightly remixed track for each OG track will double the music content and help make each act stand out better, rather than reusing each track twice as in the original. Same for bosses since they reuse each kind of boss fight once. Neato, either way. 

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      All this kerfuffle about the remixes being worse feels like the Sonic community is gaslighting itself, tbh. On one hand there is absolutely no shortage of complainers asking what the point is and saying it's worse, yet we have people losing their mind over Jun Senoue remixing something and going bananas over that Aquarium Park remix they showed off earlier. 

      Meanwhile with game mechanics, I wonder if the fans who say the life system is archaic and believe Colors to be too easy for lives to matter are the same that are upset over them rehauling the life system. Y'know, the game where lives don't matter. 

      Honestly for me I think the easiest thing to do is just not care what others think. All the decisions being made for Colors Ultimate makes perfect sense and already goes above and beyond the bare minimum they needed to do (I'll admit they scared me a bit with the ugly lighting from the earlier footage, but it looks way better now) and I think that'll make this the definitive version of Colors for me, personally.

    2. Wraith


      The community isn't a mess of contradictions. People just had differences in opinions on Colors and these changes from the start.

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      It kind of feels like it, though? I've been around long enough to know Sonic fans aren't a hivemind, but I'm just trying to figure out the general consensus. 

      Besides which, among the complaints, how many are from fans who hated Sonic Colors to begin with?

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      There are just a lot of different opinions out there, and without noting which individuals/groups are saying specific things, it's not going to be very easy to get much of a consensus. Different voices come out at different volumes for different issues.

      Regarding the soundtrack, I think that what we've heard so far is mostly fine, but unnecessary and inferior to the originals. But it's also REALLY hard to think that anything other than the originals could sound "right" when that's what I've been hearing for 11 years now. I'm very hard to sway on customisable or updated soundtracks and other such things. The originals are always correct and therefore better to me.

    5. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Yeah, that is true. My own personal perspective at the moment is just that seeing completely opposite opinions no matter what platform I'm looking at this from is getting to be its own fresh hell as someone who likes to write and journal about these sorts of things.

      I suppose that in and of itself could be the leading narrative. 

    6. charmsb


      The OST can be toggled. I believe it was Tomoya Ohtani himself that tweeted that after some backlash.

    7. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      That should at least fix the soundtrack problem people have, then. 

    8. Wraith


      "modern" lighting, the overhauled life system and the customization all feel like stuff targeted squarely at new players.There's not much here for returning players to get excited about. I'd go as far as to say some of these changes make for an inferior experience if you have the original as a point of comparison, but I get that I'm not their intended audience for this.

      They've said over and over again that this remaster was intended to capitalize on the success of the film and give all those new fans an in. Sonic Colors makes perfect sense to hold that position, but if they're flat out admitting established Sonic fans aren't the priority here you shouldn't be surprised that a lot of established sonic fans aren't so hot on it.

    9. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I sorta get what you mean. Lives system aside (which I feel ought not to matter as Sonic fans wouldn't be seeing the game over screen anyway) what exactly is it about the presence of optional content like an alternate OST or costumes that makes the game worse? 

      I definitely understand the lighting issue, and the lack of a higher frame rate for Switch. Those can be considered objective flaws and your mileage will vary with the former while the latter is an unfortunate but absolutely dockable offense. Again, reflecting on what I've observed since I made this status is the presence of optional content that I'm struggling to sympathize with, at least in regards to the more vitriolic backlash. Am I making sense?

    10. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      (as a quick footnote, I like that lives are effectively replaced with currency for the costumes. I believe it's a more useful purpose for collecting 100 rings, especially if we want to distance ourselves from an archaic life-centric model for platformers in general, not just for Sonic. I can take or leave the Tails Assist feature, but its innocent enough, it isn't hurting anything, probably helping moreso)

    11. Wraith


      I'm not going to harp on the live system too much since it's ultimately not a big deal but I don't like it when a developer's approach to accessibility is gutting systems that are fun to manipulate in your favor, like the lives counter, and not replace them with anything. It's not actually very fun to do that in Colors but that might have been worth exploring instead of chopping it out. I do wish that they would consider adding features for more experienced players with the same eagerness that they simplify things for less experienced players. I would have been excited about a rerelease that added challenge levels or something like that.

      The alternate OST has been getting heat for making the game worse because a lot of people aren't actually aware that it's optional. It might be worth putting the word out about that. I don't mind most of the new tracks and I've known that it's optional for months anyway so I don't really care but yeah.

      Vitrolic backlash is a thing but Sonic fans have always been hyperbolic. I feel like focusing on that is kind of a waste of time because it's never going to stop. I prefer to weed out the good, reasonable criticism so that someone important might actually catch it through all the noise.

  3. The fact that Sonic Team/Sega went through the effort to update all the music when the original soundtrack was perfectly serviceable is kind of telling me how much they really believe in Colors Ultimate. They didn't want to just port it with a higher resolution, they truly wanted this one to leave an impact. I'm honestly here for that.

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      They did run the risk of making it look worse with the whole early build's lighting fiasco, but its turning out a lot better with the most recent screenshots we're seeing. Kind of hyped now.

    2. Soniman


      "perfectly servicible" is putting that OST mildly but you have a point 

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Writing for a Sonic fansite has conditioned me to be as neutral as possible, or else 

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I'm moderately hesitant to believe that when they don't bother remixing Sweet Mountain's theme with an actual orchestral band

    5. Jango


      It's the third or fourth best OST of the franchise, hands down. First is SA1 obviously.



    6. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Right. They're putting in effort and it shows.


    7. JezMM


      To be fair, the music team almost always goes about ten times harder than the rest of the product does in most Sonic games.  When Colours was already a well-recieved game with a great soundtrack, of course the music team are gonna feel the need to bump that great soundtrack up to 11.

    8. TheOcelot


      I'm liking the effort they're putting into Ultimate and hope remasters/remakes of other Sonic games in future also get the same treatment.


    1. Jango


      is this post right here, officer

    2. TheBlueGuardian
  5. *checks latest post in the sexism topic*


    1. Kuzu




      Five years. 


      Five. fucking years.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      A topic title like that, I should've seen it coming

  6. Oh, it's a good one. But Sonic isn't the pinball, and it isn't a platformer-pinball hybrid. Pinball Party's just a straight up pinball game with Sonic Team themes boards. Different concept.
  7. Sonic Spinball deserves a second life altogether. The idea of Sonic being a literal pinball is an underutilized concept that deserves an entire game based around it. It's a shame that the only one we have is as mediocre as it is.
  8. So, the fact that Sonic 1 & 2 have gotten countless re-releases either through Christian Whitehead or M2 in the past decade, but not Sonic 3 & Knuckles up until 2021 tells me that it's probably a little more complicated than just replacing the music. Sega knows Sonic 3 is a popular request. They know it's considered to be the best Classic era platformer. There's a reason they haven't been able to (or otherwise daring enough to), because why else would they decide to include fodder like Sonic Spinball in compilation releases over Sonic 3?
  9. Honestly, this would just be because it takes a lot of time to make a game. While a year and some change seems like plenty of runway to get a project off the ground, the R&D process as well as brainstorming can be a lengthy hassle, especially if this is an indie studio we're talking about.
  10. 2018 they had just wrapped up the DLC, the Mania Team then broke apart and a few of them became Evening Star while the others did their own thing, and they were likely unavailable for any sort of contract work. They would have started their own studio for things other than Sonic. Evening Star isn't owned by Sega, it's an indie studio, and they're not necessarily going to be gunning for the next Sonic project to pitch. And. Ugh. Hate to use this as another scapegoat, but COVID did a number on every industry. You really need to factor that for the tail end of 2019 and all of 2020.
  11. The Tax/Stealth versions aren't exactly 100% guaranteed, but it'd be really, really unlikely to not be the case. Right, so: They kind of were going to do this earlier with Sonic 1, 2 and CD, and they were going to throw in a few new stages, too! But Iizuka suggested turning it into a full game, and that ended up working well for them. Also, Sonic 3&K has been in some sort of legal limbo because of it's soundtrack, apparently a few of the tracks have some sort of hold on them; just the King of Pop, no one important. Recently though, it was discovered that the beta version of Sonic 3 had different tracks that don't have this hold on them, and the fanbase generally liked them. Sorry. Sarcasm aside, I'd think between the owners of the Retro Engine being occupied with the Mania project in lieu of their remaster collection pitch and the legal issues surrounding Sonic 3&K, they probably just weren't able to do a collection of this calibur. And yes, I'm absolutely implying that Origins' version of Sonic 3 will be using the Beta/PC music for Ice Cap, Carnival Night and Launch Base.
  12. I'm not complaining, honestly. While I'd love to see the other Genesis games and all the Game Gear games on there for good measure, I get the appeal of having just the core platformers remastered in one dedicated collection. Those games are all built on the same essential gameplay foundation and are going to be the definitive versions of themselves. We also know there will be bonus content of some form, so it's not going to be a lazy ROM dump like every other Genesis best-of compilations. The fact that these are in fact built from the ground up means that we have the opportunity to get something more in line with Sonic Jam: easy modes, challenges, time attack and extra characters. I also think it's a mistake to overlook this just because Sonic 1 and 2 have been re-released a billion times already (and CD is on every modern console sans anything Nintendo); I'd like to recall to everyone here how much of a stink the fanbase gave about not getting a Taxman-headed Sonic 3 & Knuckles remaster for consoles or PC, even going so far as to willingly opt out of participating in the movement to get it ported to mobile devices because it wasn't for consoles or PC. Reminder: this will be the definitive package for the main Classic series. And look, again... I would love nothing more than to get the rest of the classic era games on there. You know how much I love Mean Bean Machine. Sonic Spinball is a quirky spin-off that deserves a spot, too. It also might be time to include Knuckles Chaotix in a collection. I'd also love to see the Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast worked into the public's conscience as well, though the Genesis version is fine. And all 12 Master System/Game Gear games would collectively take up 0.01% of the available cartridge/disc space and could run on the most basic emulator possible. I did the math, if we include all of those games, we'd round out to a nice 20 games on there... ...but if the goal is to have a consistent presentation of those 2D games that control the same and showcase what Classic Sonic at it's core actually is, then I totally get their perspective of not including anything else. The Game Gear games aren't exactly great. Chaotix is definitely not great. Most people aren't going to like Spinball or 3D Blast, and Mean Bean is a completely different genre entirely. Keeping it to Sonic 1,2,CD,3&K with some bonus content makes sense. Less time working out the emulators and more time making new modes and fun ways to play these games. And at the end of the day, it's the Tax/Stealth remakes of Sonic 1, 2, CD, 3&Knuckles on consoles and PC. All in one. I'm already sold.
  13. Sonic only. No wisps. Green Hill Zone.

  14. *With the necessary added level design pieces and alterations to make it possible. Be creative.
  15. Sonic Battle 2 except its cel-shaded and looks exactly like the key art from the first one

    1. Soniman


      Bruh if that story structure is the same you can keep it lol 

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Cel-shaded Sonic looking like any games 2d key was a thing I wanted since before the dawn of time. Too bad whatever cel shades textures they do Sega would just lazily paste them onto the same decade outdated models with practical no stylization, completely ruin the look from the start


      For instance, what ever the hell they were going for here-


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