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  1. Deadly Sticks

    1. tailsBOOM!


      When will that be modded in

    2. SupahBerry


      You don't want to sell me Death Sticks.


      You want to go home and rethink your life.

  2. I'm always down for a nicely designed, unintrusive new Sonic character. 

    Welcome to the fold, Dodon Pa

    1. Polkadi~♪


      From what I’ve seen of him, he’s a fun character that adds something new to the universe.


      ...can he host a fighting tournament next

    2. Perkilator


      Inb4 he gets used more than even Classic Sonic and Zavok.

    3. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      Wait...a character people like?

    4. Thigolf


      I loved his design from the first time we got a good look at him, I adored his personality in the comics and I'm just so relieved that he didn't turn out being Eggman in disguise or something.

  3. Looking forward to TSR! I went ahead and pre-ordered it. It's nice to be excited to play a 'Modern Sonic' game for once.

    (yes, I know it's a spin-off, but it's still got more 3D than Forces, HEYOOOO)

    1. tailsBOOM!


      It looks great!  There is a few twists that I know of (Thanks for the spoilers during the livestream GameXplain), and it seems overall great!

    2. TheOcelot
  4. I'd really like to review Team Sonic Racing. 

    Like... professionally. Can I get a review copy, please, Sega? :v

    1. Dejimon11


      A week ago one of the SEGA PR managers were giving out review copies if you had DM'd them

    2. Indigo Rush
  5. Using characters as a point of comparison to make a point doesn't make sense. A character and a film are not the same sort of thing. In comparing the television shows and a film though, I don't believe the movie will be any better, if anything it'll be significantly more harmful to the series' reputation. (it's also not an especially high bar) A film will have a much wider reach and more significant impact than some discontinued television shows. Being nostalgic over a bad product is not a good thing, and I don't believe that it's okay to normalize this idea. Saying "it's okay for it to be bad, kids will like it" is insulting to children, but also further devalues Sonic as an intellectual property. Honestly, the fact that you are willing to say what you did tells me you don't especially care about the bigger picture and only care about seeing a blue hedgehog on the big screen, regardless of it's quality, and I believe that this mentality is a detriment not only to the discussion, but to the Sonic brand overall. I care very deeply for Sonic as a brand, and straying so far from the iconic design and placing that onto a film that, thanks to confirmed leaks of major story beats and plot synopses is looking pretty dire, is not a sign for good things to come. It's not being handled with respect either to the holders of the Sonic brand or to whatever legacy it has left... in fact, right now, I'm coming off the heels of watching popular shows like The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight absolutely clowning on the awful design, and this is to an audience that's far, far larger than the Sonic fandom. Sonic has always been capable of so much more than what it's been. While it has the potential for making great gameplay experiences (and has!), one of its key appeals are the colorful and expressive character and the worlds they visit. To see it constantly side-lined with attempts to unironically establish Sonic as a part of the human world and to forgo it's fantastical origins is extremely disheartening if you've grown up with the series since the beginning: and the fact that the most recent Sonic games to be considered 'good', Sonic Mania, Generations and Colors, hearken to those fantastic alien-like environments and straight-to-the-point plot should be an indicator for what actually works for Sonic and what resonates with its audiences as well as the general public. The team behind the film ignored this reality and chose to do whatever the heck they thought would be popular at that given time, and it's not only going to date the film more than Sonic's original ad campaigns in the 90s, but it's going to result in a poor film that won't even be notoriously bad, just forgettable trash that isn't worth seeing more than once.
  6. To the anonymous French-speaking lurker calling me out on Twitter for saying the Sonic Movie looks bad:


  7. Not that there was any reason to doubt, but the trailer is indeed getting laughed at/groaned at in theaters: This entire thing is a disaster.
  8. No one. Likes. The design. This isn't a niche "only the most hardcore nerd cares about this detail" thing, it's universally hated.
  9. It really isn't accurate. Paramount made a garbage design that nobody liked. They're only changing it after backlash, and this is only happening once.
  10. I guess the bright side is that Sonic is still leaving an impact on consumable media. Granted, it's yet another cautionary tale, but it's leaving an impact.
  11. Sonic was not created to be a realistic furry fantasy animal any more than Mickey Mouse was. He's a cartoon character, and that distinction ought to be respected.
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