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  1. Gonna be honest, despite the topic I made, I really do love Classic Sonic and would be elated if they continued making 2D games with that universe, but I just don't see it happening without dividing the series in a bad way. 

    1. Speedi


      I think every compromise that could be made would lead to somewhat severe backlash tbh. It's better for them to just pick the solution that they're the most confident in and go from there. They just dug themselves in too deep of a hole with this one.

    2. Zaysho


      I'm honestly fine with continuing to make "classic style" games whether that's "modern art" with the more true to the Genesis physics and gameplay or with the "classic art." Either I think are valid aesthetic choices and it's always rubbed me the wrong way when it felt like Sega was trying to make a branding division for the sake of catering to several different audiences. I think there's a lot of fun possibilities to cross-pollinate both of them since they were mostly understood to be extensions of the other compared to something like Boom or the movie which were designed as their own universes already.

      Kind of feels like the door's been shut on that though which is a shame.

    3. Patticus


      If Nintendo can incorporate 2D, 3D and everything in between, sure as hell Sega can do the same with Sonic. Just call it Universe 2D and Universe 3D so ne'er the twain shall meet, except in special anniversary games or whatever like Doctor Who.

    4. TheOcelot


      I'd like to see more 2d games and 3d games, even if it's modern Sonic in 2d and classic in 3d, just make the gameplay fun.

    5. Plumbers_Helper


      I think the only real solution is just for Sega to finally start making good games. Not "ok" not "it's a step in the right the direction" but plain and simply good.

      Like if Sonic Forces turned out to be an amazing game, would this "Classic Sonic is dividing the fan base" even be a discussion? I feel if Classic Sonic's levels and physics were as good as Sonic Mania's and he majorly contributed to a fun well thought out story that was emotionally impactful to the player, this wouldn't be a problem. You might get a few fans saying they would have preferred playing as Tails or Shadow or whoever but the vast majority of fans wouldn't care because they had an amazing time. I feel the only reason this has gotten as big as it has is because Classic Sonic was used to make a great game and subsequently used to make a mediocre Modern Sonic game even worse.

      Even if Sega did get rid of Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic you're not going to have complete unity with the fanbase. When the teaser trailer for Super Mario Odyssey was released on Youtube I screamed for joy because it was the first non linear 3D Mario game in fifteen years, yet many of the Youtube comments were filled with people disappointed it wasn't another New Super Mario Bros game. But the fighting between 2D and 3D Mario fans is practically non-existent because both sides still get good games. That's how you solve the Classic Sonic vs Modern Sonic debate: you make good games for both.

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