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  1. I'm kind of tired of the Silver Blaze paradox where almost every time they meet up post 06, someone has to make a comment about how well they work together or how maybe they knew each other in a past life (???) 

    Really wish Sonic 06 was universally recognized as it's own contained universe. A lot of Sonic continuity is a hell anyway, but Sonic 06 takes the dang cake.

  2. 2 hours ago, Your Vest Friend said:

    Man, I swear he really has whipped up a cult. It's not enough for these MAGA shits that they still insist Trump won, a lot of them are insisting that the GOP needs him more than anyone. Imagine what will happen when the Republicans inevitably go for a new presidential candidate. 

    If we're following the theme of big TV personalities with outrageous rhetoric and questionable worldviews, I imagine they'll go for Tucker Carlson, and he'll somehow be even worse than Trump. 

  3. So many memories. 

    I found this site when I was entering high school back in 2005-2006, and joined up at around the time of Sonic 06's release... in order to defend it from the meanies who hated it for no good reason. Heh. Especially had fun trying to hide the fact that I was spending more time here than studying from my parents... 

    But overall, it's been a great experience posting here, getting to know other Sonic fans and learning how to hold my own in a debate, hyping new games, respecting others perspectives and participating in various events throughout the years! Had so much fun goofing off with everyone here.

    Here's to twenty more years! 

  4. 7 minutes ago, ChaddyFant9me said:


    Why is it that everyone in this topic is allowed to dump on the main continuity and openly declare the SatAM one superior and deserving of replacing the main one but someone expresses anything resembling a less than positive opinion of it  or the idea of having it invade thr main continuity is crossing a line?

    Why the double standard?


    It stands to reason that the topic calling for the reintroduction of a SatAM/Archie character is going to attract those who lean towards that direction; especially considering that the entire focus of the thread is how such a task could work. 

    This isn't a general SatAM topic, this is about the merits of Sally Acorn and other related characters and how they could reasonably fit into the Modern SegaSonic continuity. Of course negative comments towards said characters and their shows are going to result in pushback. 

    It's not a double standard, you're missing the point of the topic.

  5. I basically always go into a Sonic playthrough of Mania with that cheat code on so I can have both. They work together pretty well and I think they pair together well, but I also do like @azoo's idea of having the insta shield after you release the button rather than at the start. Would be interested in playing a hack with that.

    In regards to the single button argument, I suppose I get it, but with the kind of gameplay seen in the original Sonic games it's not necessary unless they add moves or features that truly necessitates a second or third action. The moves in Sonic Advance were nigh useless so I think that's a poor example to follow. I think it's possible to come up with a good move, it just isn't going to be the somersault, yeah?

    The dropdash doesn't need its own button, either way. I do love the insta shield and think with some tweaking, it can be even more useful than it is in specific situations, but that's another topic for another time. 


  6. Never thought I'd see the dropdash as one of the "flaws" of Mania; if anything I think it's the single most revolutionary addition to Sonic's moveset since the spindash

    As for actual flaws, I'm going to echo the boss design and save point issue. The latter doesn't affect me as I'm pretty experienced with 2D Sonic and will happily replay any level just for fun, but the boss design is not always the best. I think the single best ones were in Green Hill, and while I adore the Mean Bean Machine reference, I think including a puzzle game as a boss level was not the best idea; I think it would have served much better as one of the potential bonus games. 

    Actually, a flaw that I don't see mentioned much is how Blue Spheres doesn't offer you any in-game rewards like the mini games in Sonic 3&K. The medal collecting is a nice addition, but once you nab em all, what's the point? Mania Plus changes it over to the pinball mini game which sort of solves the issue, but as far as I'm concerned the pacing of grabbing items is too slow to be enjoyable. 

    There's actually a mod fo Mania that changes the pinball mini game to resemble Sonic Spinball, and it's much better as there's less in the way between the bottom of the table and the prize area.

    The last nitpick I have is there's no time attack mode for the Special Stages. I believe them to be the best that the series has ever had, and it's annoying that there's no way to just jump into one and muck around without having to resort to debug mode or the dev menu. Eh.

    But yeah, it's hard to harshly criticize Mania as a lot of these complaints are just minor ones. Even with the boss design being a bit frustrating, it's easy enough to go through the motions once you've mastered it and move on the the really fun parts, which is the rest of the game. 

  7. Sometimes I'll play through Super Mario 3D Land and World and say "man, why can't translating traditional Sonic into 3D be this straight-forward?" Putting Classic Sonic mechanics onto the Z axis is obviously possible and tenable, with plenty of fan projects doing a commendable job; Utopia, GHP:2 and Islands being some of my favorite 3D Sonic experiences. But as seen in plenty of other fangames, it's not easy to pull off, and as many have said in this thread already, it's not necessarily fun.

    Adding momentum to the homing attack is one of those "well, of course we have to do that" changes that don't always work out as intended. It's frustrating to readjust your trajectory if that wasn't your intended move, and if that momentum is actually dependent upon your previous speed going in, that's even more frustrating to contend with. On paper, it makes sense. In practice, it's annoying. But bouncing upwards, or not bouncing at all, is just as unfun to me. I feel that the best solution would be a fixed forward bounce that doesn't rocket you forward at blinding speeds, but that exact determined speed needs to hit that sweet spot for control and guidance. Either that, or there should be a different reaction depending on if you're holding the button while impacting the enemy or not. 

    Another aspect of the air dash/homing attack, and this is a hill I will die on, is that it shouldn't be mapped as a mid-air jump ability, and instead be it's own attack that can work on the ground as well. If going fast in 3D makes attacking baddies difficult, and we're concerned about combat being as fluid as possible, then being able to target attack an enemy on the ground should be possible as well. This could also free up the "double jump" slot for a different move altogether to add more mobility options. Beyond that, I'm just not a fan of pace-halting somersault, breakdancing or slide attacks. 

    I think that Sonic Team knew what they were doing up until Adventure 2 with how levels were designed, but failed to find that happy medium between Adventure 1's more open design and Adventure 2's more automated speed levels. I think both design styles are fun and can coexist within the same level. A nice ebb and flow between relaxed exploration and tense forward dashing could present the best of both worlds, and be a decent facsimile of the original 2D games' more platforming heavy sections and "hold right to win" areas ala Chemical Plant Zone. 

    I guess there isn't one specific best solution to bring Classic Sonic to 3D, but willingness to compromise and accept that it's not as simple as dropping the dude in a big 3D overworld like some fangames tend to do is a start. You can have premium grade physics and it won't mean anything if the level design doesn't take advantage of it. This is something the fangame community is finally starting to experiment with, but we have a long way to go.


  8. In practice, absolutely. As @Diogenes shared, Tails absolutely breaks the game even when the levels are reconfigured to accommodate his abilities.

    I don't think it has to be that way, though. With some careful level design and maybe a nerf in his range or speed of flight, it's certainly possible to make a game where his flying doesn't break everything. The trick is actually getting the Sonic Team of today to actually put the effort in. 

  9. I like the idea that rings are mysterious relics that no one really knows the answer to (one of the things SatAM tried to answer) and I think it's a missed opportunity to not even 'hint' at a bigger picture for them. Practically, Sonic and co can collect these "energy cells" for protection and energy, and others will mine them as a resource for currency once their energy properties fade out. But as for backstories, I like to go deeper than needed. :P 

    I had this in my own personal headcanon that the standard golden power rings are 'energy cells' that play some role in making the universe tick. This sort of has to come along with the idea that the Special Zone is some extradimensional realm that creates and maintains the stability of different worlds, including Sonic's: the rings are "created" in the Special Zone, starting life as Blue Spheres until they either naturally transform or are interacted with a certain way. Once they become rings, they travel through those half-pipes to their destination, not unlike blood cells in a vessel, being whisked away to wherever they're needed; providing energy and healing to different worlds to keep their life energy active. 

    Normally, rings work behind the veil, unseen or rarely seen... but because Sonic's world in particular is the most common resting place for the Chaos Emeralds and a hotbed for Eggman's shenanigans, there's a lot of instability in the space-time rift, explaining why you'll occasionally just see warp points lying around the place. If you think of the rings as "blood cells" and the warp points as "wounds", it's as if the rings are bleeding all over the planet. They can be used to enter the Special Zone when enough of their energy is collected (generally to the number of 50) and interacted with at certain weak points in reality. 

    Anyway, that's my long-winded non-canon thoughts on the origins and properties of rings. No idea what Red Rings could be. 

  10. 7 minutes ago, Eurisko said:

    One thing that has really bugged me about the film is why did Pretzel lady's Sister hate Tom so much? Has it ever been explained? It just seems and odd thing in the film.

    I don't think it was ever meant to go deeper than a means to deliver some humor or act as antagonistic contrast to Maddie's unwavering support. 

    If you want an in-universe explanation, judging by the fact that she's a single mother and lives in a pretty expensive area in the country, she's probably just entitled and is biased against serious relationships in general and towards independence (the strong independent woman who don't need no man trope); sounds like her previous partner wasn't good to her and she's bitter and wants to spare her sister the grief. 

    ...why'd you make me think this hard about the Sonic Movie 

  11. It goes without saying that Sonic Mania is my favorite game (sharing the spotlight with Sonic 3&K), and anything I have to level against it will be trivial at best; but I have to say that I find it really annoying that I can't select the Special Stages specifically in any sort of Time Attack mode. They're one of, if not the best Special Stages in the series, and I'd like to just select them from a menu and practice them without having to enter into Mania Mode every time.

    The other nitpick I have is with the design choice surrounding the Blue Spheres bonus stage. I love Blue Spheres, but the reward is disjointed from the main adventure, and that sort of thing bugs me: it doesn't even give you a score bonus or let you keep the rings you've collected.

    While this is addressed with the Plus DLC by making the Trap Tower Pinball bonus game the bonus stage in Mania Mode once you've collected all gold medals, that's not something everyone is going to be able to do, and funnily enough I find it less fun than Blue Spheres to begin with. It's nice to be able to bring a shield with you from the mini game, but I think Sonic 3&K handled the bonus level setup better with 3 different stages that grant you different kinds of rewards.

    Speaking of Sonic 3&K, I really don't have anything to say against it, especially with Sonic 3 AIR decking it out with so many features and fixes that it's without question the best Sonic experience I've ever played, Mania Plus included. If I had to say something I hated about it, it's that there's no way we're ever going to see it officially rereleased (remastered or otherwise) on consoles or mobile devices because of the hooplah surrounding it's soundtrack. It's so annoying.

  12. I had to think about this one for a bit. I didn't want to just default to "music and graphics" for any Sonic game I didn't have fun playing, and as I tried looking at gameplay mechanics in games that I didn't like, a lot of them were simply done better in games that I did. I wanted to find a likable mechanic or concept in a Sonic game that hasn't been attempted before or since... and I settled on Shadow the Hedgehog.


    The two concepts that I appreciated in this game are branching level paths and checkpoints you can warp to within a level. The mission structure in Shadow is not really my favorite, but the idea that your actions or end destination can affect the next level you travel to is a concept that I would love to see in a more traditional Sonic game. Similar to that, warping across checkpoints is designed in mind with the mission structure (so you aren't stuck being unable to complete any mission) but the idea of being able to backtrack in a larger level is something I'd also want to try out in a new game. 

  13. Simply put, the game was not very fun to play, and among those reasons include the swordplay mechanics itself. Sonic has to come to a dead stop to slash through enemies, and I found the rushing mechanic to be particularly unintuitive. It provided a poor experience with unsatisfying flow. The concept itself of giving Sonic a sword didn't offer anything especially notable, and surrounding it in a mediocre game didn't help it's case.

    Besides that, Sonic has almost never used any sort of weaponry in his adventures. Sonic always used his speed to curl into his spin attack to deal with the bad guys, so when the series is performing terribly, the last thing they need is to shake things up further with a half-baked gimmick, spin-off or not. It's as if saying the solution to making a better Sonic game is to make him play even less like Sonic.

    So yeah, not a big fan of the sword.

    And for the record, Mario's had a hammer in his arsenal since Donkey Kong, so that's hardly a sensible comparison to make. Mario's a handyman, what's more interesting to me is the lack of a hammer in the main series, but this isn't the place to discuss that. 

  14. That was pretty good. Hearing Drummond voice Sonic again is ... weird. I guess I'm used to RCS's Sonic at this point, but Drummond is no slouch after all these years. 

    I think Emi is a great Tails. I've always thought this, so it's kind of neat to hear that voice along with the official Eggman voice!

    This one's definitely aimed towards Adventure fans, references and even sound effects. I can dig it. Looking forward to the next one. 

  15. There's plenty of good Sonic-focused content on YouTube. The aforementioned channels TheKazeblade and Em. Bani. both have great content, though uploads are not as frequent these days. Other good channels that aren't solely focused on Sonic, but have great Sonic content, include ShayMay's Sonic Spitball series, the Game Apologist and GameHut, which is run by someone who worked on older Sonic games like Sonic R and 3D Blast; and we all know and love SomeCallMeJohnny. Special shout out to our own @Badnik Mechanic's fantastic channel that covers more obscure corners of Sonic history!

    If you're into more casual things like streaming, memes or reaction vids, you have Sam Procrastinates (formerly Sam's Procrastination Station), Mr. Pasquale and Premydaremy. It's also worth mentioning that Tails Channel does a lot of news coverage like we do. 

    Hope that helps to get you started!

  16. I think it might be fine to use this as a new launching point for such a thread. It provides an easy way to understand the context rather than wading through an old topic, but the moderators or admins are always free to merge them if they feel that's the best choice of action.

    But as far as positivity is concerned, I'm happy to say that after a not-so-peaceful protest in the city where I work, protests following that night have been without any sort of insurrection or rioting. Though a few protesters were arrested for violating the curfew, it never got violent.


    I think that there are more people who want justice and equality for people of color than there are those who are actively against it, at least in my neck of the woods; this is especially encouraging considering North Carolina is considered to be a "Confederate" state (Civil War and all) so it holds promise for a movement of change. I just wish that movement was more urgent. 

  17. At the very least, there's been action taken to preserve some articles. @SSF1991 was able to salvage his work and archive it online. He shouldn't have needed to, Tristan should never have shut the site down, but thankfully a valuable chunk of our community history has been saved. 

    If TSSZ does return, I am not confident in Tristan's ability to lead or manage it. He has shown time and again through his actions and demeanor that he is unfit for such a role, and if this whole debacle doesn't prove it, nothing will. 

    I wish the best to all of the staff who were just as shocked at their loss of work. Hopefully they can also archive their articles and features and move forward to better things in the community.

  18. 18 minutes ago, VisionaryofSUPER said:

    So can we get a new thread for the sequel now? Or do we wait for more confirmation?

    Got a new thread right here!

    I'm personally excited for the sequel. I was probably one of the harshest critics of the first one before it got an overhaul, and I'm happy to see them working on a new one. I hope they put their all into it.

  19. You can expect an influx of new fans whenever a major game, a new cartoon or movie is released. The early 2000s saw a pretty major boom of sorts when Sonic showed up on other console platforms and a new TV show started airing. 

    The most recent one, aside from the movie which will undoubtedly result in another major influx in the coming years (especially if a sequel is coming) was the launch of Sonic Boom with new games, a comic and the cartoon itself.

    Before that, the early 2010s saw a bit of a revival of interest after Sonic Colors, All Stars Racing, Generations and a few mobile games showed that Sonic games could at least be decent again, and a cameo in Wreck-it Ralph helped boost the hype as well. 

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