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  1. Heavy Rain, except "X" to JASON is replaced with Luigi saying "MARIO"

    1. StaticMania


      Would it be faithful?

      Unlike Ethan, Luigi has 5+ ways to say Mario, wouldn't add to the "narm"

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      only use the one where he's screaming, then

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Whoa, love the soundtrack!

    2. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      How did you disguise the link?

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      @Mythical Panda

      Type out normal text, highlight it and click the small link icon, it’ll let you embed a link into the text.

    4. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      @Ryannumber1gamer oh right I forgot you could do that on here.

    5. blueblur98


      screw you

    6. Zaysho


      Oh, I love Chrono Trigger

    7. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      - On mobile

      - Press and holds down the link

      - Reveals the real link


  2. So there are some visual design reasons for the skin-colored arms, mainly to help them stand out from the body on 16 bit hardware. That said, blue arms are not inherently wrong in theory, aside from the fact that it's contrary to the established design. That should be enough to shoot down any reason to do it any other way, but that aside, it's a matter of personal preference. Most other Sonic characters (Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, etc) don't follow that design principle, so I can understand why someone would prefer it.
  3. Did a little tweaking to that tan-armed edit of Movie Sonic. What do y'all think?


  4. I say this as someone who is now going to sit through the film: fixing the design is not going to fix the entire movie. It makes it less disgusting to look at, and it makes it more marketable since we'll have an actual representation of Sonic to look at. But this doesn't change the fact that we're dealing with a CGI Live Action - Video Game Movie hybrid (a double curse, really) featuring a franchise icon from a series that's not exactly known for being story heavy. Anyone reserves the right to just... not see it anyway. Y'know, I can sort of understand how it's perceived that people who were asking for the design to be fixed are "spoiled brats" for still not seeing it even after they fixed it, but that's not really the case. The case is that a lot of fans who were upset with the design were also not interested in a live action Sonic Movie to begin with. I certainly wasn't. No one is obligated to see it. It's not a matter of wanting it to fail, it's a matter of expecting it to fail, because the entire premise indicates that the outlook is grim. I'm going to see it, yes, but not because I expect it to be good, nor because I expect it to be hilariously bad. I'm a Sonic fan. It's the Sonic Movie. They removed that eldritch blue demon in favor of an actual Sonic. I'm going to see it to keep up with the discussion. That's my reason for seeing it, and I don't have to justify it any more than someone who doesn't want to see it has to. It looks like it's going to be average at best. I'd like to be proven wrong, but I don't expect to. That's all I have to say about that.
  5. I'm really going to try to like this. I'm so tired of being cynical by default. Like, do you think I wanted to hate the idea of a Sonic movie? 5 year old me would've freaked. I still think this is not how things should have gone. It should've been a fully animated (be it 2D or 3D) and not a live action CG hybrid, but I'll try to be more open to it now that Sonic... well. Looks like Sonic now. This trailer could make it or break it for me.
  6. I think that's the fastest I've ever written a news article here


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Gotta Catch'em Fast



      I'm digging the new shoes, actually

  7. Sonic CD had the best representation of the pro-environmental undertones with the good and bad future outcomes. Good futures weren't all trees and flowers everywhere, there was some mechanization there; the difference is how the industrialization harmonized with the environment. Bad futures lacked a balance and had murky skies and polluted waters with sickly plantlife. Not good for anyone. So, I guess I agree that it's less "technology bad and nature good", but instead "pollution bad." I think villains that miss the forest for the trees (lol) in this debate are a great way to start. A pro-environment villain that hates all forms of technology could make for a good third-party villain that hates Eggman just as much as the main heroes.
  8. Sonic 9: Dreadknux revokes Indigo's status posting privileges

  9. Sonic 8: Iizuka recalls all copies of Sonic 7 because the Chaotix are no longer classic era characters

  10. Sonic 6: Amy Registers to Vote

  11. Sonic 5: Sonic & Knuckles go to Wegmans

  12. Dragons and Dinosaurs are also welcome, in my opinion. I'd also like to see Sonic's universe get more creative with the non-sapient animals that live there. SatAM introduced Terapods, which are basically dinosaur-like reptiles. Sonic Underground had a non-descript dinosaur called "Chomps" as well: ...it was the episode where Knuckles barbecued Sleet and Dingo alive. ...I don't wanna talk about it. Anyway, I dunno man. I know it's because SatAM isn't part of the SEGA Sonic universe, but as a result it had some really cool ideas that ended up... fitting? Or at least not clashing. Now I'm just gonna be musing over this for the next few hours, haha.
  13. He likes chili dogs Hot dogs were invented in Germany It's all connected, I'm sure
  14. That Canon Immigrants thread has me unironically thinking up a new 'universe' for Sonic and now I'm sad it's not happening

    1. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      I just asked Ian what he thinks, if SEGA will ever allow them in IDW, but probably clashes with their "idea" of Sonic, by ignoring the past… :(

  15. I'm... going to need some convincing that he'd make sense as a Zeti. Visually and narratively. While Wendy was a blank slate and could be roped into Naugus' whole deal in the comics, Naugus himself simply isn't. On top of that, the Zeti have a specific design mentality that simple wouldn't mesh with what's already been established with Naugus: they have a strict pastel color and black color scheme with a Japanese demon motif while Naugus is a troll-like wizard. You would need to change far too much to get him to fit into it. As much as I dislike the Deadly Six, I give them credit for having a strong visual motif that can't be mistaken for any other kind of Sonic character. Goodness knows they need fleshing out, I just doing think this is the way to go. They're demonic aliens. Naugus is a humanoid troll. That's not workable. You know what I'd do? I'd rope this old coot into the mix. Lazaar was a one-off wizard character in SatAM. While not a troll, he's deep enough into the high fantasy design mentality to be an elf or something akin to Naugus. Add Witchcart into the mix and we have the building blocks for a faction of characters that can help flesh out the world.
  16. I don't know about making them Zeti specifically. Both Wendy Witchcart and Ixis Naugus are humanoid (Wendy moreso than Naugus, but still), so I think introducing them as a part of their own unique race of wizards or warlocks would work a bit better, as per the Archie comics.
  17. SEGA/Sonic Twitter's schedules and Paramount's are not going to be particularly aligned, and I don't think it has ever been like that since the movie was first announced back in 2013 (oh.... oh wow). It'll release when they're ready for it to release, independent of SEGA.
  18. I want NiGHTS into Threems

    1. Sean


      Without Naka, no way. I don't think there's anyone currently at Sega who can put out a sweet, short arcadey experience like the first one.

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      This breaks my heart

  19. Oh. Yeah I'm down for more creative background characters like that. Absolutely.
  20. Lion guy? I didn't watch much of Sonic X so now I'm curious.
  21. Tornado warning in my area for tonight. Happy Halloween kids O_O

  22. I know the SatAM universe is largely incompatible with the SEGA Sonic universe, but I still can't shake my fondness for some of the fantasy elements from it, so I'm all for Naugus (SEGA-fied, of course) and even the concept of dragons and dinosaurs making appearances in the series proper. Maybe it's because I'm so underwhelmed with the official canon, but I think it's worth roping in some of those elements in moderation. Oh, and I'm down with the Freedom Fighters as a background group of go-getters doing their part to undo Eggman's collateral damage or leftover cities he's taken over post-Forces. Have 'em cross paths with the main cast on occasion, maybe Sonic and Sally can butt heads on how to handle a situation as per the show. Other than that, I'm with @azoo in keeping them as ancillary characters ala the Chaotix or Babylon Rogues.
  23. AZOO


    1. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      What's there to cry about? He always comes back every now and then.

    2. azoo
    3. TheOcelot
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