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  1. The film will certainly sell a lot better with Sonic actually looking like Sonic this go round, various oddities aside, (blue arms, off-model shoes) Sonic Boom (the TV show) got a lot of support, and it was less on-model with Modern or Classic iterations of Sonic. At this point, whether or not the film is 'good' is probably irrelevant to SEGA. So long as it makes money and helps their bottom line, (and doesn't damage the Sonic brand significantly) they're happy with whatever happens on screen. I don't have much faith that the film itself will be any good, despite Sonic looking better. Video game tie-ins and live action realistic cartoon mash-ups are both infamously cursed genres on their own, let alone together at the same time. We'll see, nothing's impossible with this industry, it's just really predictable.
  2. Reaction: Sonic Mania Lite for smartphones? Would/Could that be a thing? Phones these days are powerful enough to run it. 

    1. JosepHenry


      sonic mania plus complete could work in phones normally without sacrifices lmao

      they just don't do it cuz they are stupid lol

    2. PaddyFancy


      Powerful enough to run the full game Plus I reckon.

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Lite in what way?

      S1/2/CD work fine on mobiles. I don't know what Mania would need to lack to work well, apart from maybe revisions to the special stage controls. But Mania is like £15, and a bit more for Plus/physical copies. There's no way it would sell for that much on mobile, and putting it at a lower price would devalue it.

    4. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      I personally don’t understand how people are able to play the mobile ports correctly. The lack of physical buttons that I can feel under my thumbs just makes it a million times more difficult for me.

    5. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      @Blue Blood that's why I suggest Lite, like stripping features to justify a friendlier price tag. 

      @Petrifying Panda mobile ports of Classic Sonic games are much more playable than, say, Mega Man or Mario because Sonic operates at the push of one button instead of two. The way CW programmed the virtual buttons make them much easier than the standard emulation apps. It approximates where you're pressing when you slide your thumb in any given direction. It's tailor-made for Sonic, and considering a lot of what you're doing is holding right and down on occasion for the left and just tapping on the right, it's rather easy to become accustomed to the lack of physical buttons; and since they're on the bottom half of the screen below Sonic's path, you have a good field of view, especially with the wider aspect ratio. (Plus, the button sizes and opacity are adjustable) I've beaten all of the available mobile ports many times with all Chaos Emeralds and characters, and I feel like the complaints and gripes against "touch controls" are overblown and quite reactionary, and the fact that people refused to support the movement to get Sonic 3K on mobile devices because of that is really stupid.

    6. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      My problem is, with the buttons not being physical, it’s hard for me to know when my fingers are actually in the right place. With a physical control pad, I know my fingers are in the right place because I can feel the buttons. When playing Sonic on a touch screen, I frequently find myself missing a jump or coming to a standstill when I have to quickly change direction because my finger slightly strayed from where the button is, making it so I have to pull my attention away from the action on screen momentarily to make sure my thumbs are in the right place.

      The game isn’t unplayable by any means, and I don’t doubt CW put a lot of effort into making the controls responsive, but I feel it’s an issue that any game with a virtual gamepad would suffer from.

      I dunno. Guess it’s just me.

      Either way, this is why I desperately wish the remasters could get console releases.

    7. Sean


      Correction: Sonic CD/1/2 worked fine.

      Fuck Sega Forever and if a mobile releases means that Mania gets the same treatment then it's not worth it.

    8. Ryannumber1gamer


      Mania Plus would’ve worked fine when it released, let alone now. Hell, it would’ve been a perfect launch title for Apple Arcade along with Shantae and the Seven Sirens.

      As for me though, I’d rather play the Switch version since that’s got proper controls. I hate trying to use a virtual d-pad.

    9. Wraith


      Yeah i was gonna say Sonic 1 and 2 mobile were my main versions of those games before sega forever. If it comes to that service I'd skip.

    10. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The thing about the Sonic mobile controls is that the are reset every time you lift your thumb. For the D-pad, when you put your thumb on the left side of the screen, that becomes the very middle of the D-pad. You then slide your thumb left or right to move the pad. To go back to pressing nothing, you either put your thumb back in the original spot exactly or, more realistically, lift your thumb off the screen.

      It will never have the same level of fidelity as a real controller, but the mobile versions of S1/2/CD make the best of mobile controls and aren't bad at all. It works because Sonic games only have you pressing one direction at a time, have one action button for the entire game and because all of the inputs are digital instead of analogue.

      @Sean Oh fuck SEGA Forever forever. CD is a nightmare to play on an iPhone X, and the graphics on the title screen are broken so there's a big white square in the middle of the background. They didn't even make sure that the first 5 seconds of the game looked correct. And if they did, they would have noticed that Palmtree Panic Act 1 became unplayable due to a visual bug after the first "3D" loop. It literally took them over a year to make the first level of the game work.

    11. Sean


      I can vouch for the controls being surprisingly comfortable compared to what you'd expect for a mobile game, and I had the games on both a small iOS phone and an Android tablet. But last I checked, the Forever update royally screwed up various things including the controls; I couldn't even rev up a spindash properly in Sonic 2. Thank Dark Gaia I have the original versions backed up on my computer.

    12. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Maybe that was my problem all along? I’ve only really known the Sega Forever control scheme.

      ...well okay not quite, I played them back in 2013, but I don’t really have any memory of the controls being any different back then either. *shrug*

    13. Ryannumber1gamer


      SEGA Forever is atrocious. It was also kind enough to lock me out of the paid premium version of the games that I got. I don’t know about the Sonic stuff, but for Super Monkey Ball 2, the restore purchases function is totally broken, meaning you can’t get it to recognise you already bought the game, leaving you with the shitty ad ridden version of the game.

    14. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      With regards to the controls on SEGA Forever, I can only think of one reason why they got messed up so badly. The games are now coping with ads loading and the entire SEGA Forever framework chugging away in the background at all times. It seems to me that such "features" have bloated the games to the point where the controls aren't responsive. With my limited understanding, that's the only thing that makes sense because I can't see any reason for the games to modified in any way that would touch the controls.

    15. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I still have access to the original versions since Google Play will let me download what I've already bought, so I never had this issue. I guess that might be the reason.

    16. Sean


      iirc on Google Play the regular versions are entirely separate listings from the Sega Forever versions. On the Apple Store, it replaced the old versions entirely and the only way to play them is to hold onto a backup or go through a very complicated process on your computer to download an older version of an app.

    17. Milo


      if they ever bring sonic mania to mobile, i imagine it will probably be over a decade after the original release, much like the genesis originals.

      and yeah, count me in on the "sega forever is garbage" train. i still get ads despite paying for them to be removed >.>

  3. I'm more perplexed at the theory that the leak was "on purpose" to see if people like it so they can change it. If people don't like it, then that's yet another delay to redo everything. Furthermore, if that were the case, then that initial style guide leak was on purpose, and most everyone hated that, yet nothing was changed.
  4. Assuming this is real, now we have what looks like a more on-model Sonic (blue arms aside) in a movie where Sonic interacts with the human world with bad jokes and what looks to be poor writing and weak storytelling. ...so, on par with most modern Sonic games.
  5. This, especially. There's not really a 'point' to the Chaotix or background characters like Vanilla the Rabbit, but they're here anyway; and forgotten characters like Mighty and Ray have found a new purpose (playable ones!) despite not having much of a reason to be there, either. It can be done, it's just a matter of 'wanting' to have them there and doing something purposeful with them when they are. It's not like we're asking them to be playable necessarily (not that it's impossible to think of fun ways to play as them, just use your imagination), just more legacy characters to help develop the setting and flesh out Sonic's world. I mean, I'm pretty sure most of y'all hate "Solo-Sonica" to begin with, so the discrimination against these particular "non-canon" characters is sort of confusing to me. And... well, this is a "what I would do" topic, not a cross examination. A "bring back the Freedom Fighters" or "put Sally in the games" topic might be a better sort of thread to discuss the merits of putting these guys in the game canon.
  6. Yeah, considering Tyson 'liked' that tweet (and he's pretty much unofficially confirmed to be on the redesign team), I'd say that's a not-so cryptic hint that we're seeing something within the month, I'd wager. I don't expect it to 'save' the movie or anything, but I look forward to seeing what they've come up with.
  7. So, Freedom Fighters as a concept in the games? Assuming we aren't really rebooting much of anything, you could just count them among the other general Mobians trying to clean up Eggman's leftovers post-Forces. I get that the game implies that much of the world was freed up, but.... look the man did conquer the world, so you can very easily write in some cities or provinces that they missed. So, the Freedom Fighters would be a more 'specialized' team (or series of teams) doing their part to help "free" the rest of the planet that Sonic and the gang might have overlooked. No reason why one of those teams couldn't be based off of or be references to the SatAM/Archie Freedom Fighters. Bonus points if another team is based off of some Sonic the Comic characters, too. Maybe have a game or two where Sonic and Tails bump into those guys, helps 'em out, takes down an Eggman Empire recursion and the game ends with him declining an offer to join and continuing on their own path. Donezo!
  8. That's presuming in a 'rebooted' universe that there wouldn't be an explanation for them swapping outfits on occasion. Maybe sometimes Eggman just feels like wearing his PJs to work.
  9. On the subject of other things I'd do: Canonize the Classic era or sprite-based designs as nothing more than an artistic styling. There doesn't need to be two concurrent timelines or dimensions to justify why Sonic looks shorter and has black eyes or plays in 2D rather than 3D. It was originally just the way the visual design changed over the years before it was "young" Sonic, then retconned to "alternate dimension" Sonic. (another reason why a reboot would be nice) Basically, Modern Sonic is just Classic Sonic with more detail, Classic Sonic is just Modern Sonic with less detail, you feel me? And on that note, go wild with art direction so long as it doesn't go too ridiculous. Leave room for creativity. If other beloved game franchises like Mario and Zelda can go from cute to serious to artsy back-to-back, I don't see why Sonic can't! I'd also keep it to one planet. Personally I'd call it Mobius what with all the animal people living there, but I won't die on that hill. So long as it can facilitate a dwelling for both humans and animals as well as justify creative and surreal worlds seen throughout the series (not just Classic, I'm talking Heroes and Colors, too) then I'm cool with that. No need for a human planet and a sapient animal planet. Just call the animal denizens Mobians or something and we're good. Maybe even hint at a backstory for why there's talking hedgehogs and foxes chilling around the place. Double down on Classic 2D gameplay as a valid and major way to play Sonic, and put more effort into bringing Sonic back into a full 3D space. It doesn't have to be Utopia levels of huge, but something more expansive and interactive than Forces is. I think something close to what Sonic Adventure had going on would be a good starting framework, just with less fishing or treasure hunting. I'd also like the boost gameplay to stick around as a way of playing through Special Stages, too, perhaps. Anyway, that's all I have time to write up for now. Maybe more to come later. Okay, but really, this would rock.
  10. Sonic is being held back by previous continuity and shallow characterization, there's no need for a false dichotomy argument, and playing the "Boom was bad" card is a disingenuous and dismissive rebuttal. Sonic Boom, besides being a spin-off sub-franchise that flopped, was handled by a team of people with a very cursory understanding of the series' backstory, and the less said about the movie the better. Believe it or not, it isn't about wanting to create yet another origin story; the last thing we really want is too many 'takes' on Sonic like it's TMNT or Batman. It's about trimming the unnecessary trash out of the series' core continuity and consolidating the ideas that have worked into a less convoluted series so there's a solid lore to reference. The Archie comics only benefited from cutting out all of the nonsense it's been shackled to with it's Genesis Wave arc, for example. While you don't need a reboot to write new worlds and characters into the series, that isn't the point to begin with. It's about reiterating and reemphasizing what Sonic's actually about, rather than flippantly claiming everything as canon yet not actually committing to that. Certain plotlines are incompatible with each other, and yet are considered canon. A lot of us feel like we shouldn't need to put together a complicated fan theory for every mistake that's made. Could they botch a reboot? Sure. But this thought experiment presumes success, not failure. Would it cause confusion? Yes! But not any more or less confusion than they've already caused. It's clearer than a soft-reboot or series of retcons. Anyway, the focus of the thread is "what would you do if you were in charge," so I'll reiterate that, among other things (such as destroying the Classic/Modern branding split) a fresh, focused and consistent take on the story of Sonic is what I personally would do. I'd be interested in continuing that discussion in a dedicated thread, though. Just not here.
  11. So this may be a hot take, but if it were me, I'd do a total reboot and have an 'abridged' entry for the classic trilogy (introducing the primary cast) and a few other loose remakes of some key/popular games in the series to reintroduce the rest of the cast (with the gift of hindsight and without arbitrary restrictions) scattered throughout, and work up from there. Now... a reboot won't make the games better. That's a different issue. But the continuity is such a mess that I'd rather see it get a proper do-over and codify the original series as a "legacy" timeline, and give this new universe a chance to do some world-building and re-introduce the cast and setting in a less ad-hoc way, free of early-era regional differences and inconsistent continuities... and not leave it up to a third party with no history or knowledge of the franchise (hello, Boom).
  12. Bump? https://www.sonicstadium.org/2019/10/classic-sonic-all-but-confirmed-for-super-monkey-ball-banana-blitz-hd Looks like Classic Sonic will be an unlockable in this game.
  13. Don't really have much to add that hasn't already been said, but I've become exceedingly exhausted with these 3D physics/gameplay concepts and not have a genuine 'level' to play through. Gameplay and level design are two sides of the same coin, and as fantastic as tech demos like Utopia, Hero and Islands are, I was really hoping to see some evolution on the level design front. There's also Sonic GT which has a few levels, but the best looking one is literally just Radical Highway, and the level design does not accommodate the gameplay very well. And yes, saying "wow, SEGA should hire you" is such a tired and low tier comment. At best you could expect them to be a part of a team if they have any business sense or know how to get along with other human beings, which I get the feeling that a LOT of fangame devs don't.
  14. One of the minor (and I emphasize minor) drawbacks to Sonic Mania specifically is a lot of it is built on the expectations that you're at least somewhat familiar with Sonic, so little quirks like the mega mack in Chemical Plant being poisonous and the water being dangerous would have been learned way back when playing Sonic 2. It's unfortunate that CPZ's mega mack is blue and circular like the blue spheres in the bonus stages, because that can confuse a newbie. This problem is sorta unique to Sonic Mania, being a mash-up of old stages from different games with some new ones thrown in the mix. If you're familiar with these levels, the nasty surprises aren't as surprising, and the new mechanics are unexpected and welcome. If you're new, that doesn't register. Again, that's a minor issue, as blue spheres aren't really seen in any of the other levels, however the way the stages are laid out from different games does pose an inconsistency that could confuse newbies, as you've detailed. Even with the changes made by the Mania team, each level does borrow it's design philosophies from their original iterations, with a lot of them looking the same. I don't think it's that big of an issue, though. It seems like your girlfriend gave up a bit too early, which is a shame because Sonic games (especially the traditional ones) always get better with repeated play. Whether or not that's a good game design mindset is subjective, but that's just how Sonic do. It is always interesting to hear these things, however. Thanks for sharing!
  15. The Tornado is also significantly faster than Tails is in the air. The "why does Sonic need a car" or "why does Tails fly a plane" questions don't really make sense if you take the effort to consider it. While we're at it, Sonic drives a car in racing games to even the playing field in a competition.
  16. I can't believe it's been staring at us this entire time. Thanks for bringing this one up! I feel a little less ridiculous now.
  17. When it comes to a new trailer, is there a general timetable we should be aware of? If this is in theaters in mid-February, then we're already closer to its release than when the first trailer dropped in relation to the initial November date.
  18. So, this conversation has been reduced to subjectivity on what's "iconic" or not. If you never noticed Sonic's strange eyeball design, you're not paying attention. More important than Sonic's sclera being fused together however, is them being large and expressive. Sonic's large and expressive eyes are part and parcel to the character's look from the very beginning, and that's always been the case. Sonic was created to be a mascot-grade cartoon character, and those design philosophies are self-evident. Big expressive eyes, large gloved hands, simple shapes and a round and pudgy body shape are all classic cartoon traits. On the subject of separating those eyes, the best compromise I've seen (and something I've suggested before) is, in true cartoon character fashion, just depicting them as two eyes lodged together (as seen with other classic toons like the Smurfs) rather than separate them entirely. In fact, let's take a look at the Smurfs specifically: The way their eyes are detailed imply that they're separate, however, they're drawn in a way that resembles their original design, where there was no clear distinction before: I feel if Sonic's eye design was approached in this way, it'd be a lot less strange. As a point of comparison, here's what the live action Smurf designs looked like: Yikes. Taking a cartoon character and trying to apply real-world physicality to it is one thing, but trying to force the issue and go beyond the blatant irony of a not-real imaginary creature and turn it into an actual biological nightmare that could exist on Earth is how we get disasters like we did with Sonic. I have no clue what approach they're going to take with the new Sonic design. Bigger eyes? Less emphasis on the teeth? Are they going to try to change his proportions? Or are they going to throw their arms up and just use the standard 3D model that SEGA uses and add more textures to it? No clue, but at this point the damage is done. They've already shown that they didn't respect the original design and spirit of the character, I don't expect them swapping out the model for something less freaky to make up for it. We'll still have to contend with the script, the acting, and however else they plan to bastardize the series by setting itself up as the origin story for Sonic. Either way, the series is fractured enough as is. The fact that enough people were defensive about the garbage we initially saw in the trailer (and the leaked style guides) is evident that you could vomit up a blue pineapple with googly eyes, and there'd be a fraction of the fans that would accept it. Go directly to Jail. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.
  19. I think the point flew right over your head. The most iconic image in the brand is the Sonic Team logo: consisting of Sonic's head, which showcases the "mono-eye" design, which is the point of discussion.
  20. Sonic games tend to come with a number of flaws, but art direction and visual fidelity are usually not one of them. It shouldn't be especially surprising that Mario and Sonic looks as good as it does.
  21. Vertebreaker looks FUN

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      All hail Headcannon 

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It looks really, really good. But it sounds even better.

  22. I sorta get what the OP is saying, although the topic title is worded strangely. See, I'm not bored of Eggman being the villain, quite the opposite. I'm bored of Eggman not being villainous enough. He keeps his title of the main baddie, but you only get to bum-rush him twice in all of Sonic Forces, despite his presence as the conqueror of the world. What set Eggman apart from a majority of gaming villains was that he wasn't just the final boss, but he was just about every boss, and despite having a militia of robots at his disposal he still found it necessary to trade blows with Sonic and company in-person. The other side of the coin is that when Eggman is tossed aside in favor of another monster of the week, they've never done much with him. By my marks, the best instance of Eggman being usurped is in Sonic Adventure 2, and that's only because he actively plays a vital part in getting things under control. The worst by far is Sonic Unleashed, with Eggman getting a last-second demotion with little fanfare. Now, if we want the series to focus on going back to the basics, Eggman needs to play a part, and he needs to be the main baddie. He doesn't have to be the only antagonist, but the set-up would necessitate the traditional villain playing his traditional role of Sonic's arch nemesis. Sonic Mania's Hard-boiled Heavies provide a nice alteration of the formula with some semi-rogue badniks causing trouble for both parties without totally upending Eggman's role, for instance. I think something akin to that would probably work best.
  23. What are y'all's thoughts on Sonic 4?

    1. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Gameplay sucked, level aesthetic was hit or miss, level design was monotonous, music was far more hit than miss, bosses were eh, cliffhanger ending still leaves me yearning to finish it though.

      I know a lot of people would rather see Sonic 4 erased 4 from history for everything it did completely wrong, but I'm of the camp that I'd kind of like to see something done with it revisited. Of course for it to work how I see things you'd need to switch up the game order first so tha tit were to look something like this.

      Sonic CD:
      _________ World famous adventurer who is always plagued by nefarious Dr. Eggman yet always manages to stop him is off to see the wonder of Little Planet and sees Eggman making a mess of things and moves to stop him.

      Sonic 1:
      _______ Sonic's reputation works against him when Eggman goes to South Island after the Chaos Emeralds and shoves the local into robots to force Sonic to hold back when he responds to the locals' calls for help.

      Sonic 2:
      _______ Taking a break between adventures, Sonic lands on West Side Island and is alerted to Eggman's Death Egg plot when the space station launches to the detriment of the island.

      Sonic 3&K:
      __________ Anticipating his next adventurer when an ancient ring which reminds him of the legends of Angel Island washes up on the beach he's relaxing on, Sonic and Tails get embroiled with Eggman's attempts to get the Death Egg back in orbit.

      Sonic Mania:
      ____________ After doubling back to check on Knuckles and saving him after his battle with Mecha Sonic Mk. II, Sonic and Tails are pulled into an adventure caused by Eggman discovering the Phantom Ruby upon returning from space.

      Sonic 4:
      _______ After having the chance to see the abilities of all of his old inventions and learning how to forcibly summon Little Planet due to the Phantom Ruby, Eggman decides to revisit and improve upon his old inventions culminating in the building of Mad Gear Zone to rebuild Metal Sonic to defeat Sonic once and for all/

      Anyway, rebuild Sonic 4 with the Mania team at the helm following this reordering of the games and finish the story. That's pretty much what I would want anyway because for everything wrong with Sonic 4, there was potential and I loved the growing story in all of it's pantomime simplicity. that and tails became a beast underwater in that game and deserves to keep that enhanced swimming ability.

      Sorry for the long reply though 😅

    2. Wraith
    3. Penny


      i like em, but they really shouldn't have been called sonic 4. wish we'd have gotten episode 3 tho

    4. Bobnik


      Episode 1 - bad
      Episode 2 - better, and I actually had some fun with it but still one of the worse Dimps experience.

      still a better experience than Lost World 3DS tho

    5. Cayenne


      To me, it's 2D Sonic's New Super Mario Bros. moment: It isn't a bad game, but isn't great either and looks really boring aesthetic wise. Everything looks like it's made of plastic.

    6. Diogenes


      you mean mania, right. that's the only sonic 4 i know about.

    7. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Bobnik Basically what you said, especially the SLW3DS part.

      The thing about S4E2 is that the complaints levelled at E1 were only slightly listened too...

      Rolling was improved, but not fixed (plus the sound effects were still wrong)

      Not all of the stages were rehashed, but two of them were still unoriginal S2 clones

      Tails was playable, but only as a partner and no other characters appeared

      They flat out didn't listen to complaints about boosters and the homing attack...

      S4 was a bad time. I'm biased in my disdain towards it though, because of what I ask of Sonic games, especially Classic ones. 

    8. Adamabba


      I don't think they're as bad as people make them out to be.

      ik this is blasphemy but personally id rather play Ep 2 over the first 3 classic games

    9. ThatOddLiam


      Change the name and they're honestly a pair of perfectly functional, but avergae pair of games.

      While E2 made some improvements to controls and visuals I feel that the level design, forced Tails gimmicks and the drawn-out bossfights make it less enjoyable than E1. The differences between the two also makes the episodic format so weird, they don't feel like parts of the same game at all compared to other episodic titles. 

    10. Menace2Society


      I don't hate EP 1 like most people do, despite numerous flaws...

      but I do HATE EP 2 moreso than anybody else does.

    11. TheOcelot
    12. TCB




      it's a game alright

    13. Speederino


      @Menace2Society Totally with you. I'm more about level design than physics, and I thought EP 1 did fine at that. EP 2 may have fixed the physics but I found the levels to be blandly designed.

    14. Menace2Society


      On top of worse level design, there was also Tails, whose gimmick felt shoehorned in. It was annoying having to lose speed every second because I had to use him to progress through the level.

      And like what Joy said, the boss battles dragged onnnnnnnnn. Some of the worst boss battles in any 2D Sonic, besides CD and Advance 2.

    15. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Thank you for the feedback. Going to implement the general sentiment in an upcoming project. Stay tuned!

  24. The fact that Mighty and Ray have legitimate toys you can buy in 2019 is a mindblow for me

    1. Teoskaven


      And yet still no 3DS and PSVita versions.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Still no word on offical Ray plushes so this means nothing




      Not MN.9, Mighty the Armidillo. (unless that's the joke)

    3. Zaysho


      Hooligans when tho

    4. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      This is one of those "never say never" things, I assume anything is on the table, given enough popularity, no characters are ever dead. Guess it's never really over.

    5. Strickerx5


      when we getting Honey back tho

    6. Stasis


      When are they released? 

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