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  1. Sadly I won't be able to come to this; I'm now living on baked beans and bread again after bailing out a friend's surprise tuition fees at Uni for over a grand, which means I can't even afford the train fare, yet alone anything else So hope you guys have fun! Take photos!
  2. Looks like I will be coming and giving up my sofa to some people I've been to York loads of times, since it isn't that far from Newcastle. If you have a rail card or something it might be worth staying in a town which is a station or two out from York, since everywhere seems to have sold out. No York Dungeon trips? Last time I went there one of the staff members jumped out at a very frightened young child, causing much screaming and hilarity Well, you could always sleep rough in the train station if you bring enough clothing After the hubby and I got back from our honeymoon in December, we were stranded in York at about 2am. We ended up just sleeping rough until the next available train at 7am. Fun times!
  3. Hrm, I might not be able to make it after all The 29th is my seventh wedding anniversary and the hubby desperately wants to go on holiday that week, as we haven't had a holiday since our honeymoon! So we shall see
  4. I've been thinking that a Northern meet up would be really cool, especially as the London guys have had so many great meet ups lately and there are quite a few of us up North So this sounds great, I would be up for it!
  5. Big the Cat was awesome too!!

  6. Your Charmy Bee cosplay was awesome :D

  7. I bought a year subscription when it launched and really enjoyed it, especially since it was more of a casual MMO and I could pick it up and play it whenever I wanted to. The ground combat is somewhat generic, but I loved the ship combat, really good fun. Sadly, my computer broke months ago, so I haven't had chance to play it again, or check out the new updates
  8. I'm hoping they'll have somesort of DLC this time round. I loved the original five levels in Rez, but after a while you start wanting more. If CoE is going to be a digital download, which it seems to be, then DLC would really compliment it I think.
  9. Definitely their loss on that one. From the comments I have read online on gaming sites, many people are interested in buying Kinect just for this game alone. Killemoff, I too want to buy the Genki Rockets album, YouTube doesn't quite cut it
  10. I think completely dismissing all the good he has done in those 40 years is a bad call. People do change as they grow and it sounds like he really isn't the same person any more. That's not to say that he shouldn't be held responsible, but ignoring the good he has done is just as bad. But, I always like to think there is a better way of dealing with crime other than locking frail people in prison.
  11. Aye, I hadn't heard of Genki Rockets before, but I'm digging the music! According to the game, the story is based around 'Project Lumi' and according to the Genki Rocket's wiki page, Lumi is the fictional lead of the band: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genki_Rockets Methinks the two will be related/brought together for the game? Since Tetsuya is one of the producers of Genki Rockets, it's safe to say that some of their music will be featured. I wonder if they'll expand to DLC tracks as well. Very exciting
  12. No thread for this yet, what a crime! A scandal! Child of Eden Official Website: http://child-of-eden.uk.ubi.com/ Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Child-of-Eden/100921406623388 Child of Eden is the new rhythm music action game by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of games such as Space Channel 5, Lumines and of course, Rez. This new project is being developed for Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move, although apparently it will also work with a standard controller. Child of Eden is very similar to Rez, I would say it is Rez 2 in everything but name and is being called the spiritual successor to Rez. One of the main differences is with the motion controls: you'll be able to manipulate the world by moving your hands. Some of the music is by hybrid/multimedia band Genki Rockets, which is lead by Tetsuya himself. The game has been in development in secret for two years and is due to be released in the first quarter of 2011. The official trailer is here: And Child of Eden was also shown live during the Ubisoft E3 press conference, which you can watch here: The website has some pretty pictures and also one of the songs from the game. My excitement for this game knows no bounds. I'm a huuugge oldskool Rez fan
  13. The new Rez-in-all-but-name game will be shown during this one, so I'm going to stay up just to see it again and again and again
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