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  1. Do you prefer to play through Sonic CD as a straight forward platformer or playing it while looking for the robot generators?

    1. Celestia


      Hunting down the generators.

    2. Fletch


      A mixture of the two. Some levels I look for the generators, some I don't do to being lazy and going straight to the special stage. 

    3. FaultyWindmill


      I always go for the Time Stones option unless it's one of the occasional times where I deliberately decide to change the pace that time around.

    4. Diogenes


      i prefer to play 3&K instead.

      but when I do play cd I normally just go start to goal, finding the generators has never been much fun for me

    5. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I prefer to play it inebriated so I don't have to deal with Wacky Workbench in a complete state of consciousness.

    6. Gregzilla


      Lately I've grown to appreciate the game much more when exploring to find the generators.  Time traveling can be a pain in the ass since it always seems to run out RIGHT when it's about to work, but still, exploring the levels is pretty fun.

      Until you get to Wacky Workbench and it becomes a trash fire.

    7. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Play as an A to B platformer (or a typical Sonic game in this case) and get the Time Stones via the Special Stages.

      I'm not one for exploring platformers unless it is in 3D.

    8. Alex2Beta


      If I want to have some of that Good Future (JP/EU) sound of bliss, I'm going to have to earn it.

      Of course I hunt the generators down!..

      ..Unless it's WackyWorkshit.

    9. Cyrus


      I prefer beating the game by busting all of the generators, it's more fun that way and the level design seems to be more focused on that rather than speeding through them

    10. TheOcelot


      Generators because that's how you are supposed to play it.

      Sometimes I go for the time-stones instead or times I go for both!

      That's the beauty of CD. There's so many different ways to play it.

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