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  1. Y'know it's really nice to come back to this community for the first time in a while and see people go out of their way to shoot down a silly innocent little theory with mean spirited responses including offhand diet forms of "OP is a you-know-what" for likes. These are the good vibes I signed up for back in 2012. What happened
  2. At this point a physical release of Mania, at least day 1, isn't happening and they're just beating around that gypsy moth infected bush :[

  3. Not directly 06 of course but people were saying it was in that same ballpark the games were in during that era
  4. The Sonic 2017 topic was 90% "Oh god this game's gonna be edge city" before the SXSW panel, remember?
  5. And everyone thought this game would be on the same tonal level as '06.
  6. I can't believe we're getting both Sonic 4 and Sonic Heroes 2

  7. Sitting by my mailbox during the week before the 15th waiting for my Collector's Edition to arrive hoping for an accidental early release [spongebob meme pic here]
  8. This will always be my favorite cause of its self aware weirdness and how Oshima's kinda poking fun at his own style and western Sonic art of the time This is my l e a s t favorite image of Knuckles ever though, appropriately made for my least favorite classic game. That mouth tho. (spoilering for size, this is the only high quality scan I could find)
  9. We don't know exactly how big it is but I think they're revealing way too much of this game. So far we know seven zones, the infamous Death Egg Robot being the very first boss and animated cinematics, and those last two would've been great "OH SHIT" moments to have in game instead of having those things casually spoiled before release.
  10. I should listen to Sonic a lot music more, last year's live performances just got me out of a really shitty mood and now I'm joyfully swaying to Sandopolis' Act 2 theme

  11. At least theres a plus side to all the dash pads in recent games, you can challenge yourself by avoiding them as much as you can and treat them as hazardous as they are to the amount of respect you feel Sonic Team gives your intelligence!!

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      I've used this method in the past few games. Adds a little more challenge to it a bit

    2. Cyrus


      It almost feels like it's the intent

      oh g o d

  12. Blue Motobugs and Egg Pawns in GHZ. Hm.

    1. TheOcelot


      The Motobugs must have drunk all of Green Hill's water. Hence why they're blue ;)

  13. Yeah but I was [literally] talking about the soundfont, not the composition
  14. The clap sample's the one exact similarity to Sonic 4's soundfont I hear, speaking of which, anyone else notice the tiny Splash Hill Zone homage?
  15. I see a lot of Sonic 4 comparisons but I don't hear Sonic 4 at all, it doesn't have the constant squelch (dying cats) those soundtracks had. It's got its own chiptuney thing going on. Are the comparisons just solely based on it being chiptune?
  16. That is not how you bop a badnik. There's no pop when he attacks them. You have to pop them, you pop them, you pop pop pop pop them

  17. It looks like Lost World to me cause it's got the same long platforms with mininal slopes and at most two pathways thing Lost World had. I'm getting heavy Windy Hill Zone 2 vibes from it.

  19. I dunno if I should even bother discussing these games anymore since I'm dumb enough to almost always guaranteed to eat this shit up no matter how many questionable things they do

    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      you and me both

    2. Ferno


      i mean like, i need games on my switch tho

  20. Just as I thought, it's Classic Sonic gameplay in Lost World level design... Huh... I liked Lost World's 2D levels, but they're not for classic Sonic, unless he plays differently this time, which seems to be the case cause I see lots of weird shit going on with the momentum. It kinda looks like they've given classic Sonic Lost World movement. Odd choice and bound to piss a lot of people off but I'm not gonna lie and say I wouldn't personally get a kick out of it. The graphics look a LOT better this time, thank god, and I like the music, it's cute. I get the feeling it's stylistically simplistic to exaggerate the Genesis sound font and to set up a bait and switch situation, having the rest of classic's music fit the tone of the modern Sonic music we heard. I feel more of a self awareness in it than Sonic 4 Episode I's "let's not bother to change the decay settings on this synth preset and pass it off as 16 bit music" thing.
  21. I dunno what's going on but I can't be mad at it

  22. What's with Sonic related streams always being late?

    1. Blacklightning


      Hey, count your blessing that they don't mess up the audio again.


    2. Ferno


      t-they're supposed to be the fastest...

    3. Marcello



    4. -Ace-
    5. TheOcelot
  23. Sonic Sez! moe anime is the same and belongs in the deep web

  24. Faceapp's Spark feature just makes me white

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