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  1. I'm watching all the cutscenes in the game (with pre-level dialogue included) and Sonic actually comments on why it doesn't make sense for Infinite to make a copy of Metal Sonic.
  2. According to comments in the stream chat, Chaos is an obstacle in Metropolis.
  3. Okay, the male avatar can wear Amy's dress.
  4. Well on Chaos, I'm holding my hopes for the Shadow DLC.
  5. So, which wispons were unlocked during the story mode?
  6. Sonic Xenoverse Forces Generations. I don't know why, but I get the feeling the 30th or 35th anniversary will bring back the avatar feature. Just based on Classic Sonic coming back.
  7. The Void/Frenzy wispon looks over powered.
  8. Can someone send me a link to the live stream in a pm?
  9. For me it'll probably be the cat, rabbit, bird, or hedgehog species. Purple/Red scouter, Chinese dragon vest, chao backpack, and those Sonic logo sneakers for some outfits.
  10. Wasn't there a theory that Crisis City in Generations came from an alternate timeline?
  11. Have you played Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric or Sonic Boom: Shattered? If yes, what is your opinion on them? Is Shadow really a villain in the Sonic Boom universe or did he use Eggman's invitation as a chance to fight Sonic? How long is the production for a single episode? Is Sega aware of Cartoon Network barely advertising Boom on there main channel? If the show's intro could be longer, what modern Sonic song would you choose as the theme song. What are some of the other shows you have worked on? Any recommendations?
  12. Mephiles? I never thought Sega would bring him back. Now I regret spending my red rings...
  13. I keep a Sonic and Caliburn Jazware figure on my Computer Desk Neo Metal Sonic gave me goosebumps as a kid. Silver's one of my favorite Sonic character. I had no clue there were Sonic Comic Books until I played Sonic Mega Collection Plus. Sonic X was my first exposure to Sonic.
  14. The models look better than I expected. They could be used in a 3DS or Vita Sonic game.
  15. Man, the Archie Sonic Team is going to use every animal on Earth.
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