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  1. Whatever guy, oh and I meant, by reporting that's what I mean by being giving a strike, and don't just talk to me, as you can see it take two to tango, so stop being narrow minded.
  2. That means he move's at hyper sonic speed, sometimes they say supersonic too and that's also true. And telling me off, please don't waste your breath I can care less what you say, you don't matter to me guy, so get on with your life. And that's not being a hypocrite cause you started it first by running your mouth, I was just saying if you and your friends wouldn't have run off at the mouth to begin with this would have nerver happened, so get your facts straigh fella.
  3. Listen, for the last time Sonic can move at HYPER SONIC SPEEDS, not just AT the speed of sound. Where are you getting this info from? Where ever it is, it's false. and I still say old school design is best, sure there are a few old school fans who disagree, but the majority of people that really likes Sonic's new design are the new Sonic fans and when i mean new i mean that came in around Sonic Adventure and up. But there's nothing wrong with that, but the cool simplistic design of Sonic is just far better in my opinion, and he look's nothing like mickey mouse so those of you that are saying that needs to go else where witht that non-sense
  4. No offense to others, but this guy knows his stuff, plain and simple as that. New Sonic is cool, but the original is much cooler than the new one. I feel like new Sonic is like "Look at me, i'm cool!", old Sonic just screams attitude. And to the guy above, it doesn't matter, it's still realistic. Sonic doesn't belong in enviroments like that, like I said before, Sonic Teams needs to get creative, and cut this realistic BS. It's getting to when everytime I play a new Sonic, I feel as if I won't have as much fun with it. Now Heroes, Heroes was cool as hell dude, I enjoyed that game so much. It's my favorite new gen Sonic game. And the green eye's are stupid, it looks to me that they want to make Sonic into a typical stupid anime character
  5. The new Sonic is cool, but the green eyes SUCK! Sonic's eyes are NOT green, there brown. Instead of them turning his eyes green they should've brought out his natural brown eye color more. And NO, they shouldn't have turned his eye's green! Some things you just don't mess with. there's alot of things they could've did correct with Sonic, like the reason his worlds look as trippy as they do is cause he's in another dimension, and then when he exit's the zone he's back in the normal world which is why it look's like the real world, see that would have been awesome if they'd do something like that, but hey... what can ya do.
  6. HEY GUYSSS!!! hehehe... Just stopping threw to kick it and discuss your opinions and views of Sonic and how him and his world turned into what it is today, I do alot of thinking about it cause I've been with Sonic since the begining of the franchise, and have seen the awesome series it have turned into today, like I remember when Sonic only had the Spin Attack, lol. Me just going back and thinking which version of Sonic do I adore more, hmm... it was an hard decision... but I adore the old Sonic more because I can nerver forget the wonderfulness ( yea...thats right...WONDERFULNESS) the series had to offer back then, I personally think the series now a days is TONS better than it was back then but I feel Sonic Team needs to get back to what makes Sonic well... SONIC, the fantasy feel that made the series such an enjoy to me back then, this realistic shit is NOT Sonic. That's my only grip with the series as of date. But what about you guys? What's your take on the Sonic series of the old and new? Which do you favor more and why? Let's get to it people, oh and no trollin' and being a dumbass cause I know this site is famous for that. Just drop threw and kick it, and chill KAY!? Lol.... But seriously...BE CHILL.
  7. Yeah I know, but what i'm saying is that's Sonic's true speed, he's a lot faster than a lot of you think there's no hero or villian from any franchise that can touch Sonic's speed, when they say he's the fastest thing alive they ain't lying. The only people that can match to Sonic's second to non speed, is the people from his own franchise. And actually I retract my first statement, they CAN put all that speed in the game, see the problem that everyone is doing is your looking at Sonic's speed from a realistic view, when really Sonic and the franchise is about that cartoony fantasy zone, they took that away, but if they return to that and start getting more creative and original like how they did back then, then they could do it. Like when Sonic put's his arms behind his back, he's traveling at the speed of sound, that's when his feet start warp and stretch long, and when he's ripping the ground open and leaving trails of fire and his leg's look like a wheel motion that's fatser than the speed of sound, and the figure eight is moving hyper sonic speed's. Hopefully they return to that, in a realistic view they can't put it in the game cause there's no tech that can handle that ,but returning Sonic to his root's they can, Sonic is about fantasy not realisim.
  8. What do you mean? Sonic really can move that fast, it's not an over exaggeration, When Sonic's normal blue he can go hyper sonic speeds, that's his top speed (incase you don't know what that is, it's beyond supersonic speed's) and when he's super, he travel's at the speed of light and for those of you that disagree, trust me... he moves at the speed of light I really wish I can find that profile of him. In my opinion, I bet he could reach the speed of light while normal too if he collects enough rings because the more rings he get's the stronger and faster he becomes. and to tell ya the truth no one really knows what Super Sonic is truley capable of. Boy, those Chaos Emeralds ain't no joke. Unlimited power...heh yeah.. SIGN ME UP!!! Oops my bad, I guess i got waaayyy off topic here, sorry I geek out like that, I am a Sonic fanatic, lol. But yeah, those vids are wicked.
  9. I see some people here dislike the series, but I see the majority here love it The Sonic Riders series can stand toe to toe with the Mario Kart series. The Mario Kart series isn't anything special to begin with, it's a fun game, but it aint all that.
  10. Hey guys, this topic is for Sonic Riders 3, when Sega finally makes the third installment to the franchise, what would you guys/gals like to see in it? The first two games was AWESOME that's how I like my games, similar gameplay but drastically different at the same time, Zero Gravity was such a fresh new game it was, tight. So I heard there was going to be a new one and I thought to myself...BRING IT ON!! I would like them to go back to the basics of the first Sonic Riders and tweak/improve the gameplay mechanics, and the the new MAIN feature to the game would be being able to get off your Gear and platform, and for co-op you can team up old school style: Sonic/Tails, Jet/Wave, Sonic/Knuckles, Jet/Storm, and vise versa as well as any unlockable characters too you could get creative as you'd want, So...well...discuss
  11. Boy...these sound awesome, i'll really have to try' em. Especially that Sonic Nexus one.
  12. Well, back in the day Sonic was more on platforming and speed not one or the other, but yeah it's an okay game. But not so "Oh so fresh" as alot of people put it, but eh that's just my opinion.
  13. Sonic Nexus eh...I'll deffinately look that up along with Megamix.
  14. Hey, you guys have any good Sonic fangames to recommend? I just don't want to download anything and i don't really know where to start, and make sure the sites are virus free thanks. And since I'm on the subject, what are your fav Sonic fangames? The only one i've played is Sonic Robo Blast 2 and i'm tired of that one now
  15. Hey guys, I was thinking about Sonic Rush Adventure and it hit me, wouldn't it be cool if Sega made a PURE 3D sonic game? That's what i'm waiting for, they still haven't done it for some reason it'd be awesome to think about all the cool ways you could make sonic and the gang navigate through the worlds using the touch screen and such. What do you guy's think? What type of style would you want the game to be? For example, it could be more exploritive or a pure platform based game, me, i would love a platform based game 3rd person ( behind the back) somthing similar to the sonic adventure saga so i can explore around and and add some GOOD rpg elements within the game, lol.
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