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  1. Dragon Ball/Dragonballz is the Micheal Jordan of Anime. It was original, epic as fuck and spawned plenty of other great anime that came after. This will forever be my favorite Anime/TV show until the day I die P.S Bruce Faulconer music and Funimation dubs/writing is the best I've ever heard in any Anime considering that it's pretty old.
  2. That's not creepy at all, it's actually a good piece of music from a great soundtrack. Now the US gameover music is a thousand times more disturbing than this ever could be.
  3. Lmaooo I fucking love nova. His YouTube videos and playthroughs are hilarious
  4. Have you played Unleashed and Colors? Those game's are actually good too.
  5. This in a nutshell for me. Both of these games are really great and the overall environments, music and attention to details are just too great. I adore these 2 games!
  6. Sorry dude but Sonic isn't a racing game, it's more than just speed and running. it's a platformer at its core and physics and movement play a HUGE part in this franchise
  7. THIS. The controls were spot on, Melee attacks didn't feel awkward and aiming felt great. It's incredibly satisfying popping a zombie/mutant monster guy's head off with a rifle or pistol. I'm looking forward to purchasing this game
  8. It seems like this BarleyFields person hasn't really played ANY of the 3D(good) Sonic games after the Genesis titles or given them a chance and just believed what everyone else outside of the fanbase said about the games. it's not all about speed my man, Sonic games are much more unique than that.
  9. Wasn't there a lot of content cut from the final built of Generations? I remember reading about one of the skills you can buy in the shop were the wisp power ups which could be used in ANY level. It certainly feels like a lot of stuff was cut out(especially the story)
  10. I actually think Sonic Unleashed is an overall better game than SA2.
  11. The Sonic Unleashed intro should be MORE than enough evidence that Sonic would take down Mario in a actual fight. I mean seriously that intro is incredibly badass
  12. Hmmm I never thought of it that way, I always thought the Hero's Duty ppl kinda resembled Gears or War or Halo. But I could be wrong lol
  13. You guys do realize that the "hero's doody" joke is most likely going to make little kids laugh and not grown ass adults or teenagers right? This movie isn't just for gamers who recognize the cameos of beloved gaming franchises but it's also for little kids....and little kids love jokes like that.
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