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  1. I've started to plan my Misty Lake cover out: https://soundcloud.com/matthebassist/misty-lake-rock-version I'm hoping to add more "orchestra" soon and record some actual guitars for it. Feedback appreciated
  2. I'm actually gonna do this, this year (I backed out last year *sadface*) Can I shotgun "Misty Lake" from SatBK?
  3. Free ~ Anti-Techno RMX - Ver 3.2 https://soundcloud.c...o-rmx-version-3 Release notes for version 3.2: - Improved drums! Now louder with a bit more punch in the kick-drum! - Guitars are no longer dual-tracked. They were swamping the sound (three is enough). - Mixing levels adjusted. The mix should be clearer now. Coming in Version 3.3: - Rerecorded guitars. - Rerecorded bass. - Hopefully some vocals (I have someone who wants to do it!) - Lead guitar. - And any improvements that get suggested (any suggestions are great!) to me. Thanks for listening and reading!
  4. New cover! I've recently fell in love with K-On! (I watched all the episodes (including bonuses) and the film in a week!) so I decided to learn some of the songs I really liked! "Don't Say Lazy" - Ho-Kago Tea Time (HTT) - BassxGuitar Cover Took a while to do, but I really enjoyed doing it!
  5. I'm getting nervous now because everyone's work is so good! https://soundcloud.com/matthebassist/free-anti-techno-rm This is the "3rd version" (third attempt). New guitars! More snare! Bass and solo guitar coming soon! Still looking for a vocalist Any feedback I'd appreciate. Want to get this on par quality-wise now with the rest of the tracks.
  6. ...and you can be a part of it! All you have to do is answer this question! It's not a Crush 40 concert without...?
  7. That made me think of this: Baring that in mind, I think the theory you suggest is much more feasible than the "OMG SHIKI AND NEKU'S DAUGHTER" stuff that's been floating around the web.
  8. Anyone got video evidence of this appearing at the end of the game? EDIT: Found this, but the image is flipped (webacm lols)... (0:34) And this made me lol
  9. I still play the original even now (4 years on!) Got to admit, I was disappointed with the announcement, but if the games sells, the chances of getting a TWEWY 2 will increase. Oh and here's the staffroll: (Contains spoilers)
  10. Is playing the original TWEWY :D

    1. Da Blu Hedgie

      Da Blu Hedgie

      OK I've seen multiple post about this game, but what does it stand for???

    2. Da Blu Hedgie

      Da Blu Hedgie

      OK I've seen multiple post about this game, but what does it stand for???

  11. Hey all! I've been thinking for a while about making one of these threads and ended putting it off until now. Here you'll find (in the future!) original songs, covers and remixes. Instead of posting finished songs straight off the bat, I like to put up demos and get feedback to help make the songs better, because people usually know better than I do! So without further ado: "Hybrid" - Second Demo http://soundcloud.co...rid-second-demo As you've probably guessed from the title, this is the second demo of a cover of "Hybrid" by Takeharu Ishimoto. "5 individual guitars have been recorded so far for this piece. In this demo, the low guitar is run as the guitar that holds the song together instead of the high guitar because it gives the song more substance and feeling. The high guitar now only comes in during the chorus and helps give the impact the chorus should have. I kept the solo guitar from the first demo in because I like how it worked out (although I need to add another bar at the end of the bridge). I re-did the extra final chorus guitar to fit the timing of the song (removing it from the solo guitars part at the same time). For added effect during the final chorus I added a second solo guitar for the second part. I decided to put it there because I didn't thik it would work as a solo on it's own, but wanted to use it. The solo guitar that leads into the verses was also re-recorded and now fits the timing. Bass, vocals and drums will be added in a future demo (with bass likely featuring in the next demo). Mixing and mastering will also be a feature in late demos."
  12. http://snd.sc/MnKoAJ More progress! Many thanks to Dr. Soos for doing the drums. I think he did a great job! I lose time at the end and kinda kills the ending a bit :/ A few mistakes here and there too. This has been mixed as well, just to give an idea of how it will piece together. What do you think?
  13. Thanks! Thanks! And yes that would be great if you could! I'm gonna fix the backing track and I'll send it you when I've done
  14. http://soundcloud.com/matthebassist/free-ver2-demo-with-fixed-gain Many thanks to ibbod0 (from the Jun Senoue forums) for his help in correcting the gain issue I had (yay for budget hardware!). This is not a perfect run-through (as you can tell) but this is pretty much how I want the guitars and bass to sound in the final version (I'm a fan of raw sounding guitars ). Now to re-record, add the lead guitars, add drums and add vocals!
  15. If you could, that would be awesome! And there's no rush dude
  16. http://soundcloud.co...-mixdown-rhythm EDIT: Discovered there's been a slight problem with the way my "guitar link" has been working, which has affected this recording. Decided to completely start again with this cover. Decided to change the guitar tone slightly to reduce the distortion noise I was getting. I think this is much improved over before. You can just about hear all 4 guitars for the rhythm part now (bear in mind that this hasn't been mixed or mastered yet). Some timing issues and small mistakes, but with a bit of polish this will turn out great! Just need to add lead, bass, drums and vocals now! If anyone would like to do the vocals then I would appreciate it! Also, anyone who can drum (or use electronic drums/drum machines) could do a drum part for me, that would be appreciated too!
  17. I'm a big fan of the original, but this is great! Actually liked this as much as the original and adds a completely different musical style to the original.
  18. http://soundcloud.com/matthebassist/terminal-velocity-act-2-demo-2 Just working on this. Would like some feedback as I'm not too sure about the Delays and Echoes I've added. Also would like to add a Flange or Phaser effect. What do you think?
  19. I loved the dramatic build up! Want to hear more of this The way the volume builds up and more instruments get added until a climax, where everything but the bass drops for that brief moment is absolutely great
  20. Sounds really great! I vote for real guitars too (because I hate fake guitars).
  21. Personally I use PC and 3DS (and now, to a lesser extent, Wii.) It does mean I've never played Sonic 06, Free Riders etc. I think the PC is a great platform (loads of buttons, proper HD resolution, can use any controller) for Sonic and works well IMO. The Wii is a console I've moved on from now, the only good game Sonic wise was Colours but that was it. I hugely disliked the controls for Secret Rings and Black Knight, but I won't attack ST for experimenting with controls. I use 3DS now and SG was it's own game in it's own right compared to it's HD counterparts. Before that I had all the last gen consoles and felt GC, Xbox and DC were the best for Sonic games (PS2 sucked hard). Before that, I wasn't into Video Games much so no Sonic, but I play the classics through emulators on PC. All in all though, I prefer a game that will give me the best experience. Usually for me this means PC as I enjoy the quicker loading times and so on.
  22. I know I'm currently working on "Free" atm, but could I suggest a track of mine to be used as an interlude (if you're accepting those yet)? http://soundcloud.co...-velocity-act-2 Terminal Velocity Act 2 ~ Terminated It's not finished yet and needs some cleaning up, but this is the general gist of the track.
  23. Ugh. Too many adverts at the moment using "In the Hall of the Mountain King" as bgm. With Alton Towers being the worst offender.

  24. http://soundcloud.co...-demo-guitars-1 Made a few mistakes, but you get the idea Removed the breakdown because I didn't think it was going to work. You can hear the backing track Anyone want to do the drums for this? Would be appreciated! Also need a vocalist! Of course, this is not final quality yet! This is just rhythm guitars!
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