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  1. Tbh since the moment of the announcement I actually did immediately think "surely this is actually illegal, but Disney will just Disney through that". I mean they already repeatedly pay their way out of convincingly argue for extensions on copyright law. I'm sure they will have just as easily paid their way past the laws designed to stop a monopoly like this effectively argued there's nothing untoward about owning this much as a media conglomerate.
  2. It's a season average, the arrow just picks an iconic thing from it to remind people of. I've seen plenty of shows where the best seasons are much less consistent than others thanks to a few bad eps but they amount to more than the sum of their parts in people's eyes focusing on how good the good eps in it were. (Look at s5 of Next Gen as an example, one of the absolute favourites but it has more actual duds in it than s4 or s6. But it's got Darmok and Inner Light among a few others so people tend to overlook and forget about those duds).
  3. Yeah that was dumb. What people failed to take into account was that the MCU films were already there.
  4. Why do people give a fuck about the Simpsons in 2017?
  5. Bollocks. Goodbye good X-Men films.Best I can hope for in this is Marvel at least give me a good Cyclops, but given the MCU's own lack of accuracy I'm not optimistic.At least the comics can stop pretending the F4 don't exist.
  6. The decline of various franchises

    Starts good, becomes terrible then picks up to an okay end. Overall it's a mess of a film, easily the weakest of the original trilogy and a huge disappointment on the back of Empire Strikes Back. But overall still better than what the franchise would become in the prequels.
  7. The decline of various franchises

    A lot of franchises have highs and lows. Sometimes they're more pronounced than in others. Sonic I view as more of a roller coaster than a consistent decline, but the narrative surrounding the franchise that it declined makes everyone act like the good is the exception even when it's maintained for periods of time. Star Trek has been pretty all over the place from highs to lows. Doctor Who cycles a lot. Marvel and DC comics live their lives going from highs to lows. It's very rare for any sufficiently long running franchise to not suffer dips. But as long as they get the chance to I feel they do inevitably always turn it around for a time. (On the subject of series like Simpsons and Spongebob mentioned above though I view those a bit differently, since they're just single continuous series running themselves into the ground, rather than expansive franchises that are always changing). Star Wars declined after the original 2 movies. The prequel trilogy found impressive new lows after that.
  8. Pls no. There's currently an entire industry en masse trying to sacrifice good level design for dull open spaces filled with nothing. I'd rather the few games offering an alternative experience didn't cave as well.
  9. Very happy to see this. Nice to have a fairly comprehensive collection, especially when this is the first time the pre-3rd Strike versions of III can be played on something not a Dreamcast. Which is nice for the purposes of archiving history and getting the characters endings. Wish Alpha 2 had online as well since it's the best Alpha game IMO and Alpha 3 is more it's own thing than an extension of the Alpha games, but overall a great collection. What other than the Street Fighter IV series are they overlooking for you? All the crossover games obviously have licensing issues that make including them very difficult and the same goes for the EX series.
  10. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Lord & Miller, 2018)

    Trailer looks great, though I do find Miles a bit bland but he's in a unique position with the worlds view to give him a benefit most other legacy characters don't get so of course he gets the push. Ah well, hopefully with the whole Spider-Verse angle we can get some of the more interesting Spider-Man offshoots in the film too.
  11. Bayonetta 3! (Coming Exclusive to Switch)

    DMC3 is the best game in the series and as much as I love DMC1 and think in many ways it was a genre revolution, DMC3's combat is so much more sophisticated it's not even comparable. DMC4 is further improved upon 3 as far as combat is concerned, every other area was weaker granted and the story was really off base for the franchise but gameplay is the absolute most important part of DMC (though I do overall prefer DMC3 I admit). Kamiya spoke in interviews about playing DMC4 before he began work on Bayonetta to see how the genre had grown since DMC1 and Bayonetta definitely plays way closer to DMC4 than it does DMC1, Itsuno definitely left a pretty significant impact on the genre. Also we don't know what Kamiya is doing since Scalebound got cancelled so it might be Bayonetta 3, but given he wasn't really involved in Bayonetta 2 much beyond picking who to direct I wouldn't take it as a certainty he's directing 3.
  12. Bayonetta 3! (Coming Exclusive to Switch)

    This is a lot of dedication to see it cross an honestly insignificant threshold. Also probably not even then. That less than 3 million was combining Bayo 1 and Bayo 2's sales, but not every copy of Bayo2 included 1. It'd have to be 2/3rds of Bayo2 copies that include 1 for that PC figure to make the difference for it to barely hit the 3mil; if as many as half the sales of Bayo 2 had only 2 included then it doesn't reach that mark. Which for a game that's had 2 re-releases 4 years later and then another 3 years later that's abysmally low. Not to mention I expect somewhere in the region of half both the WiiU and PC sales were repeat buyers. To compare to Sonic Generations, that sold 4 million without having to be re-released on other platforms twice in less than a decade and is a franchise proven to be capable of over 20 million sales for a single game. Franchises past (and not just recent) performance is a huge factor in a companies perceived risk in putting out a new installment. Bayonetta barely reaches 2 million first game out, and the majority of games will see less sales on a sequel, hard for SEGA to justify taking the franchise further.
  13. Bayonetta 3! (Coming Exclusive to Switch)

    Lifetime sales of Bayo 1 are less than 3 million and that's including counting the WiiU version that came bundled with Bayo2 (and a lot of those WiiU people will have been repeat buyers). Bayo 2 didn't even break a million. I understand things are against it with the WiiU install base but that doesn't change the fact that there aren't millions of people buying these games regardless of the whys. I'm not saying Bayo 3 is going to do badly. But even if it's the best selling Bayonetta game ever (and I think it'll definitely outperform 2) it still won't really be a high selling game even then. Which is where the difference in priority for SEGA and Ninty with the IP comes in.
  14. Bayonetta 3! (Coming Exclusive to Switch)

    The reason basically comes down to different priorities. Bayo has never been a big seller and is a niche appeal game. To make the point, saying the game is "loved by millions" is a stretch when it doesn't even have millions of people buying them. Hence why SEGA aren't racing to put sequels out. Nintendo on the other hand have a console they want to get into the hands of as many people as possible and so will be more inclined to want to bring niche appeal games to the system, because as much as the game doesn't sell in massive numbers, it allows them to appeal to a different audience and incentivise more people to adopt the system and hopefully become repeat buyers for other games after they adopted for Bayonetta. TL;DR SEGA only have how the game performs to care about, and it doesn't perform great despite how good they are. Nintendo have how it helps the appeal of their system library to care about and it gives them some good reviews, media attention and caters to a niche audience they don't already have covered.
  15. Bayonetta 3! (Coming Exclusive to Switch)

    Calm down Nintendo I can only take so much aggression. Glad to see the decade of Ninty giving no fucks and expecting to see success for no content is finally behind us. Bayo is incredible, but Itsuno is also god tier at making these games too. Bayonetta owes the guy a lot, he took DMC to greater heights than Kamiya did and in turn influenced Bayo1 a shittone.