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  1. The only question I could say is... when did they updated the code with those characters? If it was recently.. i'll be surprised that it's being updated for the game. I would be surprised if we actually get more than 7 characters in the game (which I doubt, since I could see in a total of "5 or 4" characters).
  2. I would be actually surprised if S0L actually found a way on fitting Ristar. I kinda think an ATV (similar to Knuckle's) could work.. especially the size of it. Anyways, I think we're only getting one of the seven characters into the game. Nack is an exception because he was only in terms of a "Sonic" Poll for the sake of testing it. Greendog & Tim Henman could become a reality (Keep in mind that we never would expect characters like ChuChus, or even the Bonanza Bros to be playables before), I don't think Bayonetta would make an appearance, and could be someone else. But then again, I could be wrong and just making a thought from this. Maybe there could be a big update on some changes to it.
  3. I've actually realized something.. notice how there's like "7" characters thing in this case.. but notice the roster in the PC version.. Including the "Random" button.. there's likely a total of "5" characters instead of "7". So, this leads load of questions to this point.. Could there be some sort of an exclusive downloadable character, while there are also 5 (or) 6 characters that we don't know yet? Or something that we don't know?
  4. To me, i can see Ristar being in the sense with Tails Doll, because they both have made 1 "Playable" Appearance. But they are known by some fans out there (though not meme like, but kinda to the point where some could know by), sure Ristar made Cameos, but not really much of a big role. I think it would be surprised as well if there was actually an update version of Transformed (similar to like how Punch Time Explosion XL). It could make a reason on why with that many would be there instead as being DLC.
  5. I did see it, it's just I kinda thought I would like to give it a try. I do apologize.
  6. If not, then I think it's only going to be a "Character + Stickers Pack" of sorts (like Metal Sonic). If not, maybe they we're probably canned. So here's my guess on these hints: * Princess Elise - (To this case, i'm not too sure on what to say in this hint, but it could likely be about with Miku) * Charmy Bee - (It could be Ryo, hence he was a rather chatty demand by the fans wanting another return upon it) * Oshram Dog - (This could represent Nack in some ways, because i've remember this being in the forums when doing the Poll, and the cause of it could mean the character might appear) * Tails Doll - (He's a character that although is obscure in a video game in a single "Playable" appearance, he's still is known by some people when it comes being mentioned.. Ristar is kinda familiar in that fashion to this cause as he's obscure, but can be known by some people.. minus being scary) [Though, i kinda doubt this case considering that he's been deconfirmed from by SUMO for reasons on this game and Ristar being a flagman is enough, so it could be a certain character that we don't know...] * Latisha - (same as I said with the whole Princess Elise, though Toejam and Earl is a second option) * Greendog - (It's obvious to say that it could be Vectorman, hence he's a character that's green, and "dog" could be an old school term back then) * Tim Henman - (a rather realistic character, but also being related to SEGA.. could hint out that it's Seagta Sanshiro) So overall, it's nearly about "6 or 5" characters that are represented from the Poll, while 1 or 2 could be something else. But again, it's not the good time to say it's true.. considering the game doesn't hold too many (and SEGA greenlit only one of the characters in the poll). But if there more than we though, this could be a little secret of sorts. But I'll wait and see to know if it is.
  7. It's just a thought from it all, Because i just didn't wanna go too much on it's amount since it's 29 characters seperately to the console/handheld versions (high's and low's at least). I don't hate her.. i was just thinking this through of if it was going to 27 characters + Bonus Edition, and how would it work. But i guess you have a point.. She may be on all of the main three consoles anyways.. So here's of what i could guess. Wii-U: 25 Sonic/SEGA Characters, Wreck-It-Ralph, Danica Patrick, Wii-U Exclusive 360: 25 Sonic/SEGA Characters, Wreck-It-Ralph, Danica Patrick, Metal Sonic (Bonus Edition/DLC) PS3: 25 Sonic/SEGA Characters, Wreck-It-Ralph, Danica Patrick, Metal Sonic (Bonus Edition/DLC)
  8. I'm gonna bet Wreck-it-Ralph will be on all of the main three consoles (Wii-U, 360, PS3). Danica will possibly be on two of three of the consoles (360, PS3). And a (third-party video game) Exclusive which probably will be on (of course..) Wii-U!
  9. i'm majorly crossing my fingers for Ristar being playable.
  10. I understand, but it's going to leave me thinking alot though.. But still, i just only took a little theory i believe would work out (at first), but at least i tried.
  11. I'm gonna bet that the total of Sonic/SEGA characters is going to be "26" for reasons to state here, because of the last two games had a pattern going like (16, 21 (counting Metal Sonic there, but no third-parties), 26?) and that it balances the total of Veterans, and the Newcomers being in the game (16/10). While, Ralph and Danica being the extras making a perfect total of 28 characters, while one console will hold a total of "29" with Ralph, Danica, and a video game third-party character that could be during it's release (making it all of the characters in that console), makes a point if the interview awhile back was stating it's total being different (probably because around the time that Danica was secretly planned during that time in May as it told to be 27, but then saying up to 28 or 29.. meaning that Ralph was planned in awhile back (secretly) when the time WiR was early on during the time, and to promote the movie which helps the chances being high, and give something to Disney back after putting their characters as cameos (which is a smart move to add in, and it helps). Also, Steve stated that there is "one exception" being planned to be announced later on after more SEGA characters/tracks get the confirmation. This could probably mean that we could possibly expect a third-party video game character (i.e. Banjo-Kazooie) as a console exclusive making it "29" characters in total in that particular system (it could be on WiiU, 360, or PS3 by it's chance).
  12. I actually have a theory to what the total of the SEGA character roster could be at this point. Remember that someone pointed out Steve said the total of character in the last interview was going to be 28-29, and then stating the total he said was going from 25, to 27, then to 28-29 characters. I think from the statement that has been brought up, i think the total for the roster could be "26" SEGA Characters in total, and that he stated that with "one exception" will be expected during a future announcement. So if it states 28 or 29 in the total of playable characters. It could be possible that the other ports will hold up 28 (carrying Danica and Ralph into the line-up), while another port will hold all 29 characters (with all 3 extra characters), meaning that the last extra is going to be on that one system listed (WiiU, 360, or PS3). You could point out that it could be the random button that is somehow to be confirmed in the game, however.. i don't think a random button is going to be a spot, more like to be a just to randomly choose the character you couldn't decide on, so an extra on one console is likely to appear from a video game third-party while the other two are going to promote each other from SEGA suggestion's. Also, i do remember the total in Tennis, and ASR (i will exclude the Third-Party characters, and the ASR DLC is going to count there) which were in that particular order.. Playable total> Tennis (16) - ASR (21) - ASR:T (26?), which brings up the fact that it's somehow in a pattern from the total of it's roster (with the exceptions of the third-parties, but this the Sonic/SEGA characters i'm tallying in this point). And meaning by most chances that it would have 16 of it's veterans (6 left to be confirmed), and 10 newcomers (as the usual total since the first one, and 5 are remained in). Keep in mind that this is only a theory on it's total, you can say your opinion, or judgement on what you think about it.. it's fine with me for any reason from a bad point, or a good point.
  13. I can imangine one of the most requested characters (Ristar and NiGHTS) will apparently get vechiles with a bit of inspiration from their games. Ristar: a simple Quad Bike that would have a few element from his game mixed of a based off of Himself (kind of similar to Sonic's vechile), for instance the handles would be based from the "Star Handle", and a few of the vechile design would be from Planet Flora. His All-Star Move would be doing the move, Meteor Strike (an ability where spins on the Starhandle to gain up special boost from it, causing him to goes fast making you invicible for a a few seconds after it slows you down) Hopefully the voice would be something kid-like, or the voices from the game which were voiced by Eriko Hanada, and the vechile transformation would go from a Quad, to a Jet Ski, and to a mini UFO (one of the transformation will take a different style). NiGHTS: Probably a classy purple car mixing a bit of Fantasy Dream style for it, the Transformations would go from a Car, to a Boat, and to a Plane (keeping the same style as usual). The All-Star Move would have to be NiGHTS flying thru the track, spinning around to dash the opponets through, and NiGHTS would speed up at the right time you press it (Don't spam it alot, or it would slow a bit on your speed).
  14. It's kind of possible it will, So i would'nt worry that much if i were you. and Speaking of the Sonic Team franchises that are new to this... i presuming Puyo Pop Fever? Ristar? Phantasy Star? or NiGHTS? hence that they are somewhat possible if it does. Virtua Fighter, Shenmue, and Billy Hatcher are probably going to return (considering that they're the niche type for this games, and they're possible to be part of it once again)! But i really hope Ristar does appear in (as playable though), But i can hope so much...
  15. I am a bit worried that Ristar might not make in playable (which I really hope he is a playable).
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