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I'm a 16 year old polish guy into video games, books, comics and movies. I'm basically a media junkie. I also love to travel and my biggest dream would be to travel around the world. I love platformers and action-adventure games but I'm not scared to try out different games (as long as they're not Strategy games). I'm more of a modern gamer. I hardly play old-school games but I know quite a lot 'bout them thanks to the internet. I became a sonic fan thanks to Sonic Heroes and later Sonic Unleashed (this game made me buy PS3). Nowadays I find myself liking Sonic mainly because of the community. I can be quite a douchebag sometimes but I try my best to be as nice as possible. Oh, did I mention that I'm insane? PM me if you want to add me on skype.


My platforms: PC, NDS, PS2, PS3




PSN: xromal

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